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Shut up dippy

《>Basic info<》

(These are all self explanatory)

Name: Mia Bang

Age: 16 (depending on SKZ au)

Gender: female

Sexuality: straight


(This is just a quick list of things you can recognise a character with)

Hair color: .dark brown

Hair style: long with bangs

Eye color: brown

Height: 4" 9

Weight: 90lbs

Race: Australian


Mia is very clumsy and often has to depend on her older brother Chris (aka Chan the dorky leader of Stray Kids). She is very loving and it is hard to make her snap. She does have a short temper, she is protective of her friends and family and she loves music. She hates homophobs, bullies and her abusive ex that only Chris and a few friends know of. She likes a member of SKZ (obviously NOT Chris because shes his sister). She also has dark humor. She is a black belt in Karate and Taekwondoe. She is very thankful to her brother for taking care of her, laughing with her, crying with her, protecting her, being there for her in dark times and not kicking her out when he found out that shes a wiccan/witch.


She has 1 big brother (Chris), a few close friends and a black cat


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