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09/12/2019 12:31 PM 

taken names.

taken facesm playbysbenedict cumberbatchchris evanschris hemsworthchris prattjake gyllenhaaljeremy rennermark ruffalopaul ruddrobert downey jr.sebastian stantom hiddlestontom hollandm playbysbrie larsonelizabeth olsenevangeline lilygwyneth paltrowkaren gillanminka kellyrachel mcadamsscarlett johanssontessa thompsonzoe saldana


08/23/2019 07:22 PM 

I know we all hate rules but, I have just some!!

Show my rules some love once you get done reading them? I promise,they're not that much.Rule Number One: I am not, and well not claim myself as the original Yu Yeongjung from Cosmic Girls. I know there's more than one around so, why put an original around your name to claim yourself as that? I actually do not mind adding copies of myself. However, if you steal edited photos that has my name and I.D number on them, than I will remove you from my list. It's not yours to take. Unless you're in that photo with me tham, you may take it.Rule Number Two: My health in Real life isn't doing all too good right now. However, role-playing is the only thing that's keeping my mind off of how bad it is. Work is too but, they won't let me do too much till I end up having my surgery .... I hope that'll be soon. But, I thought'd I put t his out there now, if you don't see me on so many days, I'm either away or getting things done. I don't want to get into depths of what's happening. Unless I am good friends with you, or you're good friends with me.Rule Number Three; Friendship is a strong word for me. Please, if you really do want to be friends with me, please, please, don't leave with in a few weeks and say you're bored with me. I'm sorry that I have work and I know school is also coming up too for most of you.But I don't want to jump into a best friend or family role any time soon if you guys don't stick around.Rule Number Four: Going back to Rule Number Three. If my health gets worse than it is now, then I would have to remove my page. But I'll keep in touch through discord cause, who would want to get rid of someone you're really close to and can help out with problems your going through?Anyways, this is it for the rules. I'd like to say thank you on taking your time in reading them.There isn't much at all for now anyways... I might come up with morelater on when I have more in thought to type down. For now, let''s just have some fun and cause trouble! Okay, maybe not too much trouble! See ya!


07/05/2019 08:27 PM 


Basic InfoName: EmmaGender: FemaleNicknames: Em, Emmy, and EunRace: HumanAge: 15-18 (depending on au)Body Type: Short and fragileHeight: 5" 0Weight: NoneyaComplexion: FairHair: Long black hairEyes: Almond shaped brown eyesHandedness: RightScars: NoneRelationship Status: SinglePersonality: Childish, cute, Sarcastic, sassy, caring, protective, lovingLikes: Shawn Mendes, Kpop, dancing, rapping and drawing Dislikes: IdiotsDescriptionEmma has beautiful long black hair with bangs and she has almond shaped brown eyes. She loves to wear oversized Kpop merch (hoodies, Shirts, sweaters, etc.)


07/05/2019 08:25 PM 


Basic InfoName: AvaPlayer: MokeySeeGender: FemaleNicknames: V and VioletRace: HumanAge: 16Body Type: Short and fragileHeight: 169cmWeight: NoneyaComplexion: Fair Hair: Long black hairEyes: VioletHandedness: RightScars: NoneRelationship Status: SinglePersonality: Sassy, sarcastic, kind, childish, caringLikes: Music, be lazy, dancing and rappingDislikes: Idiots.DescriptionAva has long black hair that goes to her mid-back with violet eyes and she wears an oversized lavender sweater with leggings and cute boots.


07/05/2019 08:25 PM 


Name: Li MingFangGender: FemaleAge: 12-16Tribe: waterFriends: Katara, Sokka, Aang, Toph, and ZukoAppearance: tan with long black hair and almond shaped blue eyesBio: MingFang is the daughter of Amano Sakura and Li Fang who are Chinese and Japanese fugitives. At a young age she met Katara, Sokka, and Zuko, Zuko didn't like her at first, however the more time he sneakily spent more time with her the bigger his crush on her got until Zuko's sister Azula found out and Zuko was forbidden to see her again but before he left he gave her a necklace with the Chinese character for 'Love' vowing he would come back to her one day. MingFang discovered Aang before Sokka and Katara did. Not knowing who or what was in the iceberg she went and got them, Sokka broke the iceberg and thats how she met Aang. While travelling she met the sharp tongued and witty Toph who she become friends with immediately.Bender or non bender: BenderTalents: Dancing, rapping, Drawing/Painting, and healingAbilities: water bending and hand-to-hand combatFighting style: Mix between Karate, Taekwondo, and water bendingLikes: Zuko, Animals, Friends, and FamilyDislikes: Azula, Bullies and spicy foodPersonality: kind, sassy, sarcastic, caring, protective, loving, clingy, and wittySiblings: two, Min and QuoParents: Amano Sakura and Li FengParents Background: Sakura is half Fire Nation and half Air Nomad. Feng is completely Water Tribe. So MingFang is ⅓ Water Tribe, ⅓ Fire Nation, and ⅓ Air Nomad.Nicknames: Ming, MinMin, MingMing, Fang and FangFangCrush: Zuko


06/13/2019 05:03 PM 


~General~• Name: Saya Hiramastu• Age: 23• Species: Vampire Wolfblood hybrid but acts human• Body Type: fragile• Gender: female• Sexuality: straightCrush/friend: Ten Nishimura


06/13/2019 04:32 PM 

Mia K.

~General~• Name: Mia Kim • Nickname(s): Mi, Em• Age: 12-13 shes two months younger than Ciel• Species: Vampire Wolfblood goddess hybrid but acts human• Body Type: fragile• Rank (if needed): between noble and commoner• Gender: female• Sexuality: straightCrush/friend: Ciel Phantomhive~General~• Name: Mia Kim • Nickname(s): Mi, Em• Age: 12-13 shes two months younger than Ciel• Species: Vampire Wolfblood goddess hybrid but acts human• Body Type: fragile• Rank (if needed): between noble and commoner• Gender: female• Sexuality: straightCrush/friend: Ciel Phantomhive


06/13/2019 04:26 PM 


《>Quote<》Shut up dippy《>Basic info<》(These are all self explanatory)Name: Mia BangAge: 16 (depending on SKZ au)Gender: femaleSexuality: straight《>Appearance<》(This is just a quick list of things you can recognise a character with)Hair color: .dark brownHair style: long with bangsEye color: brownHeight: 4" 9Weight: 90lbsRace: Australian《>Personality<》Mia is very clumsy and often has to depend on her older brother Chris (aka Chan the dorky leader of Stray Kids). She is very loving and it is hard to make her snap. She does have a short temper, she is protective of her friends and family and she loves music. She hates homophobs, bullies and her abusive ex that only Chris and a few friends know of. She likes a member of SKZ (obviously NOT Chris because shes his sister). She also has dark humor. She is a black belt in Karate and Taekwondoe. She is very thankful to her brother for taking care of her, laughing with her, crying with her, protecting her, being there for her in dark times and not kicking her out when he found out that shes a wiccan/witch.《>Social<》She has 1 big brother (Chris), a few close friends and a black cat


06/13/2019 04:17 PM 


Full Name: Chen LilingNickname: Lilly, Gender: female Sexuality: straightBirthday: 1/10/2000Age Range: shes 19Place of Birth: Daegu, South Korea=•=•Appearance•Orignal Hair Color: blackCurrent Hair Color(s): blackHair Length: longEye Color: bluePeircings: noneTattoos: noneSkin Tone: fairHeight: 5" 0Weight: 92lbs.Body Type: fragile=•=•This or That•Hard Candy or Chocolate?ChocolateAngry or Calm?CalmChocolate or Vanilla?VanillaEmo, Preppy or Neither?NeitherLoner or Clingy?ClingyLove or Lust?Love=•=She is the new transfer student at mingdeHer Korean name is Li-SungShe is in Ye-Eun's place in Lilac in the Meteor Garden rp so she is a main rapper, Main dancer and is a vocalistShe majors in music like Huaze Lei


06/13/2019 04:14 PM 


Name: Emily SmithNicknames: Em, EmyGender: FemaleAge: 16Birth Date: 1/10/2002Birth Place: Lancaster OhioCurrently Living In: LancasterSpecies: vampire Ethnicity / Race: Korean-AmericanReligion / Beliefs: WiccaAstrology Sign: CapricornFamilyShe is an only Child!


06/13/2019 04:13 PM 


Name: Li Zhi RuoNickname/s: Ruo, Zhi, Age: 14 (in Asia) 12 (in America)Date of Birth:08/29/2006Species: witch/wiccan and vampireHeight: 163cmWeight: 90lbsGender: femalePronouns: she, herSexuality: straightRelationship status: singleOccupation: studentCurrent location/from: China Voice: BeautifulPersonality: protective, motherly, kind, short tempered, caring, sarcastic, music loving and kinda childishLikes: Mingriu, music, anime, friends, animalsDislikes: her bullies except Mingrui, her ex, enemies


06/13/2019 04:10 PM 


Name: Myung Eun-MiNicknames: Mi , EunGender: FemaleAge: 16Birth Date: 2/21/2002Birth Place: Seoul, South KoreaCurrently Living In: Seoul, South KoreaSpecies: HumanEthnicity / Race: KoreanReligion / Beliefs: WiccaAstrology Sign: PiscesFamilyTwin sister: Myung Eun-Ji


06/13/2019 04:09 PM 


Name: Myung Eun-JiNickname/s: Ji, EunjAge: 16Date of Birth: 2/21/2002Species: humanHeight: 149cmWeight: 93lbsGender: femalePronouns: she/herSexuality: straightRelationship status: singleOccupation: studentCurrent location/from: Seoul, South KoreaVoice: beautifulPersonality: TomboyLikes: noneyaDislikes: ex and bullies


06/13/2019 04:07 PM 


Full Name: Woo Mi-SunNickname: SuSu Mi-SuGender: female Sexuality: straightBirthday: 10/11/2002Age Range: shes 16Place of Birth: Daegu, South Korea=•=•Appearance•Orignal Hair Color: whiteCurrent Hair Color(s): whiteHair Length: longEye Color: redPeircings: noneTattoos: noneSkin Tone: fairHeight: 4" 11Weight: 92lbs.Body Type: fragile=•=•This or That•Hard Candy or Chocolate?ChocolateAngry or Calm?CalmChocolate or Vanilla?VanillaEmo, Preppy or Neither?NeitherLoner or Clingy?ClingyLove or Lust?Love=•=

Kizu Susumu

05/06/2019 01:31 PM 

Looking for people to fill in the roles of Oc bandmates

yo. Seeking to find people up for filling out the roles of my eventually gunna turn into demons, band mates!Secondary Vocalist: Reddish- do whatever you want when you make him, just remember, old school VK fanboy to the extreme for all of them!LG: DamageRG: Sora to ItoBass: Mushi Drums: Masquerade

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