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𝚀𝚞𝚊𝚛𝚝𝚎𝚛 𝙺𝚒𝚗𝚐.

02/19/2019 05:07 PM 


Niklaus Mikaelson;
Yes it is I. The King of Hybrids. The bastard that everyone hates to love. Not sure if you have heard of me or not but the name is Niklaus Mikaelson, but call me Klaus. Even you have heard of me, well I'm sure that it hasn't been anything good. But if you haven't? Well that maybe be something that's good. I'm not that well known for being good or friendly. If anything me and my family are more known for being cruel and scary -smirks; But that's not something bad.

But anyways, for once I will try to behave around a bit, as long as no one does anything to make me made, there should be no problems what so ever. If they are problems well I guess you will get to see first hand what a angry hybrid can do. Let's just hope something like that doesn't happen. --Thanks for wanting to be friends. I do hope that we won't be strangers if you ever want to chat or maybe come up with something for us to do. Don't hesitate to let me know. I'm sure that we can somehow come up with something interesting for us to do.

Discord- ASK Line- Doesn't have one yet.

Kaori Iida

02/12/2019 01:22 PM 

Roleseek: Natsumi Abe
Current mood:  hopeful

I am looking for someone to play Natsumi Abe.

There are two storylines I really would love to do.

1.) Present day, where Natsumi and Kaori start dating. They will start as best friends, and eventually begin dating. This would later lead to their engagement, and then marriage. Kaori has an adopted daughter. I've been wanting to do a long-term family roleplay so I hope this could happen.

2.) The past, when Kaori and Natsumi first meet at the auditions. At first, there is some conflict between them, but they eventually become best friends. I already have some story ideas for this, but they're open to negotiation.

I'd love to do both if possible. I'm looking for someone with at least some knowlege of Morning Musume, and is a decent writer. I've already created an account for her, so you can use that, or create your own if you wish.

Role sought, Morning Musume, Hello! Project, Jpop, idol


02/11/2019 08:10 PM 


You know who I am! I'm in this bitch again, but this time, I'm going to use proper grammar.

Before I start I’m not the most innocent person and saint on this website. I made a lot of people angry at me, and I was really mean to people even to some of my past roleplay partners and people I thought were my ‘friends’. Yeah ex fam I apologize for acting socially retarded.

I love how this website says they love to to spread positivity, yet they don’t mind ganging up on other people no matter the circumstance.  You ever wonder why people on this website are so jumpy and quick to delete people and not let them in? Because they are used to people treating them poorly.

You find it funny how people think roleplay relationships are real life relationships when they aren’t on this website. Just because you are dating someone in roleplay, doesn’t mean you are dating someone in real life. Fictional roleplay relationships are a bit fun and less stressful because, they aren’t real, but when you treat them like they are real It’s NAUSEATING.

Exposure/Cancel Culture/ Mob Mentality/ SOCIAL JUSTICE

You ever notice just because, someone doesn’t like another person they link their account and their Discord and share it around with their group? Can someone explain to me how on earth this is necessary? Do you hate this person so much you don’t want anyone to write with them at all? This isn’t a roleplay anymore that’s passing roleplay boundaries.  I mean this is childlike behavior but I never actively try and sabotage anyone. JFC.

You ever notice how people on this website are gang reported just because someone doesn’t like them?

Then there are the mental disorder excuses. They are ridiculous. There’s nothing wrong with having mental disorders at all but using them as an excuse to treat people like sh*t is stupid.  I even had people I shipped with threaten suicide because, I wouldn’t ship with them anymore. LIKE COME ON. And you people that actually have mental disorders SHOULD BE EMBARRASSED THAT PEOPLE ON THIS WEBSITE SELF DIAGNOSE THEMSELVES AND MAKE YOU LOOK BAD. YOU CAN’T HAVE 500 MENTAL DISORDERS AT ONE TIME YOU COULDN’T FUNCTION.

People say It’s just a roleplay but they know damn well they talk mad sh*t OUT OF CHARACTER ESPECIALLY ON A PERSONAL LEVEL.

Then there is the double standards on here. You ever notice the male roleplayers on this website can gloat about having sex as much as they want and no one cares?  But If a female roleplayer does it. It’s a problem?

This part is going to be a sensitive topic but, I’m going to say it. I’m apart of the LGBTQ community too but I am not open about it and I lie about it because, I can suffer consequences in real life because of it and lose my career.  

But most of the gay roleplayers on this website are women in real life. NOT ALL.

And yet they have inner misogyny and market off of HOMOSEXUALITY  and sh*t on female roleplayers and they are women in real life themselves? Does no one not notice this? Male roleplayers on this site slam their ex female partners for supposedly being a ho and slut  when they had cyber sex with these female roleplayers in the first place?????????


A lot of creeps are on these sites and try to pass roleplay boundaries with young people and It’s disgusting that no one talks about it . I even had grown men try to pass roleplay boundaries with me as well in the past that even still try today. But you people feel the need to talk about roleplay drama and bash people for minor things when sh*t like this is happening?? IT”S GROSS. The moderation on these sites suck ASS.

Self Righteous Myspace vets.

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with Myspace Vets in general. However, I've come across some who are insufferable. They think just because they are a Myspace Vet, it means they can sh*t on New Gen roleplayers and put them down.. 15 years of writing VS 2 or 3 years of writing doesn’t mean jack sh*t If you’re an a**hole.



02/10/2019 06:26 PM 


coming soon

under construction



02/10/2019 06:24 PM 



roleplaying preferences

note: these are just my personal preferences, but im a flexible person and will usually just try to match you in terms of length, role, etc.

length: semi, para, multi-para [+]
pet peeves: abbreviations and text talk

preferred genre: psychological, horror, slice of life, crime, mafia, not that picky
preferred pairings: het, slash, femslash, whatever
preferred role: preferably, male, but fine being female too

not my cup of tea

not that picky

guidelines, preferences


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