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Gender: Female

Age: 23
Country: Canada

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January 27, 2019


01/29/2019 08:46 PM 


Basic Information:

Full Name: Sia Terland

Nicknames/Titles: Sia

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Character Appearance:

Hair: Raven

Skin: Pale

Eyes: Dark blue

Height: 161

Weight: 45

Markings (Scars, Tattoo's etc):  a scar on the right side of her chin; a scar on her neck; a scar on her right elbow. 


General Happiness:☆☆★★★

Social Level:☆☆★★★

Optimistic/Pessimistic: Optimistic

Positive Personality Traits: Patient, Creative, Loyal, Responsible, Hard-Worker, Cheerful, Energetic, Curious, Humble

Negative Personality Traits: Closed, Self-destructive, Taking to heart very much, Nervous, Diffident 

Religion/Philosophy: Agnostic 

Likes: Hats, Music, Winter, Kids, Insects, South Korea, New-York, Ice-cream

Favorite Drinks: Red wine, Mulled wine

Favorite Colors: Black, Crimson

Dislikes: Pineapples, Summer, Cars, Her scars

Hobbies: Skating

General Character Info:

Relationship Status: Single

Place of residence: Vancouver, Canada

Place of Birth: Vancouver, Canada

Occupation: Musician/ Singer

Group/Guild/Clan affiliation: DOF/ TeamSia

Enemies: Haters

Character Abilities:

Which aptitudes this character has: Music, Dance, Languages (English, French, Korean)

Which aptitudes this character wants: Surfing, Cooking

How she/he gets the aptitudes: Music school, Dance and gymnastic sections, College of Art

Which aptitudes she/he cannot get: Opera singing


Sia was born in Vancouver. Her mother has moved from South Korea to work as a piano teacher where she met Sia’s father who has been local photographer. Sia had elder sister - Caroline who was born in Vancouver too. Both girls were being grown as bilingual - English and Korean. Due to the unusual appearance Sia appeared in many horror movies as a kid. She enjoyed playing dark and scary characters. At the age of  13 Sia was sent to South Korea to her grandmother where she started studying in new school. Actually, school was always problematic place for the girl. Both in Vancouver and in Daegu she was laughed due to her appearance. Especially, she couldn’t get along with girls. They didn’t like her blue eyes and nose. Also Sia kept studying music. In Korea she studied at the special school - piano and vocal classes. And thanks to her grandmother Sia got to the gymnastic class, but a year later she changed it for a dance school. 

When the girl was 15, she got in the car crash. She was riding a bike when Sia was hit by the car. She got the serious throat trauma. There were circumstances even despite the successful operation. Besides the scars on her face and neck, the organs of her throat were traumatized. Her voice changes. It became quieter and lower. It sounded hoarse what made the girl leave vocal lessons. It was bitter and hard decision  for her. Though, at home she kept practicing. Her voice was also pretty weak, so she had to take care of it properly not to lose it completely. 

Sia left South Korea at the age of 17. She finished the study  ahead of schedule to enroll at the college of art in LA. There Sia was accepted to the local dance club - DOF. It was the first time when she quickly found friends. Their professor, Mr. Arch, was very creative and opened for their suggestion, though he was pretty strict. Sia really enjoyed. At that moment she had a dream: make musicals. In the club she fell in love for the first time. Sam was 4 years elder than her. Of course, her parents minded her moving to him from the dorm. They didn’t find it reasonable and they didn’t trust Sam. However, he was the first person who told her there was something special in her harsh voice. Thanks to Sam she recorded her first album. Though, it was not successful, Sia was really proud of herself. 

As her parents predicted, soon they broke up, but went on performing together in the couple dance. They stayed as good friends. DOF had more stable the number of members, though they were not going to stop involving new people. Mr. Arch let Sam lead the group. For the first time DOF was invited to the international dance competition to China. They didn’t win, but it was the moment when they went out of university patronage. Sia for more interested in dancing, but she didn’t stop writing songs. 

When she was 21, her second album was almost ready. She was looking for the producer. Sam didn’t like that Sia was tearing herself between dance and song-writing. He pushed her to choose. They argued a lot about it. And then Sam died at the car crash after their another quarrel about her future in DOF. These news shocked everyone. It was a tough period of time. However, Sia found the producer who agreed to record her album. Sia added a song tribute to Sam. She performed at the small bars and clubs what didn’t make her parents happy. And she continued performing with DOF. 

A year later Sia wrote more songs, but instead of singing by themselves with her quiet specific voice, she decided to sell songs for other singers, with better voice. The producer agreed and asked her to send the records. Almost everyone rejected because they didn’t think those songs would be successful. Until one day Sia got a message from her favorite musician. They had a talk. The musician told her to record the album by herself because these must be only her songs - and everyone should hear them only with her specific voice. It changed her mind. Sia was inspired. She sang loudly. And her voice sounded more unusual, but all songs sounded like Sia wanted. Her third album was produced by that musician. And it was success. People really loved her songs: lyrics, melodies and...her voice what was hard to imitate. 


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