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Gender: Female

Age: 23
Country: Canada

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January 27, 2019


03/07/2019 06:30 PM 


Basic Information:

Full Name: Nahoko Glover
Nicknames/Titles: NiKO
Gender: Female
Age: 27

Character Appearance:
Hair: Dark chocolate
Skin: Slightly tanned, Freckled
Eyes: Nut-colored
Height: 168
Weight: 63
Markings (Scars, Tattoo's etc): Pierced ears, Scars from childhood

General Happiness:☆☆★★★
Social Level:☆★★★★
Optimistic/Pessimistic: Optimistic
Positive Personality Traits: Imaginative, Clever, Organized
Negative Personality Traits: Insecure, Closed, Selfish
Religion/Philosophy: Protestant
Likes: Music, Poetry, Literature, Parks, Autumn
Favorite Drinks: Lemonade, Sake
Favorite Food: Japanese cuisine, Pizza
Favorite Colors: Chocolate, Orange, Blue, Yellow
Dislikes: Fame, Pop-industry
Hobbies: Writing songs, Playing the guitar, Hiking

General Character Info:
Relationship Status: Single
Place of residence: Osaka, Japan
Place of Birth: Osaka, Japan
Occupation: Literature teacher / Musician
Group/Guild/Clan affiliation: -
Enemies: -

Character Abilities and Proficiency: 
Which aptitudes this character has: Playing the guitar, Writing, Teaching, Hiking, Speaking fluently English and Japanese
Which aptitudes this character wants: Speaking more languages, Writing a book of poems
Which aptitudes she/he cannot get: Running fast

History/Background (soon)


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