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04/21/2020 04:31 PM 


People have become very lazy over the years. They don't even bother taking the time to read over information someone has written out about their character and yet, they want the other person to be at fault. Let me clarify something about my character that is misunderstood and it has to do with blood consumption. 

The different ranks

Consumption of Anubis's blood(etc)

The feelers Venom + Blood Consumption

The consumers' Blood Consumption

The Puppets' Parasitic consumption 

The Feelers and the Consumers both require blood consumption to achieve this rank and each has a set of enhancements or abilities because of blood consumption. The feelers require a combination of venom and blood consumption, feelers are connected to the alpha and able to sense his presence, hear his channeled thoughts, their eyes are able to be used as a window of sight whenever he chooses.  Feelers do not lose their consciousness, they are very aware of their actions and surroundings including their own thoughts performing as regular people. Puppets are forced to submit to feelers, puppets become submissive around feelers but the command of the alpha overpowers both ranks.  Feelers have unique abilities. 

A consumer is a person who is not bitten by the alpha but only consumes their blood.  The alpha chooses special people who he claims as an important possession.  In other words, these people are important and he does not have a desire to feed on them but keep them safe.  Similar to a werewolf and their pack.  These people are under his protection, his blood keeps them safe from the hunger of the puppets and feelers who become protective over them too.  Markus can sense his consumer's whereabouts and distress, he can also channel his thoughts. 
Because consumers have drunk Markus's blood they possess enhanced healing, semi-immortality. 

These people have impressed Markus's dark heart, making them valuable in his eyes and caused him to want to protect them. He refuses to change their natural qualities.  These people are protected from what lies ahead in the future.  
He calls them his possession because they are connected through his blood, but this doesn't mean they aren't able to have their own relationships. They are simply part of his  WEB or CLUSTER. 

People seem to get this confused with something sexual.  There is nothing sexual going on with these connections, my character may talk about inappropriate things because that's how I have written him but that doesn't mean I'm out looking for that pixel a s s 24/7.  He is a sinner. In order to make our stories interesting, you have to create.  He may call someone his possession or refer to them as 'OWNED'  but this doesn't mean sexually.  They are part of his eternal family and someone his instincts are determined to keep protected. Yes, he does not like it when people are seeking to get involved with those he is protective of.

As a writer, I understand there are connections but I'm not changing my character to please you because you can't separate roleplay from your actual emotions. I'm not altering my character because you didn't bother reading or trying to understand the situation by contacting me through
o o c. 
Just play out the moment and make it interesting, create a story with me. I know they aren't 'actually owned' but this is how I have written my character to respond but you're welcome to ask me to clarify or talk to me so I can ease your emotions 
I'm a very nice person out of character and I want nothing more than to develop an interesting story. I'm not here to hurt your feelings, hate you, dislike you unless you prefer to take it overboard.

Stop taking everything seriously.

The lover is a position I do not claim for my character easily. This is a connection that has to build and not just thrown together.  There must be certain requirements met but those details I do not release. 

This character is from a book I have written. I've altered information for roleplay purposes and added new ones to make it easier to use in connected stories.  If you do not understand something? Ask a person don't run off and make things up. 


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