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write a short summary about your roleplay preferences when it comes to writing ethics, activity expectations, and how often you try to get back to replies. You can also explain your character's traits. If you're a site/rpg feel free to use this as a summary/welcoming section.
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January 26th, 2020

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Country: Japan

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September 26, 2019


09/29/2019 10:09 PM 


It was a long day at the office sora had place his fingers on his temples and rubs them he let out a heavy sigh " how many times is a idiot going to come to me with idiotic questions?."

He look his watch and sighs again it was only 2:00 pm and he had his head and shoulders up in paper work he took the first file amd started to glance though it and very carefully there was people asking him if his company could invest in there own company he kept calling people from the files begging him to invest.

Sora sighs on the phone " I told mister hanjime that we can not invest in something like that special with such a sh*tty script like that one you have !! " sora was angry with the other man on the phone. You come up with a better script and I MAY! Considerate you got one week to come up with one do not disappoints me !" He slammed down the phone and got out of her chair he look out the window as he grabbed his jacket to leave work he grabbed his keys off the desk and headed out the door it was already 11:30 at night .

As He was walking on the side walk he saw a park he looks over , and saw the night sky remember how him and his ex lover walk down the paved side walk though the park at night but he let out a sigh trying not remember that tragic car accident that took his ex life that night he shook his head and sighs again lighting up a cigarette as he walk down the paved path on his way home now 


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