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AU Biography

Everything had changed for Kaoru the day that he had met Niikura Kazuhira. The two of them were not raised as brothers. Prior to meeting Kaz, Kaoru had been born into a life on the ‘darkside’, so to speak. It was no wonder, considering the fact that his father happened to be the Devil himself.

When Kaz had made contact with him, however, it was to inform him that he had been intentionally kept in the dark. That the truth had always remained concealed from him and Kaoru was oblivious to the fact that he even had a brother. Kaz had introduced himself as Kaoru’s biological brother, but mentioned that they were not raised together due to the fact that Kaoru had sort of been taken away from birth almost and hence the reason that they had never met before then. Kaoru had been a teen by that point, in supernatural years, of course. He was not mortal. Aging was practically a non-existent thing to those that never grow old and never die.

This revelation led Kaoru on a path to discover more to the story of his origins that had been kept from him. Whether it had been to protect him from something or to simply just pass Kaoru off as his own son, the fact that it had been kept from him for so long only angered him. One thing he detested above all else was deceit or lies. Concealed truths just for someone else’s gain was something that would always get under his skin.

Although, little did Kaoru know, Kaz was doing the very same; only telling Kaoru partial truths in such a way to get Kaoru to fall into his grander scheme of things. What he had failed to mention, albeit purposely of course, was that the Devil was actually Kaz’s real father and not Kaoru’s. Now with the elder, sly and manipulative true born son of the Devil, Kaz, tainting Kaoru’s mind in a way that could sabotage the relationship with Kaoru and Lucifer, Kaoru had decided to give himself the task of discovering more about his true identity. Kaz offered to help, of course, pretending to be the decent big brother – which of course he had Kaoru believe and so Kaoru went with him, which resulted in the group of angels that Kaz had associated himself with erasing that part of his memory entirely, and purposely only leaving him, the angels and that side of the spectrum intact. This was not only against Kaoru but against Lucifer himself for forgetting about him and choosing another son. However, forbidden to leave Hell, Lucifer could do nothing about it and being fully aware of that fact, Kaz had taken advantage of it. For Kaz, it was no longer about his father accepting him, it was about revenge.

And still, the truth would continue to remain concealed, and Kaoru would remain unaware that Kaz was not his real brother and that Kaoru’s true brother was Kaoshi of the Shintani name, and if they were to cross paths, that would no doubt be obvious given the fact that they are biological twins and identical in almost every way. As a result of being raised separately almost from birth, they are completely unaware of each other’s existence and Kaoru was raised as an angel in another dimension altogether.

In actual fact, Kaoru, as an infant had been given to Lucifer as part of one of his many deals, to fill the void of the loss of his biological son, Kaz. After Lucifer had been banished to Hell, he had been forbidden to take Kaz with him, who was then to be raised with the angels that had not fallen, and instead, Kaoru was to be raised as the Devil’s son, triggering a rivalry and heavy envy and bitterness from Kaz, who had set it upon himself to get rid of Kaoru at any opportunity. Kaoru had undergone enough manipulation and endured a life of deception from his infancy onwards to doubt none of it. For him, it was the only life he knew. Lucifer had even made the entire thing seem completely authentic due to the fact that Kaoru had the angel abilities seemingly all along. Like it had been natural and he had been born with them.

It was many years later, that Kaoru had discovered Earth and was determined to visit. Naturally, this had all been part of Kaz’s plan. He was forbidden to kill Kaoru so feeding into and encouraging Kaoru’s curiosity, would lead him to seek out more truths. Kaz had informed Kaoru that if we wished to know more about himself, that he should go to Earth becuase he had biological relatives there but said that was all he knew about the matter. But that was all it would take before Kaoru set himself the goal of getting to Earth. However, even after Kaoru’s departure, Kaz knew that his father had been trying to get Kaoru back, even throwing a ghoul curse on to him so that he was forbidden to have anything more to do with the angels or Heaven. The ghoul curse would activate when Kaoru had been on Earth long enough for it to interfere with his identity. Kaoru had no idea that the more time he spent there, the more he would lose that part of himself and any memory associated with it, and in the end, resulted in Kaoru having to live life as a human for a number of years. This was when he made a life for himself with a music career – it was a sure way to travel all over the world apparently and he found himself enjoying that newfound life. And that side of things had gone well for years. Until something triggered his abilities to return in a gradual process. It was gradual because 1, he had no idea he had them, and 2, he had to learn how to use them again and inevitibly, this caused a new identity crisis for him. He no longer knew what or who he was and feeling afraid, for the first time in a long time, Kaoru thought the best thing was to hide it. The ghoul curse came after then and he believed it had been his punishment for hiding his nature and living a life as a human.

Unbeknown to him, Kaz had been keeping an eye on him from a distance but grew frustrated after having witnessed a few occasions of Kaoru testing his newly rediscovered abilities and the new apparent appetite for human flesh. Knowing this must have been the work of his father only caused Kaz to feel more bitterness and loathing towards both of them. This growing darkness that seemed to be slowly consuming Kaoru meant one thing. He would end up back in Hell and Kaz would end up right back at the start with all of his own progress lost. Kaz, however, did nothing about it. Just observed. Until Kaoru had had a child of his own and married a woman. The child was rumoured to be an angel and ghoul hybrid and finally Kaz was granted permission to do something about it because this child would be forbidden to enter heaven or take any identity as an angel. But as an angel, Kaz was forbidden to kill the child so decided to strip the angel part of his identity away. The wings. These were cut off by Kaz using his dagger that was capable of inflicting a permanent death. The loss of wings would be permanent but the child would live. This was also a reminder to Kaoru that he wasn’t supposed to take two different sides. He had to pick one, and he was making no effort to do so, and for obvious reasons, Kaz did not want him to go to the darkside, so to speak.

Not until it was rumoured that the devil himself had vanished without any sort of trace.

This was the real turning point for Kaoru. He had been summoned to ‘rightfully’ take the rule over hell during Lucifer’s absence. In fact, Kaoru was forced into it initially, but the more time he spent there, the more he felt this was what he deserved and so remained. For a time. At this stage, all he knew about himself and his identity was that he was the Devil’s son and that Kaz was jealous of him because he was the ‘chosen one’. But whilst he was in Hell, Kaz couldn’t get to him, not that he could kill him anyway. The thing that did weigh heavy on his conscience though, was that Kaz could get to his family if he desired. And Kaz had already kidnapped and tortured his child once before. Whilst he didn’t really believe Kaz had the motive to attack his family during his absence, it still made him decide to leave hell and go back to protect them, and as the ruler, only he had the ability to come and go as he pleased, but during his time away, Kaoru had became more accepting and accommodating to the darkness that had been trying to consume him, and this time, it wasn’t his family that Kaz had gone after. Kaoru had crossed the line and Kaz saw to it that Kaoru was banished. The only place that he could go was back to Hell, but Kaz took that risk. In fact, he had been instructed to do so.

However, little did Kaz know that a barrier or restriction had been placed upon Hell to not allow Kaoru access whenever he wished anymore. This was because Kaoru had abandoned his duty there and betrayed his orders. The only way he could get back would be via death and then his time there would be permanent. With Kaz’s ritual, the restriction prevented Kaoru from entering hell and instead locked him somewhere between the realms until something or somebody would free him again. Being trapped inside this between realms void for an extended period of time came with side effects. Once freed, his memory would be fragmented and parts missing entirely, and Kaoru would certainly feel lost and empty and suffer an identity crisis after such an ordeal.


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