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05/17/2019 03:10 PM 

[ Info and Rules ] - No need to sign, just read.

First and foremost, this is roleplay, so let's not make things personal or take things too seriously. A couple of notes before I provide some important information about Kame's background:Unless specifically stated or dictated by [ brackets ], everything on this page: comments, messages, statuses, are ALL IN CHARACTER. I don't typically plot because I feel that forced storylines have a tendency to plateau a lot quicker than something that stems from organic interaction.This is an AU version of Kame, so he's not an idol. Face and name remain the same, but he by no means has any connection to KAT-TUN or shows he may have acted in. If you'd prefer to stick to a more canon version, just let me know and I can make it work.I can match length and style, though I prefer 3rd person, past tense. Semi-para and para work best for me, but I am capable of novella if the story is captivating enough.Please, and I can't stretch this enough, do not take any animosity or acting out on Kame's behalf as my personal feelings towards you, the writer, or your character. Kame is volatile, over-dramatic, and self-defeating. He's a real piece of work, but trust me, he's been carefully crafted for years and he has a lot to offer.Any questions or concerns can be directed to my messages with an OOC indication.I also have discord for quicker replies or casual interaction: kamenashi #9308Kame's Background:Kame had a rough upbringing and was disowned in his pre-teens for being gay. He found his own sense of family in a group of wayward kids that were in the same situation as he was, and did what he needed to in order to survive.He developed dependency issues early on, always craving attention and validation that he was worth someone's affection and time. His dependency branched out to drugs as well, finding comfort in the numbing effects of cocaine. To maintain his ideal of being physically attractive, especially to older men, he developed bad user habits and eating disorders, resulting in body dysmorphia. It would only be years later in his early twenties that he realized part of his body dysmorphia was due to the fact that he was born intersex. He does not disclose this information to anyone out of fear of being rejected.Kame often has trouble keeping his emotions in check and frequently has dramatic outbursts. He's no stranger to breakdowns, but quickly realizes the damage he has done is very apologetic and embarrassed afterward. He attempts to hide his flaws with an over-inflated ego and hyper-sexuality.Again, any questions or concerns can be directed to my inbox if you need further clarification. I know he's not everyone's cup of tea, but he is so desperate to love and be loved in return.


05/12/2019 02:02 PM 

K-Pop/Super Junior, long-term {1x1}

Hi! I'm looking for a long-term dedicated partner in a romantic plot. I'd also like a partner who likes headcanons and talking ooc, since I believe communication between partners is important.Good spelling and grammar, but I don't mind the occasional typo because I'm human and it just happens.Third person, quality over quantity but I like to write long paras along with short paras. I normally try to match my partner. I don't do one liners/one paragraphs, I like details and 2+ paragraphs per reply.Right now I'm on CST, other months I'm EST, but I'm always around.I do write mature themes but I’m happy to keep it PG-13 if you’re not comfortable with it, fade to black works as well. I only ask my partner to be 18+ since I’m 21+ and I wouldn’t feel comfortable. I am not looking for smut based roleplays though.I don't have triggers, but there are a few things I'm not comfortable with, so as long as we discuss them before doing anything, we're fine.I can be as active as I can, but real life comes first. I normally try to reply at least twice every day, some days even more.That said, I'd love to find someone who can reply at least once a week and is interested in a longterm plot.I’m open to all the ideas and suggestions for the plot, I love talking and deciding what to do together.I love fluff just as much as I love angst, so a nice combination of both would be great.I don't play multiple characters. I do write some NPCs, but only focus on one character/one pairing.I get super excited about my plots, so I always end up making manips, gifsets, graphics, and even playlists.I love OOC plotting and chatting, I have Discord for that.I don't do PM roleplays, I'm looking for Discord or Email.I really want a celeb ship – She’s a popular British actress (OC/I'd play her) from some movie saga/book based TV show, and he’s a very popular k-pop idol (Idol/you'd play him), and meet in a vacation, a party, or anything else (up to discussion) and they just click. So they start dating in secret, traveling across the world to see each other. Something super cute and sweet, a bicultural couple that learns about each other and their country and customs and they’re just very happy, literal soulmates that managed to meet. I’d love it to be long-term, like them dating then even getting married, dealing with fame and things, and being just in love. I would give you all the cookies in the world if you write Super Junior's Kyuhyun (you would become my best friend) against me.If interested, feel free to message me via PM.

kpop, celeb, longterm

Kizu Susumu

05/06/2019 01:31 PM 

Looking for people to fill in the roles of Oc bandmates

yo. Seeking to find people up for filling out the roles of my eventually gunna turn into demons, band mates!Secondary Vocalist: Reddish- do whatever you want when you make him, just remember, old school VK fanboy to the extreme for all of them!LG: DamageRG: Sora to ItoBass: Mushi Drums: Masquerade


03/12/2019 09:17 PM 


Orchids AltersRosie - 16, soft and fragile. Kind Hearted. Easily offended. The epitome of all the good that Orchid has to offer. Rosie likes to paint and draw.  She doesn't speak much and is very shy. Coaxing a word out of Rosie is hard.Larkspur - Lark couldn't give a f*** if she tried. She only cares about one thing, herself. Stubborn, confident, and blunt Lark will tell you what you want to know without sugar coating it. Loves to party, and would do much worse than a few drinks if Gwen would let her out longer. She constantly feels like she is cooped up, so when she comes out, she comes out AGGRO. Gwen - bookish andstern. Gwen is the main alter and gatekeeper. She controls who comes and goes. She likes to read, and you know if you see Orchid reading some thick non-fiction book (possibly a boring biography) that Gwen is out. Gwen is a stickler for rules, and will interrupt if the other alters get too close to harming Orchid.Harvey - the only male alter, he's a soft boi. He loves video games, reading comic books and listening to indie soft guitar music. He is plagued with anxiety and depression of his own, as he feels dysmorphia every time he's out. He doesn’t like the female body that hosts him. He is a complainer, constantly complaining about something. It can get kind of annoying.

GoldenKiss Resources.

03/11/2019 12:56 PM 


Hide age, location, etc... friend space. comments.


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