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Takumi in his Samurai Armor(1867's)

Name:Takumi Lee

Name In Jappanses:匠 りい

Family Name in jappanses

Other Names:Takumi lee No-Mikami,Hakudoshi angel, Infamous son, Subject nine,One Winged Angel,Takumi lee kikuchi
Takumi chan,Major Kikuchi


Birthdate:January 23.Astrological Sign Aquarius


Eyes Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black
Species: Angel/Mix W/other DNA:


Height:5ft 7incs


Body:Muscler: Gender:Male



Skin Tone:Tain


Guradian, soldier,mercenary,assassin,Contract Hitman,Spy,Double agent, leadership of the execution squad

Hakudoshi Angel

Military rank:Major

Fighting Style
Wing Chun
Kung Fu

Nature Type
Nature Icon Fire Release
Nature Icon Wind Release
Nature Icon Lightning Release
Nature Icon Earth Release
Nature Icon Water Release
Nature Icon Wood Release
Nature Icon Yin.ultimate

Affiliated with:
Vladimir Hunter Reznov Jr.
Sargent Brad Maddox
Joshua' Shulters
Eric Tennessee (Pyro)
The Questionable(Yuri Zakhaev)
Senshami Kai
Execution squad
Gods & Goddess of Takamagahara
Oozak Chan
lady Saikyō Tsunemori

Lez Balancer[Sword]
Execution squad
The Holy order(Former)

The Goddess of love lady Jessica No-MiKami(deceased)


He is a highly intelligent individual, having the second highest scores in the history of the Academy behind someone else Composed and observant; he thought very quickly and remained calm in a fights, enabling him to respond with maximum efficiency and with the smallest likelihood of misjudging circumstances.for being young He's battlefield tacticals and hursh training thought out his life is legendary 'so many study to try understanding and found flows. Takumi lee was always calculating and methodical in his approach to the situation at hand, leaving little room for error. He took several precautions for Amaterasu Kagu-tsuchi fights and against anyone who went looking for jessica and takumi's body's are location .

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About me:

Takumi lee was a high ranking angel who served the emperor susanno and empress Amaterasu no-kami.takumi's early childhood was marked with violence: when he was five years old,A war waged and he witnessed first-hand many of the war's casualties. The death and destruction he experienced at such a young age traumatised takumi and made his life very hard to live around other's.he met Jessica No-Mikami the goddess of love,who viewed life without eternity as meaningless,also made takumi greatly consider how to carry out his life.becaming somewhat anti-social, focusing more on his training than enjoying his childhood. At the same time, he developed a relationship with Jessica the two even was unacceptable. With their similar views had dreams of a bette future' training together and teaching each other new skills and how best to use those skills .During the war the leadership granted captain Jigoku and Misaki' Of the holy order was responsible for looking over takumi and the other children Though peace-loving, he was a natural prodigy in using his abilitys, praised as the best of his generation.He would consistently score the highest in each subject taught to him and quickly learn any skill taught to him, even teaching himself himself and new techniques. Ultimately, he became very popular amongst his peers.He began to study history, not just of the gods but of the world and everything around it, and by doing so he gained a broader appreciation of what was important. Learning so much enabled him to understand how events of the past came to happen and, when he applied that same understanding into the future, he became concerned for where things were going.With his talents soon being recognised, at age 10, takumi graduated from the Academy at the top of his class in a single year. , he subsequently joins the holy order the team was in charge with was tasked with guarding the jessica during her annual visit the her temple in Japan. During the mission,the convoy was attacked by a masked individual, who killed takumi's team mate Inari before takumi could do anything to help.resulting in him awakening his Power that was locked away inside ,Takumi secretly mastered. This power At a young age, The officials Placed blamed on takumi for Inari death striping him from his military dutys.lord Izanagi and emperor Susanowo No-Mikoto viewing his accomplishments or good deeds as nothing special only saw him as a complete failure futur his love jessica viewing him as a model to the kids live up to . Takumi pent a great deal of time with training the younger generations of God's and Goddess's (though rarely actually training them) and giving them the recognition their father did not. However, for all the attention he received, few truly understood takumi, believing his isolation to be a result of the gap between his abilities and theirs and not his dissatisfaction with the military life of conflict of them blaming him for a incident he didn't do. Takumi shared the burden of betraying Takamagahara and the emperor and Empress by being with goddess of love Jessica No-Mikami. But as time went on it became increasingly clear that peace could not be achieved Between the people of Earth and Takamagahara. While away Takumi with lord Jigoku and lady Misaki of the holy order on a private mission

(Jessica No-Mikami & Takumi)

Jessica intended to talk with her father and elders to compel them to negotiate, but her words only angered them they inforced guards to arrested for treason and being imprisoned for her relationship with takumi and speaking out while imprisoned she was wrongfully violated multiple times by men sent by her father to punish her unable to do anything her crys echo throughout The prisoners chambers all who knew new not to say anything.on Earth during his mission he figured out he was being set up to be ambushed figuring it out the demons fell victims to takumi's power he also take the life's of Jigoku and lady Misaki during the fighting Upon returning he planned to explain to Jessica on what's going on and take her with him founding her naked body cover in blood unable to understand he held Jessica's lifeless body his tears he screamed out in anger ,the Ruler of the Underworld Yama no-Mara promised he could help him Destory all who crossed takumi all I ask is you in return With nothing else to lose takumi agreed summoning his strongest creature of hell Yama infused it with takumi giving him the power to destroy those responsible for Jessica's death . .already suspicious of accused him of murdering Jessica Misaki and jikoku Susanowo and Amaterasu Child celebrated there birth of there new born son with many attending takumi without mercy he began his attack and killing holy knights he fought aside Izanami lord Izanagi would step in fighting aside the remaing holy knights gurading the gates sparing nobody. Once finished and comforted in fort of his best friend and like a brother The god of fire Kagu-tsuchi with no words being the first to swing his sword starting a decade-old hatred after the battle the battle was fierce in the end takumi' was successful in killing his best friend but long after he be surrounded by the ones he protected after the long starre down he fought every person The damage and injuries sustained from the fight it take a ton on his body two days after the massive fight he comforted amaterasu and susanoo and won but because of those injurys he also lost his life but could die knowing you got revenge for Jessica's death

(Takumi lee & Hakudoshi angel)


From a young age, takumi was quiet and insightful, showing noticeable maturity for his age and knowledge on how to deal with every situation. At the same time, takumi was still fairly naïve as a child in many real-world scenarios and as such was willing to learn from his peers on how to differentiate situations.He lived at a distance, observing individuals and ideas without getting directly involved so that he could fully understand them.[ Although this approach prevented him from becoming close with many people, it enabled him to think and act without prejudice or preconceptions, instead evaluating things strictly on their own merits. In the anime,takumi unintentionally gained many friends and admirers takumi's genuine concern for others despite his passive nature. He would think about the origins of the gods and earthings' For this reason, he never became arrogant about his own abilities or accomplishments; to which, most views or statements he made were usually well-based, seeing the situation for what it was. From this he had no self-righteous loyalty to the gods that was so common among with some who had diffent views; though he loved his spouse jessica and ones he's close to wanted the best for them, he knew there were more important things then a title or Power.takumi's dream was a better furture for him and Jessica there family Despite being a pacifist by nature, takumi felt his own needs were secondary to the greater good's; to that end he became a . He trained tirelessly to improve himself as quickly as he could and subjected himself to the military life's inconveniences without complaint for the simple motivation of being useful to others. His commitment borderlined recklessness, due to training privately using extremely deadly methods such as dodging a barrage of kunai in the anime. Being so accomplished as a soilder enabled takumi to approach problems less violently than others would, satisfying his peace-loving nature. These two extremes of his personality came into conflict and made the gods really didn't want him there and out of the way

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Hello! Thank you for the add!

My name is Taemin and I am very excited to meet you! I am the youngest and cutest member of SHINee and the sexiest member of SuperM. I love to talk and dance and cause trouble for my hyungs. I highly encourage you to read over my profile if you want to get to know my story, but do understand if you don’t have time. Please feel free to message me or comment so we can talk and get to know each other, okay? Until then!
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