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October 22, 2019


10/23/2019 12:07 PM 


okay, so my name is chae, i'm 26 and i'm not new to this kind of rp, nor am i new to this character.  i have this character on twitter as well as tumblr and it's on a multimuse blog.  this is my spin on peter parker and i have no affiliation with the marvel comic universe, the movies or the face claim that i use.  anything that is about peter that isn't like in the comics or movies is mine.  i own it.

there will be no ooc drama.  i don't want it, i don't want to read about it, so don't bring any drama to me.  i'm here for roleplay and roleplay only.  this is a thing i use to escape from real life when it gets too hard and with how life is going, it's pretty god damned hard.  i don't want to share anything with you, and i don't want you to share anything with me. 

triggering things can and will be written.  i do not have anything that could trigger me, so i'm up for absolutely anything.  just nothing involving rape or sexual abuse.  anything and everything else, i'm up for it.  let's just plot it out first.

don't steal anything.  especially this idea of peter parker, it's my favorite character that i have at the very moment and i don't want that stolen from me.  it's one of my favorite background stories that i have for any character that i currently have, whether it's on here or on tumblr or twitter.  you steal sh*t, i report your ass.  it's that simple.

don't f***ing godmode.  i don't want you to write for my god damned character because you're not the f***ing writer.  i am.  i don't write for yours, you don't write for mine.  agian, that's a simple thing.  the only time you can godmode is if and when we plot sh*t out.  other than that, don't do it.

activity could easily be spotty because of tumblr or twitter, or even real life because a lot of sh*t happens in real life and i'm not going to come on and be on my computer the entire time.  yes, maybe to get my mind off of sh*t, but other than that, if my activity schedule isn't to your liking, you can remove me as a friend on your list.

SPEAKING OF THAT.  i'm not going to be a number.  i don't want to be another number to your growing number of friends.  i'm sorry, but i'm not like that.  if i have you as a friend, either if i sent the request or you, I WILL WANT TO WRITE.

other than that, let's write and have fun!


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