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01/25/2019 03:31 PM 

Writing sample.

((This is more of an introduction to Electra/Elektra/Katherine but I can alter it and send it as a starter if anyone actually reads and likes what I have written so far. I'm a little rusty so it isn't the best but I didn't too badly I think. If anyone has any feed back, suggestions or anything like that I'd appreciate it a bunch.))

~ ~ ~

How long had it been? A few years? A few decades? A few centuries? Millennia? The time ticked by so agonizingly slow but it also seemed to happen in the blink of an eye. Electra felt as if she had been asleep for no more than a couple of hours. She just barely remembered laying her head down to sleep, needing rest for her fever. She awoke in what was some sort of void. A vast emptiness. No sound, no color, all around her silence and blackness. Neither cold nor warmth. Her heart was pounding in her chest... Where was she? She was surely in her bed, just laying down, waiting for one of her children to wake her from her slumber for some dinner or more medicine. But she wasn't asleep. No, she was positive she was awake. Her eyes blinked but it cleared nothing. She was asking herself again, where was she? Where were her twin daughters?

Oh, but then she remembered. She was sick. She broke her leg and during the healing process something had gone wrong - she had an infection. She was being treated for that, her daughter Iris was giving her the medicine. She remembered. Was she dead now? Was this what the afterlife was like? So many questions, zero answers. Her heart and head were starting to hurt and so were her eyes. The more she strained to see in the emptiness around her the harder it was. Electra rubbed her chest and took seven deep breaths. One, two, three...

A bright light. For some reason unbeknownst to her it wasn't startling nor was it concerning. It was actually quite comforting. It felt like only minutes that she was surrounded by dark before the light came. Perhaps she was mistaken. Perhaps she wasn't truly dead. This was just some strange, lucid dream. It had to be. She couldn't die... She couldn't leave her family behind. By the name of Zeus her heart ached just at the thought of leaving her children behind, especially without any last words. But she wasn't dead, so she didn't worry. Everything was fine now. Soon enough she would hear Iris or Arke's voice calling for her, administering the medicine, feeding her dinner. Yes. This was fine.

She didn't hear that however - in fact, as she was drawn into the light everything was erased from her mind. Her name, how old she was, her family, what happened to her on that fateful night. None of it mattered anymore, for now it was all gone. Like a small fragment of a dream she could only barely remember. Electra had no worries... everything was gone. Everyone was gone.

A few years later and she could confidently say her name was Katherine with a 'K' but everyone called her Kat for short. She was born in Japan, went to school there, got her first job there. Her life in Japan was pretty mundane, pretty average and pretty boring. "Mom, dad. I want to go to Korea..." Her parents sighed, her mom cupping the young woman's hands in her own, "If that's what you wish, Katherine, we support you." Two years later and here she was. An influencer with quite the following on Instagram and Youtube. She posted makeup tutorials and the occasional vlog. Of course she still visited Japan every now and then to see her parents but her life in South Korea was amazing. 

ViveKatt - insta guru, makeup guru, makeup artist, occasional model. Electra was no more. Once a great, powerful Oceanid... now nothing more than a mortal living her best life in Seoul.


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