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Gender: Female

Age: 23
Country: Canada

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January 27, 2019


02/21/2019 09:22 PM 


Basic Information:

Full Name: Anita Tandris(dottir)

Nicknames/Titles: Ta; Anita

Gender: Female

Age: 29

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Character Appearance:

Hair: Brown

Skin: Healthy pale

Eyes: Pitch

Height: 173

Weight: 58

Markings (Scars, Tattoo's etc):  7 small tattoos; she pierced her ears, nose, and tongue 


General Happiness:

Social Level:☆★★★

Optimistic/Pessimistic: Optimistic

Positive Personality Traits: Honest, Friendly, Creative, Curious

Negative Personality Traits: Childish, Quiet, Stubborn

Religion/Philosophy: Atheist

Likes: Iceland, Nature, Volcano, Elephants, Wolves, Weird people, Plush toys, Snow

Favorite Meal: Noodles

Favorite Drinks: Dark beer, Wine

Favorite Colors: White, Black, Blue, Purple

Dislikes: Weapons, Violence, Crowded places, Warm sea

Hobbies: Skateboarding, Playing the guitar

General Character Info:

Relationship Status: Single 

Place of residence: New-York, USA

Place of Birth: Reykjavik, Iceland

Occupation: Artist/ Photographer

Group/Guild/Clan affiliation: -

Enemies: -

Character Abilities:

Which aptitudes this character has: Painting, Modelling, Working with different material like fabric or metal, Speaking English and Icelandic

Which aptitudes this character wants: Speaking more languages, Skiing, Driving a car

Which aptitudes she/he cannot get: Cooking 

History/Background : 

Anita is a young becoming famous artist originally from Iceland. She always calls her native land as one of her main sources for inspiration. She has been fond of art since the young age - her father is the Art Teacher in the local university. He always brought her to different exhibitions with his students. 

She has a younger brother - Finn. They have always been close. Being as what people call "tomboy" nowadays Anita was a naughty child - she often got in troubles. And her brother covered her back. 

When she was 13, her parents divorced. This was fatal for both kids as they got separated. Anita stayed with their father, Finn left for Canada with their mom and her new boyfriend. Since then her gloomy sadness led the girl to be an artist. Her woe has become a basis for her whole concept of works. Anita learned how to turn the negativity into something beautiful. Even though the art didn't weaken her pain and it didn't heal her. 

Despite her parents' requests, Anita didn't go to college. She was afraid she would lose her style there. So, at the age of 18, the young woman started working. She had different jobs: waitressing, delivering, consulting. And such kinds of job didn't interrupt her from creating. Anita enjoyed such type of life. Unlike her dad - he saw talent in his daughter, but it was bitter for him to watch how she didn't want to develop it. He wished a better life for his daughter. So, he organized an exhibition for her at the university. Anita didn't want to show her works - they were too personal. And she was afraid to disappoint her father. 

However, the exhibition attracted some attention. Especially, students. The young people loved how dark and freaky her works were. She used different materials: from paints and paper till metal or wood. And Anita took photos. She knew how to use a camera. 

Thanks to this small exhibition she was finally noticed by a big man in the art world. It was a famous artist from Denmark who set his works in the local museum. He was impressed by the young woman. So, he decided to support her. Since this moment her career has been grown. 

Anita works and lives alone. She doesn't like publicity. New-York is not her new home, but she loves the paradox: so many people = so much loneliness. Such dispiriting atmopshere is her source to create. 


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