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08/29/2019 11:04 PM 

Autumn's Playhouse - Discord Server

Autumn's Playhouse is an 18+ Roleplay Server. What started out as your every day modern world, quickly turned into hell. A portal mysteriously appeared which let in numerous demons. In a years time one portal turned in many. Humans are now forced to live among demons and a variety of monstrous beings as normally as they can.

Through all of this, a young girl opened a business which flourished due to it's illegal activities and ability to attract nonhumans.
There are numerous channels for you to participate in. Suggestions are welcome if you would like to see something to better suit your characters.

Outside of the PlayHouse we have -

Other worlds
Haunted forests
Even a circus run by demons! Everything you can reach by entering a portal from the main world.

We are a friendly server that does have a lot of adult themes which is why you must be 18 to join.

There are multiple roles for you to play as. You can be the average every day human or the biggest villain in the modern world! There are even select roles pertaining to Autumn's personal story and a few others.

You can write as much as you like but the server does stay on the smaller side to keep the past a bit quicker and make it easier for others to join in.

If desired, private channels can be made!


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