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Thanks for checking out the guidelines!
Please read, sign (optional), and respect.
001 i try to be as accommodating as possible, if we're roleplaying and i do something that upsets you, please let me know and i'll try to refrain from doing so again in the future.

002 if there's something that you know triggers you, please let me know ahead of time! i am not very picky and i am very open when it comes to roleplay's so i sometimes forget to censor things that other people may not be as comfortable with. if that ever happens, please just let me know and i'll work around it; i try to be as flexible as i can!

003 please no god-modding! my character has it's own individual will and i don't appreciate it when people try to force choices on to my characters;;
004 this is a drama free zone! if you ever have a problem with something i say or do please just unfriend me / block me or talk to me about it! we can either work it out or find a peaceful way to resolve the issue! 
005 i am very flexible! i like trying new things and enjoy making new characters; if you ever have a plot idea and want someone to 1 on 1 with i'd be happy to make a character that fits whatever role you have in mind! 
006 thanks for reading and i look forward to hearing from you! :)


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