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01/29/2019 03:03 PM 

Category: Guidelines

Basic Information:

Full Name: Johanna Miller (Johanna Stephen)

Nicknames/Titles: J; Sapphire

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Character Appearance:

Hair: Dark chocolate

Skin: Cream; slightly tanned 

Eyes: Dark amber

Height: 169

Weight: 57

Markings (Scars, Tattoo's etc):  Has Japanese hieroglyph meaning Sapphire; scars on her right hip. 


General Happiness:β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†

Social Level:β˜†β˜†β˜…β˜…β˜…

Optimistic/Pessimistic: Pessimistic

Positive Personality Traits: Determined, Brave, Honest, Loyal

Negative Personality Traits: Sarcastic, Destructive, Closed

Religion/Philosophy: Agnostic

Likes: Singing, Nature, Woods, Mountains, Money, Sky, Lanterns, Dawn

Favorite Drinks: Sake, Rice wine

Favorite Colors: Ivory, Coral

Dislikes: Weapons, Threats, Clients, Brothel, Nights

Hobbies: Playing piano, Gardening 

General Character Info:

Relationship Status: Single (Widow)

Place of residence: Tokyo, Japan 

Place of Birth: Liverpool, UK

Occupation: Courtesan/Cabaret dancer/Hooker 

Group/Guild/Clan affiliation: Madonna Lily (club)

Enemies: Clients, The owner of club, Policemen

Character Abilities:

Which aptitudes this character has: Dancing, Music, Leadership, Gardening, Japanese and English languages

Which aptitudes this character wants: Firing, Horse-riding

Which aptitudes she/he cannot get: Medical (she is afraid of blood)

History/Background :

Johanna - the daughter of successful British businessman. She was the 6th child in the family, so she was the latest who left the family house. Johanna got married when she was 17. Her husband was the young ambitious industrialist who became her father’s partner pretty soon. Mr. Miller often traveled and always took his wife with himself. So, thanks to such opportunity Johanna visited India, Egypt, China and Japan. The last country especially conquered her heart, so the young Johanna started learning its language. She succeeded in it. Sometimes she worked as her husband’s translator. 

When Johanna was 22, her father died. Her husband inherited the rights for the company from him what caused a lot of resentments from her other siblings. 

At the age of 24 they left for Japan and since then Johanna never came back to Motherland. 

Her husband was killed at their hotel by some drunk guy (who appeared to be hired). When Johanna tries to go back, she was arrested. They said that her husband had been looking for the illegal manipulations. And now both of them had no right for the company. Johanna had to stay in Japan. She was working in the garden shop which owned to her friend until it was ruined by the local mafia. The successions of such horrible and mysterious events led the woman to the new cabaret club in Tokyo where Johanna turned into J or Sapphire and became the star there. No matter how much she hated this place - it was her new home. 


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