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Endless♥Stories [MC-Under Con.]

10/22/2014 01:43 PM 

Lee Soohyuk

Name: Lee SoohyukAge: 26Height: 184 cmWeight: 61 kgBloodtype: ABOrientation: StraightStatus: SingleProfession: Model and actorBackground: Soohyuk looks normal, works hard and is funny and easygoing, just lik a comedian. The good-looking outstanding man has reached a lot through his short life, just by working his ass off and keeping his funny personality. He is cool, not worrying about tomorrow, neither about yesterday, because his life is too short to do so. Everyone who meets him thinks he is free from any worries. Among his male and female coworkers he is quite popular, since he is really caring about everyone. Still, everyone has a secret. Soohyuk is suffering since his birth under mucoviscidosis. A genetic illness, which affects his lungs. It's a long-term issue, which includes difficulties to breath and harsh coughing. It is not as harsh as some other people has it, still it sometimes really pushes himself back and hinder him to work as he wants to. Covering up his health condition, he keeps on smoking, drinking and skipping the doctor checkups. Even though his management tries its best to protect Soohyuk, the young man is not considerate about it. He knows he will die earlier than others will; his life span is shorter than the most, so he decided early to enjoy the life by the fullest and come over difficulties of life with a bright grin and some irony. He has no idea, why he was chosen to have this illness, but it is his decision to make the best out of it.

Endless♥Stories [MC-Under Con.]

10/22/2014 01:41 PM 

Lee Gikwang

 Name: Lee GikwangAge: 28Height:174Weight:62Bloodtype: AOrientation: StraightStatus: TakenProfession: Singer, Member of the group HighlightBackground: This guy with his wavy hair and this lovely face will always make you smile. He is full of a funny attitude and love to make jokes and overdo things. His pretty smile bring all girls to die and his dance moves also. He was a member of B2ST and now came back as Highlight. After they left their origin company, they had to change their names. They decided to never give up, even in such difficult times. As for him, he knows who he is but still he is kind of down to earth. He never would refuse anyone who asked for an autograph or a picture. He once has told himself, he is an ordinary human. Even as an Idol, he was not better than anybody. He should treat the people around him with the same respect as he wanted to be treated.Still, in those times of changes he realizes that something is missing. He has money, respect, friends, he should be satisfied but their is something missing and that hole seems to grow each day.Love Story [u.c.]:Sometimes you have to wait for the one and only, to finally notice you.

Endless♥Stories [MC-Under Con.]

10/22/2014 01:40 PM 

Lee Jun

Jun Name: Lee JunAge: 25Profession: head chefStatus:Taken by the most beautiful princess of GinzaOrientation: StraightHeight: 180 cmWeight: 63KgBloodtype: B "My real passion is... to cook, together with music, but psst never tell my Mom!!" Background: You think, cooking cannot be a passion? Women are the true masters of cooking? Don’t let yourself fool by Lee Jun, a chef cook from Seoul, specialized on Korean traditional food. After a long and harsh way of training he can call himself a successful cook at the wonderful restaurant Tosokchon Samgyetang. As one of the last chefs, which prefer to cook naturally, without any flavor enhancer, he belongs to the last one of his species. He sees cooking and food as some kind of art and it has to be treated kind and with love. So is his nature, kind, gentle and funny. He is an easy going personality and turns down arrogant people. Even if some see him as popular or even famous, he is humble and don’t push himself into the front, to get attention. All he want to do is cooking and enjoying his life.

Endless♥Stories [MC-Under Con.]

10/22/2014 01:38 PM 

Jang Geun Suk

J. G.S Name: Jang Geun SukAge: 27Profession: Singer, actor, commercial faceHeight:182 cmWeight: 63 kiloStatus: Taken by Ms. Lee Ji EunOrientation: StraightBlood Type: A The one and only Background: When he leaves the house, all girls starts to scream. The best earning korean person, the one with the biggest house, with the biggest amount of fans all over the world and the most brilliant smile. Through his way of work everyone fell for him. Geun Suk is the one who had luck, after a lot unluck. Even his history didn

Endless♥Stories [MC-Under Con.]

10/22/2014 01:37 PM 

Ok Taecyeon

Real Name: Ok Taec YeonCurrent Age: 28Occupation: runs a clubHometown: Streets of SeoulBloodtype: AHeight: 1,81Weight: 67Status: SingleOrientation: StraightNote!: +18 roleplay Background:  If Gangnam, if Ginza, if Madrid or New York, partying is the one thing Taecyeon was always good at. Coming from a rich family, he had an easy going life, no rules, no borders, no problems. Money and wealth was the answer to everything. He grew up as a kid with everything he ever wanted. Nothing harmed him, his parents handled him like he was a crystal, since he was the only born kid in their family. It seemed as the family had misfortune with bearing children. The young man was allowed to do whatever he wanted and for sure he lived his free live until he graduated from high school. Not attending university, he decided to open up several clubs in Seoul and living his dream. People always say, make your passion your job and he really did. As one of the most successful person in his business, he owned respect and reputation. As for a person, he developed into a playboy, but also a serious business man. He doesn’t see any need in settling down, since he is busy anyway and is mostly interested into his business and some hot and wild one night stands. His parents started to nag on him about settling down, but a free will as him, never would listen to such things. He loves to party and drink, a woman forever is nothing he needs. Also his temper and anger scare people away, it seems as he is an uncontrollable beast.

Endless♥Stories [MC-Under Con.]

10/22/2014 01:35 PM 

Kim Jaejoong

Age:26 Occupation: young CEO of a Software and Computer company Bloodtype: 0 Height: 180 cmWeight: 63 kgOrientation: StraightStatus: Single "There is nothing what is able to attache me" Background: Jaejoong was born in wealth and will die in wealth. Since his first days he learned everything about the business life of his father and he also had been his teacher over the years. The young, good looking guy, which smirks just in a few moments is totally smitten by his work. He loves it and he puts his whole heart in it. When his father had decided to left the company over to him Jaejoong's big dream became come true. Since 20 he was leading the most parts of the software development division. With his full heart he created new, helpful and also suggestive software to secure an easy handling of his programs. No matter how merging he is through his work he still has to overcome some stones in his life. His father still owns a small little part in the company and that's the heart of it and this will stay as it is as long as he won't marry someone his parents would pick. Until today he is refusing everyone but he knows one day the old man will assert his will. Even if the family is wealthy they are also frumpy in some ways. Jaejoong knows the poor girl who will marry him would suffer a lot, due to the fact he wasn't able to be loving and fondly like the most women expect him to be and actually he also doesn't care because he never found the right one, neither his father did and so the most ran away by their own will. Look is not always the only thing what matters.

Endless♥Stories [MC-Under Con.]

10/22/2014 01:34 PM 

Hongseo Kim

Age: 28 Status: single Orientation: Straight Occupation: CEO Height: 181cm Weight: 63 kg Starsign: Cancer    This man in his latest twenties may scare people around him. Cold eyes and an earnest facial expression. The rumors in his company say, he never smiled since his birth. Hongseo is the owner and CEO of a leading software company in South Korea and currently plans expansion to Hong Kong, to have collaborations with Huawei. As a young man, he already reached more than the most people in his age. He may come from a poor family but he made his way up to the top. As a genius prodigy, he had the luck of several scholarships and his parents pushed him always to study hard and take this opportunity. It meant the end of the poorness for them. This lifestyle turned a kid into a strict man quite soon. Barely talking, he pours everything into his work, what he has. At his company, he is known as the living devil and none of his secretaries survive longer than two weeks because he keeps pushing them to the edge.

Endless♥Stories [MC-Under Con.]

10/22/2014 01:31 PM 

Seo In Guk

 Name: Seo In GukAge: 26Profession: Actor, Singer, ModelHometown: UlsanHeight: 180 cmBloodtype: BOrientation: StraightStatus: Single Your life is too short to dream.Background: 2009 his official career started, after he won Superstar K. But all the way before, it was a hard fight to come where he now stands. Many companies had rejected Seo In, because of his look, his face and his open minded personality. He wasn’t the idol everyone wanted. He had a free dorky will. His mindset was out of the box and he asked to influence projects with his own ideas. It was a long road to go but it made him strong enough and after a few romance drama, he settled down in the Korean acting league. Towards his colleagues he is always kind and cheerful, he loves to develop things and go over the borders, what is seen as normal. People see him as a perfect person and In Gut tries his best to keep this image up. Still, it is difficult for him to handle women. To many are after him and he usually pull their confessions down, because of his “commitment phobia”. His past of being rejected in the entertainment world, left some deep scars, he is hiding with his smile. He never talked about it, because being sensitive was seen as something week. He keeps up his cheery personality to please everyone around him.

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