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04/09/2020 09:21 PM 


Place: Seoul South Korea<br>Year :2020<br><br>*Note that this isnt Omegaverse at all. All roles are attributed and credited to Anita Blake, Laura K. Hamiltons novel series.*<br><br><br>Story : MOTC (master of the city, a vampire and his clan) Rules over Seoul. This is his city, he keeps the status quo. There is no doubt about that. He is the final word in many things. But the MOTC is not one whom is known for for benevolence. But the MOTC is not the only one in the city, beneath them is the various other factions, they are as follows.<br><b>Vampires</b><br>The MOTC clan is up for debate as to what it will be called. Once the MOTC is filled they can chose the name for their Clan.<br><br>Details :;br><B>Lukoi Un Soul</b> Ulfric - The king or leader of a werewolf pack.<br> Role : Choi Seung-hyun<br> Lupa - The mate of the male leader of the werewolf pack.<br> Role : TBA<br> Skoll - The primary enforcer of the pack. The Skoll and Hati of the pack both enforce the will of the Ulfric and protect him.<br> Role : TBA<br> Hati - The secondar enforcer of the pack.<br> Role : TBA<br> Bolverk - The person who metes out punishments that the Ulfric does not feel comfortable giving.<br> Role :TBA<br> Geri - Pack's second-in-command after the Ulfric.<br> Role :TBA<br> Freki - Pack's third-in-command.<br> Role :TBA<br> Fenrir - Pack's second-in-command who has announced their intent to challenge the current Ulfric for leadership of the pack. Traditionally, the Fenrir will call the pack leader out to fight to the death.<br> Role : EMPTY <br> Freyja - Pack's Lupa who has ritually challenged the Ulfric's right to their bed and fidelity.<br> Role : TBA<br> Eros or Eranthe - Member of the pack who is designated or entrusted to teach newly infected wolves how to control their strength and beasts during sexual intercourse.<br> Role :TBA<br> Vargamor - Pack's wise woman or wise man, usually a witch or a human with psychic abilities.<br> Role :TBA<br> <br><br><b>Ranks:</b>Weak : Any number of weaks allowed.<br>Moderate: Any number allowed.<br>Weak Alpha: Any number allowed.<br>Moderate Alpha : Limited<br>Alpha : Limited<br>Strong Alpha: Severely limited<br>Born Alpha : Max three<br><b>Powers And Abilities</b>:<br> Lycanthropes have many supernatural powers, which are on par with those of vampires. Like vampires, lycanthropes grow more powerful with age, although this happens in relation to their initial power level. Low-powered lycanthropes are unlikely to ever reach the power level of a born alpha, no matter how experienced they get.<br> Superhuman Speed: All lycanthropes are extremely fast and can run faster than the human eye can see. They can equal or even outrun vampires in their speed, depending on their age.<br> Superhuman Strength: Lycanthropes' strength seems to depend on their actual size and their level of supernatural power. Their strength is on par with vampires and they are fully able to fight off and even overpower them. Their strength is lesser in their human form, though they are still far stronger than humans.<br> Accelerated Healing: Powerful lycanthropes can recover from almost any wound other than those caused by silver weapons or fire, and even very weak individuals heal a bit faster than humans. Transformation can allow a lycanthrope to regrow freshly lost limbs and critical body parts, although if the injuries are extensive or repeated they might not heal in entirety with a single transformation. Rashida is able to regenerate an entire arm, and Cherry her lost leg, and Richard Zeeman is able to recover after having his throat torn out, but it takes months for Micah's repeatedly abused nose to return to its original shape. If a lycanthrope is too weak from their injuries to transform, some very powerful individuals can force them to change shape to save their life. Modern lycanthropes cannot be turned into vampires either, but it's possible that the ancient strains didn't cancel out the option.<br> Heightened Senses: Lycanthropes have acute senses, even in human form. Richard could "smell" emotions or lies. Nathaniel could hear a person's heart beat or the blood moving in the body, even in human form.<br><br> <b>Weaknesses</b> Silver: Lycanthropes are effectively allergic to silver and feel physical pain from even skin contact. Some lycanthropes enjoy silver jewelry for this very reason. Wounds caused by silver weapons heal much more slowly than other wounds.<br> Fire: Damage caused by fire heals human-slow.<br> Silver nitrate: Burns like silver and prevents healing until removed from the wound, and even after heals slowly.<br> <B>Command Of Animals </B> <br>Lycanthropes appear to be able to command animals of their species, although this may or may not be an ability limited to more powerful individuals. For example, wererats can command rats, and Richard can quiet a yappy dog with a single look.<Br> <B>Reaction to Vampire's Call </B> <br>Lycanthropes can be "called" and commanded by a vampire with the power to call their species. Powerful lycanthropes can resist a vampire's call, or even interfere with the call. This allows them to prevent the vampire from calling other lycanthropes or animals. For example, Rafael, as the Rat King, was able to prevent Nikolaos from calling actual rats and from calling wererats against their will.<Br> Similarly, powerful shapeshifters such as Richard, are able to look vampires in the eyes without getting affected by their mental powers.<br> <B>Alpha Lycanthropes</B> <br>Some shapeshifters reach "alpha" or "master" status, a power level like that of a master vampire. Alpha shapeshifters may display some or all of the following traits:<br> Resist Transforming<br> Partially Shapeshifting. The ability of shapeshifting hands into claws, or even "cosmetic" shapeshifting - shifting bones or flesh simply to alter appearance.<br> Force Transformation. The ability to force other shapeshifters to change form, or to prevent them from doing so.<br> Share Power. Some shapeshifters, such as Richard can share their power with others by allowing them to feed on the shapeshifter's blood.<br> Heal Others. The power to heal others, by a variety of means. For example, Raina was able to heal through physical contact, usually ending in sex, but the healing could happen before intercourse. Micah can heal at least other wereleopards by licking at their wounds.<br> <Br><Br>Among there being Vampires and werewolves in the city, there is werejaguars, werehyenas, wereleopards , wererats, wereswans , werelions, and werefoxes and weretigers.  but each has there own territory and clan hierarchy, along with how each rules and functions as information can be given upon request.<br><br>Links :;br><Br><br>*If you are interested in a role, please feel free to message me directly or even my discord is available to talk to me. Im looking forward to building a story arc that entails many different clans and so many unique stories. This can become a really fun thing as i have many years experience with it. and have much i can share.<br><Br>Discord : Orphnoch__Prince#7864

Yibo (이보/一博)

03/19/2020 08:50 PM 


Please read. 1. Not Always available to respond. My job at the RL keeps me busy. 2. If you rather discuss a starter or jump right into Rp let me know. 3. Let's keep RL things separate, please. 4. I am pretty well versed. Can Rp most anything given to me. If I cannot then it will be discussed later on. 5. No instant shipping the relationship, it must grow first. Also, my chara does not cheat or flirt once in a relationship. 6. Get bored with our Rp, let me know. Don't leave me hanging. 7. Any unwanted attacks from anyone, or causing trouble for no reason but your own pleasure I will block you. I do not create drama, won't stand for it. 8. I only Rp through message. Comments are for RL. 9. Just a reminder, have fun.


03/11/2020 10:21 PM 


Listen to my story ...Deep in a ancient forest there lived a mother expect she was a lot different from the rest of her forest people instead of being fully elf she was a hybrid part elf and part earth dragon with stunning milky white skin , slender curved frame pircing bright green eyes but as time went by She was shunned for her remarkable beauty as the other forest people thought she was ugly as a goblin but something happed one day as she was was walking in the forest as She walk along the riverbed she spotted a man but out of curiosity she went and check up on by her surprise he was humen and wounded. It seem she never seen anything or anyone like him before so she mended his woundeds and stayed by the bed of the river till he awaken as he slowly awoke from his sleep he slowly opened up his eyes seeing the beautify women before him he ask her if she was the one that healed and saved him she responded to him and told him that she found him here and help him get better the man was eternal greatful to her. As dawn was setting up on the forest the man ask her if she would like for him to take her home the young women lowered her head and shook it the man ask her why ? So she sat there with him all night and explain to him and the man just kept a frown of sadness on his face as he listen but she slowly took his hand and told him not to feel sorry for her and they stayed up for days at a time after that night secretly sneaking out to see each other but not before long they fell in love with each other they spent every waking hour with each other even though she was a hybrid and he was humen , then one night after many years getting to know each other they shared a very intimate and hot night with each other him not being her first and him being her first soon down the road she found out she was with child and it was a boy they named him SORA and not to long after his birth the mother and father pass away the mothering being murdered by her own kind and the father took his boy deep into the woods to the sacred dragon of mountains and requested amd begged the dragon to take his son amd rise him as the father didn't have much time left the dragon nodded in agreement and the father smiled and told his son he loved him amd as soon aa he left the mountains he was behead so many years went on and the boy was rises by the dragon  To be forward soon 


03/06/2020 03:45 PM 


Hello there my life is quite interesting because I have been through a lot in my past til now. 

Asian Roleplay

03/02/2020 05:15 PM 

Image Hosting Websites

We've compiled a list of image hosting websites that are good for storing or finding images that can be used in Profile layouts, Messages, Comments, and the Stream. Post your suggestions below. So far these are these have been suggested:https://abload.dehttps://artstation.comhttps://cloudinary.comhttps://deviantart.comhttps://dropbox.comhttps://e-shuushuu.nethttps://fanpop.comhttps://fotki.comhttps://freeimage.hosthttps://freeimages.comhttps://funkyimg.comhttps://gifyu.comhttps://imagebam.comhttps://imageshack.com https://nickpic.hosthttps://opendrive.com


01/20/2020 09:22 PM 

Not a normal wolf!

With the uprising of BTS wolf popularity as of recently I felt the need to make this post to clear up some misconceptions on my own muse.Yes, he is indeed a wolf, but not your everyday 'Oh I can shift into a wolf' wolf.His verse is the Omegaverse.He comes from a village in Southern South Korea that is based off of primitive living. So this means no electricity, running water or any sort of outside world contact until he was around the age of sixteen when he left home. His people are indeed shifters and can shift fully as well as partially. This partial shift including claws, teeth and eye color change. As well as attitude to a degree. Senses are heightened when like this. Hoseok is an omega. Not omega as in the lower tier pack member as in normal wild wolves, but instead it defines his sexual reproduction organs as well as his place in the society of the village he was raised in.Omega have female reproductive organs.While Alpha have male reproductive organs.This is regardless of facial feature and body structure gender. Meaning Hoseok is still referred to as He/Him but still possesses female reproductive organs.This can go several different ways depending on what the Pup may present as when of age:Male alpha= Male reproduction/male body shapeMale omega= Female reproduction/male body shapeFemale alpha=Male reproduction/female body shape Female omega= Female reproduction/female body shapeIf you plan on joining the omegaverse please take these aspects into consideration when making your character and choose wisely! These things will affect how your character may be treated among the others in the verse.For the most part, Hoseok is loosely based off of the world in this fic and it's a great read!Please don't read if you don't like smut or are easily offended by unusual things.Honestly, it is a fun verse if you know what you are talking about and know how certain aspects in the world, pack hierarchy, and body mechanics work. I am open to any question you may have and am always open to new ideas from others!Not to mention, we ARE looking for the other members of BTS to join our little pack~So far we have Hoseok, Yoongi and Jimin. So please let me know if you're interested in playing with us after reading up on the fic to get an idea of how everything else works. I don't want to put too much on this post after all. Haha.Have a wonderful day!


12/20/2019 08:40 PM 

Vixen's life

Vixen has been tied up for as long as she can remember. Every time she fails to free herself she starts screaming and crying for her parents who run to her so they can comfort her but for some reason, they can't seem to set her free.

Chac Chel

12/16/2019 05:13 PM 

Darkest Queens and the Twins of Prevention

The Darkest Queens of the water don't say it much but they are related to the Twins of Prevention. However, they only show it when they drag down ships and boats with the intent to drown everyone on board leaving no survivors.


09/29/2019 10:09 PM 


It was a long day at the office sora had place his fingers on his temples and rubs them he let out a heavy sigh " how many times is a idiot going to come to me with idiotic questions?."He look his watch and sighs again it was only 2:00 pm and he had his head and shoulders up in paper work he took the first file amd started to glance though it and very carefully there was people asking him if his company could invest in there own company he kept calling people from the files begging him to invest.Sora sighs on the phone " I told mister hanjime that we can not invest in something like that special with such a sh*tty script like that one you have !! " sora was angry with the other man on the phone. You come up with a better script and I MAY! Considerate you got one week to come up with one do not disappoints me !" He slammed down the phone and got out of her chair he look out the window as he grabbed his jacket to leave work he grabbed his keys off the desk and headed out the door it was already 11:30 at night .As He was walking on the side walk he saw a park he looks over , and saw the night sky remember how him and his ex lover walk down the paved side walk though the park at night but he let out a sigh trying not remember that tragic car accident that took his ex life that night he shook his head and sighs again lighting up a cigarette as he walk down the paved path on his way home now 


09/28/2019 03:45 PM 

RULES @ guidelines

Don't all means try to control my character his emotions not his actions or I'll block you I will not hesitate to do so understood ? No godmodling I really appreciate it cause of the past problem I have had with in the past so please none of this bullsh*t Real life vs role-playing : I do manage to be on here quite some more often now days but I do have acautlly family outside this site I spend time when ever my wife gets a day off but no kids Terms of rp: I do and always will discuss setting and plotting do not EVER send a random starter to me cause I will delete it or write you a new message telling you I rather discuss every thing Catgories: far as things go in this sentence mine character is very adaptable to very modern to the most intense fantasies which a great because if your character can adapt to most setting or storylines then you will always have a open mind for more and brilliant ideas to come up though the role play OCC: well it's very rare I go out of character unleas we are discussing to rp we are going to do AU: I do intended to do AU from time to time but when doing so like to make it more enertaning make sure you dont bore me with simple replies Wrighting ability : I preferable love writing multi paragraphs they are so much fun and they always keep my interest so not give me a pity oneliner BULLSh*t cause I wont reply if you feel tired enough not to reply make sure you don't cause I dont want a sh*tty reply wait till you get more imagine to reply to me to keep me interested and the story going ©SORA


09/15/2019 09:42 PM 

Why Savannah says "Congratulations, you're all twelve!"
Current mood:  awake

Savannah is annoyed by immaturity so when people display immaturity in front of her she just looks at them and says "Congratulations, you're all twelve!"


09/12/2019 12:47 PM 

test 1q.

affiliatesPlease read the information down below. Sign them when you are done. & enjoy!content linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent linkcontent link


09/12/2019 12:31 PM 

taken names.

taken facesm playbysbenedict cumberbatchchris evanschris hemsworthchris prattjake gyllenhaaljeremy rennermark ruffalopaul ruddrobert downey jr.sebastian stantom hiddlestontom hollandm playbysbrie larsonelizabeth olsenevangeline lilygwyneth paltrowkaren gillanminka kellyrachel mcadamsscarlett johanssontessa thompsonzoe saldana


08/23/2019 07:22 PM 

I know we all hate rules but, I have just some!!

Show my rules some love once you get done reading them? I promise,they're not that much.Rule Number One: I am not, and well not claim myself as the original Yu Yeongjung from Cosmic Girls. I know there's more than one around so, why put an original around your name to claim yourself as that? I actually do not mind adding copies of myself. However, if you steal edited photos that has my name and I.D number on them, than I will remove you from my list. It's not yours to take. Unless you're in that photo with me tham, you may take it.Rule Number Two: My health in Real life isn't doing all too good right now. However, role-playing is the only thing that's keeping my mind off of how bad it is. Work is too but, they won't let me do too much till I end up having my surgery .... I hope that'll be soon. But, I thought'd I put t his out there now, if you don't see me on so many days, I'm either away or getting things done. I don't want to get into depths of what's happening. Unless I am good friends with you, or you're good friends with me.Rule Number Three; Friendship is a strong word for me. Please, if you really do want to be friends with me, please, please, don't leave with in a few weeks and say you're bored with me. I'm sorry that I have work and I know school is also coming up too for most of you.But I don't want to jump into a best friend or family role any time soon if you guys don't stick around.Rule Number Four: Going back to Rule Number Three. If my health gets worse than it is now, then I would have to remove my page. But I'll keep in touch through discord cause, who would want to get rid of someone you're really close to and can help out with problems your going through?Anyways, this is it for the rules. I'd like to say thank you on taking your time in reading them.There isn't much at all for now anyways... I might come up with morelater on when I have more in thought to type down. For now, let''s just have some fun and cause trouble! Okay, maybe not too much trouble! See ya!


07/05/2019 08:27 PM 


Basic InfoName: EmmaGender: FemaleNicknames: Em, Emmy, and EunRace: HumanAge: 15-18 (depending on au)Body Type: Short and fragileHeight: 5" 0Weight: NoneyaComplexion: FairHair: Long black hairEyes: Almond shaped brown eyesHandedness: RightScars: NoneRelationship Status: SinglePersonality: Childish, cute, Sarcastic, sassy, caring, protective, lovingLikes: Shawn Mendes, Kpop, dancing, rapping and drawing Dislikes: IdiotsDescriptionEmma has beautiful long black hair with bangs and she has almond shaped brown eyes. She loves to wear oversized Kpop merch (hoodies, Shirts, sweaters, etc.)

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