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09/23/2019 02:23 PM 

↠ 𝐫𝐮𝐥𝐞𝐬.

i'm not usually strict with RP but there are a couple of things i'd like to address. some of this is mentioned in my profile, but to keep things brief on there, i decided to elaborate in this blog post.

1.) no 18+ if you're not 18+ yourself IRL-- not just your character. please don't circumvent this to RP 18+ with me. 
-- to expand on this, please keep in mind that i don't prefer RPing with anyone who isn't over 18 IRL, partially because of a lack of understanding the reasons listed below and partially because i'm not too comfortable with that since i am over 20 years old. terribly sorry if this feels exclusive, but i've given this a lot of consideration and have decided this is what i'm most content with.

2.) please don't make any advances on me OOC, nor assume that our characters dating/being intimate = we're actually dating IRL. if you mean to direct something towards one of my characters, please let me know 😅

-- all OOC talk during an active RP is marked with ">>" or ">> ooc:" before it.

3.) i'm mainly drawn to m/m rp, sorry 😔

4.) please try avoid godmodding. i can manage my characters myself, thanks.

5.) no themes i'm uncomfortable with. i cannot say them here but i'll let you know what they are when we're plotting. please don't try to force them on me or sneak them in either... they're off limits for a reason, please respect this.

...aaand that's basically it. if i think of anything else i will add it. please ask me if there are any questions. thank you!


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