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write a short summary about your roleplay preferences when it comes to writing ethics, activity expectations, and how often you try to get back to replies. You can also explain your character's traits. If you're a site/rpg feel free to use this as a summary/welcoming section.
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January 26th, 2020

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Gender: Male

Age: 33
Country: Japan

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September 26, 2019


09/28/2019 03:45 PM 

RULES @ guidelines
Category: Guidelines

  • Don't all means try to control my character his emotions not his actions or I'll block you I will not hesitate to do so understood ? 
  • No godmodling I really appreciate it cause of the past problem I have had with in the past so please none of this bullsh*t 
  • Real life vs role-playing : I do manage to be on here quite some more often now days but I do have acautlly family outside this site I spend time when ever my wife gets a day off but no kids 
  • Terms of rp: I do and always will discuss setting and plotting do not EVER send a random starter to me cause I will delete it or write you a new message telling you I rather discuss every thing 
  • Catgories: far as things go in this sentence mine character is very adaptable to very modern to the most intense fantasies which a great because if your character can adapt to most setting or storylines then you will always have a open mind for more and brilliant ideas to come up though the role play 
  • OCC: well it's very rare I go out of character unleas we are discussing to rp we are going to do 
  • AU: I do intended to do AU from time to time but when doing so like to make it more enertaning make sure you dont bore me with simple replies 
  • Wrighting ability : I preferable love writing multi paragraphs they are so much fun and they always keep my interest so not give me a pity oneliner BULLSh*t cause I wont reply if you feel tired enough not to reply make sure you don't cause I dont want a sh*tty reply wait till you get more imagine to reply to me to keep me interested and the story going 


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