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тнe вlυe eyed ѕpιrιт

10/26/2018 11:33 PM 

Just some need to know points!

[///]~ I normally write multi-para style! ~ This is a supernatural, AU, OC. If you are mainly Idol or something; you might not fit well in interactions with my character!~ I hardly para but if its all you can do, and you can give detail and something I can reply with its all groovy, no presser. Its when you don't give it a try and send something bland that we'll probably have issue. ~ NO ONE-LINERS. EW, No please don't do that! Be creative, let you're mind expand. ~ I normally use gifs in my comments, or one through message; I think it helps set the mood within an rp. Don't feel like you need to do the same, but if you like by all means go for it!~Also in comments, I will define inter monologues with text colors. Dark red normally is used to show Darou's dark side. Through messages I'll just use  apostrophes.~ Discord. Discord can be used for small rp or discussion.~ Do not rush your reply, and do not rush me. Life is a thing, and this here, this, is a hobby.~ Have fun!  

Pumpkin Patch

10/11/2018 11:26 PM 

List of Taken Characters

The Nightmare Before ChristmasJack Skellington= Pumpkin KingSally= Ragdoll {Genderbent}Oogie Boogie= Jimin


10/04/2018 04:35 PM 

✘ Information

T i m e  i s  a n  i l l u s i o n,  b u t  n o t  o u r  s t o r i e s…NAME:  Kwon HaneulAGE:   25 / 1362SPECIES: Blood CursedOCCUPATION: Owner of Hidden City Cafe.YEAR OF ARRIVAL: 1902.Haneul’s life started with a wagon. His parents had mules, three to be exact, and as such they were the rulers of their small village because they could leave if they so chose. He learned to control the mules when they were attached to a wagon at seven years old, his father beside him, as they rode down the dirt path to the village market. His whole life revolved around moving that wagon but he found his happiness in picking out the foods; smelling the tomatoes, picking the ripest apple. He was not supposed to be in the kitchens but he would often sneak in beside his mother to watch her as she created flavorful soups from flames and a dark pot. By the time he was sixteen, he was well versed in the ways of their village. They lived beneath a mountain, so they were blessed with the luxury of rain and less snow than those who lived up hill. It was a simple life. One that he knew well. Even when his father died, Haneul did not feel a sense of gravity. He knew what he had to do and he did it; but now he could also work in the kitchen. Becoming the boss meant no one could question his decisions, or else risk his wrath. The town prospered under his control. For ten full years he reigned as a psuedo-king, and he enjoyed his work. He was a natural leader. Although quiet and reserved, he listened well and understood. He could see the way the town needed to move, or if the rains were too much how they could harvest crops a little further up the mountain. The plague was out of his control but it ravaged the town, leaving the people fearful for the fate of the town. When he caught the  plague, Haneul panicked. He had never felt such an intense fear grip his bones and turn his stomach inside out. He thought he was going to die tucked into his bed, comforted by one of his wives, when he heard the voices.They sounded like angels but later he would considered them demons. Although they did what they thought was best, Haneul would never understand the first year of his newly cursed life. He rose, panting, huffing, thirsting. His bones ached for something that he could not quite put his finger on. There were others, too. Three, to be exact. But he was too focused on the thirst to do anything about helping those people, or even recognizing them. His eyes, burning from the pain of the unquenchable thirst, searched for the thing that might save him from this damnation. He found it in the throat of a woman, the first one he killed. Sometimes, Haneul still mourns her. He remembers her face, because as he feasted for the first time, not knowing what he had become or why he had become this way, he realized what he was doing was wrong. For ten years, he became acquainted with his fellow cursed and they burned the town to the ground. Even his own precious gem, was lost to their thirst. Then came the imprisonment. Of course, during his time there Haneul assumed the emotions of hatred; resentment. He was not kept alive on hope but by anger. First they changed him, then they imprisoned him as if he were their slave, and then they expected him to learn. To change. To grow. Haneul did not want to learn or change. He wanted to destroy. He wanted to tear down the world and throw it as far away from him as possible. In those years, for so somany years, he found himself thirsty for revenge. The other three looked to him, for some reason, and he allowed himself to become leader. Maybe his anger was what they latched on to, but, either way, they followed him and his ideals.They were freed by a traveler and Haneul was thankful, so he changed him. On their hunt for the ones that had imprisoned them, Haneul changed many other humans. Before he realized what he as doing, he had built himself an arm army, one that he was in command of. They hunted for years, about twenty men and women, looking for revenge on the ones that Haneul claimed could change them all back. Save them. Give them new life. He never found them and after years of searching, of scouring Europe and Asia, Haneul gave up. They were not really what he was upset about anyways. No; he realized that much too late.It wasn’t until about the 1800s that Haneul recognized he could not be angry any more. There was too much in the world for him to discover; to explore. Being angry would not change his situation, and although they were not thinking about changing more people, it happened. One was uncontrollable in the beginning, and suddenly there were ten new vampires as they began to be called. The years passed and finally Haneul decided to move back to South Korea. The New World had just been formed, and although wars ravaged the country, he thought that it would be rather nice for all of them to have a new start. Haneul bought a restaurant in Seoul and began cooking again, but this time with a wide arrange of foods that he would never have been able to fathom back on the British Isles, all those years ago. He loved his restaurant, too, and finally found pleasure in something that he had not had in a long time.He owns his own cafe that brings smiles to the faces of his customers, and that is enough for him. For now. His blood lust has died, but that does not mean that he does not remember the past. He has forgiven.But Haneul will never forget what has passed, and since he is immortal, he has a long time to think about it. t e l l  m e,  a r e  w e  a  p r o d u c t  o f  w h o  w e  u s e d  t o  b e?positiveImaginative: Even before he was turned, Haneul spent his life trying to explore the world. He was one of the few people in his small town who wanted to weave together words into those crazy things called stories. He figured out how to use strawberries to stain bread a deep red. He now shows his imagination in food, sweets, really, but he’s always trying to discover; to develop new ideas. Honest: He found himself often knowing just what to say and how to say it but Haneul has also learned never to lie. He’s truthful to himself and truthful to others and he stands by that motto. Haneul does not think he can be a good leader without honesty and so, no matter the hardship, he will speak the truth. Sensitive: Although many believe sensitivity is a horrible trait, it has served Haneul well over the years. He knows pain. He can spot even the smallest bit of grief now, even if it is woven gracefully into a smile. negativeRegretful: Haneul’s past is not behind him. He finds constant agony in remembering the things that he has done; constant doubt at how he has supported others in his life. He hates it but he regrets what he had become, even if it was only for a little while.Reserved: Breaking down the shell of a broken down man is a difficult thing to do. Haneul clings to his walls because they are the last things still standing. Unless spoken to or unless he has to, he does not open up much.Cynical: Haneu; does not see the world in a positive light. He knows what it has done to him and he knows what it will do to others. He’s not necessarily a debbie downer, but people do see him being grumpy.


09/24/2018 04:34 PM 

My past lives
Current mood:  accomplished

Here I post all the names of my past lives. Some of them I remember others are but blank or missing pieces from my mind.Very first life: Name: Princess Lilith Serne AvanteBelow are my immediate family:Mother: Lillith of Nod/EdenFather: Lord Ardrid Avante (Lucifer's brother, left hand and High General. Also known as Death and Incubus Demon)Brothers: Mordrid Avante and Corvin AvanteHalf Sister: Jezza Belle (Mother, Lillith and Father is Cain)Uncle: Lucifer (But then again all angels would be my family)Cousin: Raven Nevermore (Her Father and my Uncle is Samael. She is a Nephilim for her Mother is human)Cousin: The Antichrist (Have yet to find out what his name is)I also classify the Grim Reaper as my Uncle. I've always called him Uncle Grim.Below are other names from my past lives, I am not certian in which order they should go tho.Name: Lady Isabolle TannisHusband: Lord Thadius James Tannis (Was called Thor)I was married to Thor until Vladimir Tepes came along. Most of you call him Dracula. After I met Vlad, at a big Ball he threw, we fell in love and he sort of stole me away from Thor. We got married and my name was changed to Isabella Tepes. Vlad referred to me as His Bella. In fact, the blood ring he wears, the blood within is mine. It is his way of finding me in every lifetime. (Which, he has yet to find me in this lifetime I might add. Slow poke Vlad! Hehe.)Name: Princess Krystellena Adrianna OuspenskayaFather:Michael OuspenskayaMother: Not known to meName:Princess Gabriella CaesarBrothers: Marcos Caesar and Glacious CaesarMy brothers and I were sold off by an Uncle who wanted the Kingdom for himself after our parents died. My brothers as Gladiators and me as a slave to Gladiators. My brothers were two of the best Gladiators and even became best of friends with Marcus Aurelius who gave them their freedom along with mine.Name: Lady Angel CainHusband: Lord Victor CainIn this lifetime, Lord Victor Cain had 3 wives. I started off as a slave girl to one of his wives. Victor and I fell in love and he turned me into a vampire and we got married. Our lives seemed so perfect until the wife I was a slave to got enraged with jealousy and decided to slice Victor's throat wide open and killed him as he slept. I ran away to escape the same fate.Our friends/mentors were: Lord Arimond Devarius and Lady Arianna Devarius

Vampire, Succubus, Demon,life


07/18/2018 04:57 PM 

A Visit from Rose

Tsunehito stood at the top of the stairs frozen as he heard the resounding knock on the the door. It had been so long since anyone visited him here and he wasn't expecting anyone. After but a moment he continued his descent reaching the last step as the knocking repeated. He hadn't retained the servants after the rest of his adoptive family left him since he didn't feel it was necessary to have servants just for himself. The mansion did require a lot of care but he figured it kept him busy.Crossing to the door he hesitantly reached for the handle pulling the door open to reveal a tall regal lady dressed in fine designer clothes. She was inspecting the woodwork on the side of the doorway. "Excuse me, may I help you?" He asked her studying her. Something about her was familiar but he couldn't quite put a finger on what it was.The lady's gaze turned falling on the redheaded faerie and on seeing him a smile graced her features. "There you are, how I've missed you." She entered embracing him immediately."Uhh... you are..." He asked awkwardly hugging the lady not having the faintest idea who she was."No doubt you don't recognize me." She stated pulling away from him and straightening her suit then looking in his eyes. "How do you like my new digs?" She asked him.Tsunehito looked at her long and hard studying her eyes. "Rose?" He asked after a long while. His brain worked a mile a minute trying to process what was happening. He'd received a letter from Rose apprising him of the situation but this only drove the point home. "This means..." He paused tears filling his eyes. Why? Why was it that he was crying for him again after everything?"That means I was ripped from his body leaving him near death. As you know I was all that kept him alive. He didn't last long after that." She watched the faerie curiously. His way of thinking and reactions were always interesting to her even when she took over her former hosts body."I know your letter said... but your prescience makes it real. I wonder though, why have you come?" He asked curious as it had been years since their parting. He couldn't help but wonder if she wanted something from him or she wouldn't be here now.  She walked into the sitting room brazenly then sat on the settee there looking back at him. "Oh my where are your manners dear?" She asked teasing a little now that she was free she didn't share his former intended's love for him. All that remained was the friendship they'd forged.   ~To be continuned


06/17/2018 12:47 PM 

[ 🍒 ] AU'S KTY,,

FAIRY!AU //Basics;name: kim taeyeonage: 29/30DOB: 03/09/1989 hometown: forests of jeonju / jeonjutype/class: nature faeheight: 5'2" fae characteristics;age: unknown, hundreds of years oldheight: spriteclass: nature faecolors: pastels ( mostly green, yellow, and brown )abilities: anything nature related. she can give life back but cannot take life ( i.e; she can make a dead flower come to life but she cannot kill the flower in the first place ), agility and extreme empathy to that of humans and nature alike.background simplified;fae!taeyeon can be found in the forest during times of sprite. this is when she is not doing her human job of that as an idol. her nickname among her fans is that she's a " fairy " and little do they know--- fairies are very ethereal beings and so even in their human forms they take on an almost ethereal / fairy like appearance hence nicknames. she has a grace and childlikeness of fairies and she is very happy go lucky. she loves plants and nature in general ( to be a given ) - her human home is filled with different types of plants because she thrives off of that. if she is not around nature she can weaken. ( and by weakening she can flit in and out of sprite form which isn't good - fully, she can control which form she's in and for how long ). in sprite form she wears a crop top and shorts that are embroidered with flowers and her wings are a translucent yellow that shimmer in the sun. her wings can be shown in her human form if she wills it to be. she cannot flit/fly in human form only sprite form. she does not have parents - fae are not born the same way as humans. they are grown from wherever they from ( i.e; she is from leaves. ) she emits a natural scent of nature. not musky, but floral to a point. it's very soft and not strong at all. in sprite form, her eyes shimmer with glitter. she does, in fact, live in a mushroom in sprite form. Hey stereotypes come from somewhere huh! she is very loving and caring and loves helping humans. she finds them fascinating - hence why she is mostly in her human form and became an idol to interact with as many humans as she can. her voice is a gift from the gods, hence why it is so popular. ;) a/n: any other information you can just message me!! i didn't write a full biography as there doesn't need to be one ~BARSINGER!AU // *TRIGGER WARNINGS ( abuse, substance abuse (( alcohol )) , etc *Basics;name: kim taeyeonage: 29/30DOB: 03/09/1989 hometown: seoul, south koreaheight: 5'2" weight: 108lbshair color; blondeeye color; hazelstyle; vintage inspiredbackground simplified;born in seoul, taeyeon was a normal child but with eccentric interests. with heavy interest in the crime and forensics world, her whole entire childhood she aspired to be a homicide detective. and she kept this aspiration up until her third year of college. during her freshman year, she met a man who she ended up dating. this relationship was abusive and toxic. and in her junior year, she landed in the hospital and with this incident ended up selectively mute. with this, her whole entire life changed and she now has no defined major. she has a studio apartment and works at a bar as a singer ( the most you'll ever hear her voice ) and skating through life.a/n: any other information you can just message me!! i didn't write a full biography as there doesn't need to be one ~ please keep in mind that this plot is on the darker side. if you are not comfortable with it you can choose my default verse or fairy!au. 


06/17/2018 12:27 PM 

[ 🍒 ] notes, disclaimers, etc.

hello! i have brought taeyeon back after about almost a year of being away from this site.i have been writing taeyeon on twitter and tumblr. ( though not currently on tumblr because i am way busy as a cosmetology student ) and was away from this site for reasons.but i'd like to take the time to clear a few things so that you can come to a conclusion whether or not you'd like to write with me.first off, i am very serious about my portrayal and writing taeyeon. not only have i been a fan of her ( and soshi ) for 9 years, i have had her as a muse for going on three, and she has developed and has been revamped for  a lot of reasons.secondly, i do para and i do novella as well as action and simple chit chat rp, too. au threads are always accepted, please don't be afraid to approach me for plotting. keep in mind all interactions are IC unless otherwise stated. if you talk to me OOC without making it known it's OOC i'll assume you're IC, please keep that in mind.thirdly, all her feelings and things that have happened on both Twitter & on her Tumblr will be portrayed here, also. i like consistency and that will be shown.i'm sorry if this seems like a lot. but one reason i left this site was becausei had a problem with a lot of things regarding writing and things of that naturewith the people here. . . but, i like giving things a second chance and this is it.please do not godmod , do not force your muse on taeyeon, if you make either i or my muse uncomfortable: i will delete and possibly block you. i do not condone drama of any kind unless it's written out drama that we have talked about beforehand extensively. i am not afraid to delete people for any reason i see fit.i do not write with anyone under 18. i am 22+ and that bothers me because sometimes teenagers are not aware that some things are not acceptable and saying it is between " two adult characters " does not matter to the law. as the adult, i hold responsibility and i take that seriously. i'm a very down to earth person as is taeyeon and so please don't be afraid to approach any of us. i write with all muses of any kind! taeyeon has a spn AU that i will have a blog post for so that you can read up on it. her default verse is that of girls generations taeyeon so everything real life kim taeyeon does is mirrored here by default. ( this is music, IG posts, etc. ) please keep that in mind!! you will be made aware of AU taeyeon is speaking!! if you've read this far thank you so much and i hope it doesn't deter you from interacting with me! there's other blog posts for more detailed character information!


06/17/2018 11:25 PM 

She will always love

A beautiful queen served her people and was loved by all. She had a very handsome husband and had a beautiful daughter. She was respected by all the lands for the kindness she gave. Her heart was purer than no other. She gave it her all and did what she could for her kind, but she did not know that her sibling from the other lands had a grudge against her because of all her success.One day, the family took a stroll in woods and came across a small child sleeping in a basket by a tree. Unknowingly the child belonged to that kingdom and that child was her sibling’s. The child was alone and there were no one around. So, they did what only good parents should do; they took the child with them, raised her as their own and gave her all the love they could give her.Their daughter as well loved and protected her as if they were sisters. Although they weren't aware of the darkness in her heart and how easily tainted that could be. No matter how much love was given, that wasn't enough to keep her heart pure. How can you keep the darkness from a heart that was already touched by it?One afternoon the two girls played in the garden with the beautiful creatures that are known as Pegasus; in her world, they are known as something else. The two danced around and they followed them with much glee. The two young fairies were happy, free-spirited and could not be separated. Well, at least they believed they couldn’t be.Moving forward the two girls stood at a distance. One bright and colorful with her sparkling eyes staring into blue orbs. The other one being not too bright and colorful, but there was sadness in her eyes. “You do not have to do this,” the colorful one spoke, curling her hands into a fist and her sparkling eyes changed from bright to almost completely dark. “You’re my family – I love you,” a laugh escaped from the other’s mouth. Her head shaken from disbelief, humming around her dear ‘sister’ in circles.“Love me?” she questioned in a harsh voice as she walked to the other female. Taking her hand, she reached for her colorful hair in her fingertips. “You make me sick,” she whispered, curling her fingers on her hair then gripped it down as she pulled the colorful fairy towards her with force. The colorful gasped from the force with her colorful wings spread out behind her, fluttering fast. The grip was not let loose. Although, the colorful one did not fight back as she struggled to get her hair out of the female’s hand.“You make me cringe at the sight of you, Jade,” the dark-haired female kept her voice low, pulling on the hair, even more, to force Jade to look up to her. “You’re the one who abandoned me! Do not spill those lies on me!” she hit her with force causing Jade to fall back as her hair went loose from the other’s fingers. The hit was so forced that left a mark on her face and her nose began to bleed. Her eyes never once shifted from the other and they stared with the saddest deep blue.“Luna . . “she choked; trying to recollect herself while she stood, “I did not abandon you. I am here,” she lifted her arms up with welcoming, but the other female refused it. “I am here!” the gentle voice of her shook, trying to keep as calm as possible. “I did not leave you,” her hands began to shake; while they were being eyed by the other female. The female’s expression did not change, nor shown signs that she cared about the other. “Luna,” Jade once spoke but saying her name annoyed the female more as she walked over to her and hit her once more.Jade fell back, but she did not fight back. She stared at the female with those eyes; which annoyed her more. Suddenly, she was on her back with Luna on top of her as she hit her repeatedly with anger. “You are a liar!” she screamed, but Jade did not move a muscle to fight her back. “Liar! Liar!” she repeated, bruising Jade’s cheeks and causing blood to come out of her nose more. Jade just laid there, allowing her to harm her with her eyes staring into those angry ones. Not a noise was made, not one movement was an attempt to make her stop; she felt that she deserved it.Suddenly, it did stop as Luna sobbed to the fact that the other one was stubborn enough to not fight back. “You’re an idiot!” she yelled at her, looking down at the other female with frustration, “stupid girl!” She again hit her, but Jade kept her eyes focused and surprisingly not crying. Lifting her hands, she reached for Luna’s face which made her freeze. She cuffed her hands on her cheeks but barely touched them.“I’m sorry,” she whispered, “I am so sorry that I allowed you to go into the dark,” she added, but before anything was said the female removed herself from her body and walked away. Jade kept her hands up in the air as she stared at her fingertips. She couldn’t move off the ground because her body hurt. Why Luna won’t kill her? It was beyond her, but she had a feeling that Luna still had some good inside her. She watched her dear friend walk away from her and into the castle that was filled with fire and screams. She was out of her reach; how useless she felt. “I’m so sorry,” she forced her body to move with sparkles all around her. Standing up, she slowly made her way towards the castle being completely unaware of what she would find on the inside. This was only the beginning.


06/11/2018 08:49 PM 


Shao belongs to a long standing society of people who believe in the occult. He is a sanctioned and titled class four mage. Capable of the most intense magic, is usually used to tend to higher level threats in the city of Seoul. He tends to keep his past a secret as he carries many scars from his upbringing within the order itself .As the order seeks out those who are magically inclined and recruits them into the order at a young age. Shao has a proficiency in ancient languages and arcane spells. A rare feat for a mage to have acquired at such a early stage in his career. Given the nature of his level as a mage he is highly regarded in the magic community. But not so liked in the mythical realms so much as he is a firm believer that magic has a place in its own world and shouldn't be muddled with in the human one. He is also very sensitive to magic in a way he came feel other magic users and when magic has been used. He has also taught himself to be able to resist most magic, as this is a common practice for a mage who deals with incubus and succubus type demons on a daily basis. He does not hate any particular creature as he was raised to see the good in all things. But he will not forgive a person merely because they seem fit for it. He has seen things and understands alot more then he lets on. He doesnt like the let people know this. As it gives him a sort of edge over most situations. Magic can be fickle and he understands that all to well to be honest. He understands that people gain attachments overtime and he has had some in the past. But he feels that in this line of work its best to have like minded colleagues then someone who has not a clue as to the occult world at all. or takes it as a joke. {will be adding more soon as i write with other people and build on this }


06/05/2018 12:16 PM 

Shuri Udaku - Bio

“I’m sure you did your best… now let me do mine.” Full name: Shuri UdakuNickname(s) or Alias: The Better Sibling, O’ Knowledgeable One, Princess of Wakanda.Gender: Cis-femaleSpecies: HumanAge: 17 Birthday: February 25thSexuality: StraightNationality: WakandanReligion: She worships the Panther Goddess Bast along with her people, but she isn’t as blindly faithful as some of the more traditional Wakandans, understanding science and its role in the universe. However, in times of desperation, the girl can be seen praying to the Goddess. City or town of birth: Golden City, Wakanda.Currently lives: Shuri hops between the Palace in Wakanda and an apartment a couple blocks away from the Wakandan Outreach Center. Languages spoken: Xhosa and English. Native language: Xhosa.Relationship Status: Single, though she jokes that she’s married to her tech. ---PHYSICAL APPEARANCE---Height: 5’5”Weight: 110 lbs / 50 kgFigure/build: Shuri is very thin and small, with her legs being the longest part of her body.Hair colour: BlackHairstyle: She wears her hair in braids almost constantly, but the style of the braids varies from day to day.Eye colour: Dark brown/BlackSkin/fur/etc colour: Dark brown.Tattoos: N/A.Piercings: None.Scars/distinguishing marks: Dimples/Lines on either side of her mouth.Preferred style of clothing: Modern street style. She takes inspiration from a lot of what she sees on social media, and has become quite the trend-setter herself. She's a fan of bright colors and bold choices.Frequently worn jewellery/accessories: Kimoyo beads on her left wrist, various other bracelets and necklaces for different outfits. ---HEALTH---Smoker? Nope.Drinker? Nope.Recreational Drug User? Which? Nope.Addictions: Some people worry that she’s starting to grow one for caffeine, but she denies it time after time. Coffee’s just tasty, that’s all.Allergies: None known yet.Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: Nope.Any medication regularly taken: Nope.---PERSONALITY---Personality: Shuri is very playful and comedic, using her quick wit and fluency in sarcasm to keep people light-hearted and smiling. She loves to impress people with her intelligence and skills, sometimes coming across as over-confident, though she tries to show restrain at times. The girl has a habit of saying that she can do more than she’s capable of, wanting to prove herself and act like the adult she already thinks that she is. This causes a lot of stress for Shuri, as failure is something she’s definitely not accustomed to. Likes: Leaving people shook™ by how smart she is (see Everett Ross and Bruce Banner), making people laugh, messing with her brother, playing music in the lab, Star Wars.Dislikes: Closed-minded people, strict traditions, people nagging her.Fears/phobias: Failure, Losing the people closest to her, Death. Her mother’s pinches.Favourite colour: Orange or BlueHobbies: Dancing, watching movies, tinkering in the lab, pulling pranks. She likes singing as well, despite her sounding like a beached whale. Taste in music: I’m NOT complete and utter trash, so I totally DIDN’T make a playlist of bops that Shuri listens to. Nope, not mine. At all. (( Shuri is gifted with technology, and is able to create a variety of gadgets and weapons for both her brother and her country. She is a decent fighter, but is nowhere as skilled as T’Challa is, as her short and small stature is quite the disadvantage. She also claims to be the most-followed person in all of Wakanda, and boasts about her follower count quite often. Ability to drive a car? Operate any other vehicles? Shuri can drive a car (really well, I might add), and she’s been trying to teach herself how to pilot one of the planes.---EATING HABITS---Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore (Vegetarian): OmnivoreFavourite food(s): Chinese take-out or traditional food that her family would eat for special occasions.Favourite drink(s): Coffee - preferably from Starbucks (Oakland has spoiled her), lemonade, milkshakes.Disliked food(s): Twinkies, anything with coconut, pineapples on pizza (she hasn’t actually tried it, but… shh.)Disliked drink(s): Tomato juice, mountain dew, espresso.---HOUSE AND HOME---Describe the character's house/home: Shuri moves back and forth between the palace in Wakanda and an apartment in Oakland, California. Do they share their home with anyone? Who? She shared the palace with her mother and T’Challa, and she shares the Oakland apartment with Nakia, allowing them to be close to the Outreach Center.Significant/special belongings: Her kimoyo beads, copies of the old movies that her father used to watch. CAREERLevel of education: Shuri was able to skip through the Wakandan education system with ease, and is considered as one of the smartest that the country has seen in a long while. Qualifications: Head of Wakanda’s Science Division.Current job title and description: Head of Wakandan Design Group, Head of Science and Technological Division at the Wakandan Outreach Center in Oakland.Name of employer: T’Challa/Wakandan Council---COMBAT---Peaceful or aggressive attitude? Peaceful, overall - While Shuri never wants to hurt or kill anybody, she will do so without a second thought if it means protecting someone.Fighting skills/techniques: Shuri almost always uses her gadgets in combat, knowing that she’s usually at a disadvantage when fighting without them. Special skills/magical powers/etc: Genius-Level Intellect, Master Engineer.Weapon of choice (if any): Her panther gauntlet blasters, or a Wakandan Spear.Weaknesses in combat: Her size, lack of strength.Strengths in combat: Able to think on her feet, quick and agile.---FAMILY, FRIENDS AND FOES---Parents names: T’Chaka and Ramonda UdakuAre parents alive or dead? Her mother is alive, her father was killed at a United Nations meeting in Vienna.Is the character still in contact with their parents? Her mother, yes. Siblings? Relationship with siblings? T’Challa - older brother. He’s her rock, and she doesn’t know what she’d do without him. She teases him, like most younger siblings, but in all seriousness, she’s extremely proud of him and the man he’s grown to be.Other Important Relatives: N’Jadaka/Erik “Killmonger” Stevens - Cousin, deceased. Partner/Spouse: N/A.Children: N/ABest Friend: Nakia (She’s practically a sister to Shuri at this point.)Big Brother/Best Friend For Eternity/Prank Target: T’ChallaOther Important Friends: Okoye, Steve Rogers, James BarnesAcquaintances: M’Baku, W’Kabi, Everett RossPets: None, but she’s always been jealous of people that have had them. Enemies? Why are they enemies? Erik “Killmonger” Stevens/N’Jadaka - He almost killed her brother, planning to take over her country and the world, so.. There’s that. ---BACKSTORY---Describe their childhood (newborn - age 10): Shuri spent most of her childhood looking up to the adults in her life, wanting nothing more than to belong among them. She spent most of her time in the lab with the Design Group, drawing out plans for different “inventions” in crayon whilst the technicians and scientists worked around her. Nobody had the heart to tell her that she was always in the way, so they ended up giving her her own desk in the corner so she could feel like a part of the big leagues. She was admittedly closer to her father than her mother as a child, and she often joined him in watching his old American movies. Describe their teenage years (11 - 19): As she continued to grow older, she kept getting smarter - ditching the childish blueprints and starting to tinker with things that actually worked. Her first piece of tech was a prototype that eventually became Nakia’s weapon of choice: the ring blades. She had gotten inspiration from watching both Tron and Tron: Legacy. That first invention then became several more, until she started spending every waking second in the labs. Her family decided to appoint her as head of the Design Group at age 16, though not all of the council members were happy with their decision. Shuri was ecstatic, however, and developed a newfound determination to prove herself to them. She threw her heart and soul into her work, coming up with multiple improvements to old tech within her first week.Losing her father had hit the girl particularly hard, despite her father’s constant urge to prepare both her and her brother for his passing. Shuri had known that he would die eventually, but she had expected it to be from old age and not as he was trying to push for peace. She didn’t have enough time to grieve, though, as T’Challa had returned to Wakanda with the presumed killer less than two days after. He had explained to her that he was innocent, and she believed him (she trusts T’Challa blindly, and always will), agreeing to take apart the controls that HYDRA had implanted in his brain. The thought of such a daunting task had kept her awake for an entire week as she planned her strategies. She had been very doubtful of herself, but she knew that she had to try; T’Challa had believed in her, so she needed to give him something to believe in. (Black Panther/Infinity War stuff? If this will let me edit things, I'll add it in at some point! If not, there'll be a new post!)

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A broken memory.

--Blood was splattered in the illumining room. Her eyes adjusted to the light; with her hands shaking and her eyes widen. Tears stream down her eyes with a trembling fear inside her; this had to be a nightmare. With her eyes wandering around the room for a moment it wasn’t until her eyes were on the floor where the body of her father laid. Her heart ached, her body trembled along with unwanted thoughts. Flashes began to race inside her mind; memories of a happier time. The words rang in her head; telling her that the happy world was not a happy one. That the world she loved was an illusion and she was living in a dream. What if she was? It was better than being miserable – right? Her knees clasped to the floor, being in the puddle of blood that belonged to a man that gave her the peaceful world. Her eyes stared at the lifeless hues that were staring up at the ceiling. His body began to turn blue – and there was nothing she could do. “Father,” she whispered in a whimpering voice, “father, wake up,” she tried to restore her mind, believing he was just sleeping but sadly he was not. “F-father!” she choked out, the colorful fairy’s wings slowly moved behind her back, but her body could not move a muscle. “P-please, don’t leave me,” tears kept falling down her pretty face which caused her skin to turn red. A sob was forced out from her as she exhaled, but she did not know what else to do. Would beg the spirits to awake him again?Her hair turned black and her eyes darken. While her tears as well began to turn black, her dark lips curled as she began to scream in anger. She was angry, and this was an emotion she rarely felt.  “Wake up!” she cried out as her voice echoed through the hallways. “Wake up!” she repeated herself, beating her fist against the blood below her – hitting it so hard to where her hands and arms were covered with his blood. Everything was not okay; fire filled the air outside and everything in the room was destroyed and scattered across the floor. Her lovely books to the things they loved and the plants around her began to wither and die.She could hear their screaming as well; which caused her great discomfort. She moved her hands off the floor to cover over her ears to cancel out the noise, but it was not enough. She wanted it to stop – the noise, the smell that kept creeping up in the air and the feeling inside her chest that hurt so much. “Father,” she choked out once more, sobbing onto the floor as she pressed her head against the surface and her wings spread upwards above her. “I can’t,” she gasped, “I can’t save them – I can’t bring peace again. I’m weak,” she couldn’t control herself as she began to release all the built-up feelings inside her and let it out at once. As she sobbed the room around them began to darken; shifting the shadows and swallowing up the dead plants around them. Then it began to trail its way to her father’s corpse.Lifting her head quickly she moved up to look at the shadows. Her dark eyes stared at it while the blood dripped from her fingers. Clutching her teeth, she yelled once more but this time in a protective way, “DO NOT TOUCH HIM!” The shadows went to a halt, lifting into the air in a mocking way but she was not having it.Standing at a distance her enemy chuckle at her; knowing just what was happening to the once colorful fairy. “Give in to it, Princess,” his voice reached to her, but she refused to look at him. “Give in and just accept it – your perfect world,” he laughed at her, making her body shake once more.“I am not giving you my heart,” she turned, away from her father’s corpse and her heels in a stance. “I will not give you my soul,” her eyes looked towards the male standing at a distance, “I will not give you me.”  There was power in her eyes, determination – the shadows began to creep away while light filled the air around her. As the light scared off the dark the flowers began to bloom once more – creating life once more. Although, there was one life she could not touch. “I will destroy you,” she promised, snapping her teeth with fire in her eyes, “even if it kills me."--Shoot up in a familiar bed she gasped loudly at the memory. Her eyes were tearing, and she was trembling still. What was that? That was a memory, she was sure of it. Bringing the blanket above her chest then over her head she cried to herself. “My father...” she remembered, she remembered her father dying and after that event happening she was almost consumed by the dark, but she wasn’t – why? “Jade,” a voice caught her attention, but she did not move. “Are you alright?” the familiar voice questioned her, slowly moving the blanket from her head to get a look at her. Her beautiful hair was completely blue as well as her eyes; sadness – that’s what it was. “What happened?” his voice questioned her, sitting at the edge of her bed with concern. She stared into his eyes, giving a look of fear as she curled up in a ball not wanting to talk about it. He sighed, shaking his head for a moment as he placed his hand on top of her head as he patted it. “It’ll be okay, whatever it was,” he sounded slightly disappointed to her, but when he went to leave her side she reached over and grabbed his wrist with her head lifting. “Please do not leave me,” she whispered, “I’m afraid. I do not wish to be alone.”


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Child do not be afraid/you'll find a way

It was strange; she remembered what happened, but she did not remember what happened before she passed out when hell broke loose. One moment she was lying on the ground in pain and then the next she was in a bed in a wizard’s home with him humming melodies of a childhood song of hers and telling her she was the one who could make this better. Maybe this was her mind telling her not to remember those things, but something in the pit of her stomach knew something was off about the broken memory. What was it and why did it make her heartache?“Are they alive?” she questioned, but the wizard only turned to the stack of books as he examined them slowly. She leaned on the surface of a table with her eyes fixated on him, but her mind kept wondering even more. Were they alive? Who was she asking about – it wasn’t about all those people she promised to protect; she was asking about her parents and her friends.The wizard sighed; turning his head towards her with his ocean blue eyes staring at her colorful ones that seemed to change based on her mood. Right now, her eyes were gray, as her mind kept lingering on the thought of the ones she loved were dead. Her long hair hung over her shoulders and some on her face. That as well changed colors; never once staying the same and right now it was blue because she was sad. She wore a pastel blue gown that had flowers attached to it; a gown from her home that would seem a bit odd to others that were not of her world.“You see,” he cleared his throat, rubbing his fingers against his gray beard. He was an odd person; he wore a pointy gray hat with a matching robe to go along with it. He looked like a typical wizard from a fairytale, but he was still a bit different. “I cannot tell you that,” he finally stated after a long pause between his words. She kept her eyes on him as she started to feel a bit bitter about not getting any answers.“Princess,” he sat down across from her on a stool with his elbows folded on top the surface, “there are things that you should not think too much on until you go back home. You will get answers once you do, but please remember – keep your heart in one place. If you lose your way, then you as well will be consumed by the darkness. My duty is to make sure you complete your mission and to get you home once you do,” he watched her head turn to the side in a sulking way. Her head rested on the table with her muttering under her breath. He could hear her, but he chose not to respond to her mumbling words.“You are keeping it from me because it will hurt me, right?” she wasn’t stupid or someone who couldn’t tell when someone was hiding something from her. She knew that something terrible happened and that was why she could not remember it. In her heart, she knew that something was not right. “Why me?” she questioned this often. She rose her head up from the table and sat up straight. Her eyes stared into his ocean blue hues once more with a clear determination for answers. “Why me?” she asked again, raising her body and her palms hitting the table with frustration. Her hair began to change from blue to a dark tint of pink to red. Her eyes changed as well with a pink tone to it, but she wasn’t happy – she was angry.  “All this – you are the one, but you don’t tell me why!” her voice was raised, her kind gently voice was becoming more furious.“What if I fail?” she moved away from the table, slowly as she walked in front of the wizard, “I’ve traveled to a few worlds already.” She pulled the book off the table and held it into her arms, “but I have found nothing. What was the point in going to these worlds, Aprius? I am wasting my time going to these worlds just to leave empty handed!” She took the book and rose it at him; she wasn’t going to throw it, but she was pretty close to wanting to. “This stupid book only makes me lost and confused!”“Princess Jade,” he was calm, staring at the slim fairy who nearly hovered his way. She paused, lowering the book with her eyes shifting to the side away from him. He sighed once more, and she felt this lingering annoyance in her chest. “Now that you’re calm – I may say this,” he began to speak once more, seeing that she began to move away from him and slammed the book on the table. “I’ve told you before that we do not know where the stone is located. Going to all these worlds would also prepare you for the worse.” She looked away from him, looking towards the window that had beaming light coming through the glass and on the floor. “You need to be ready,” he reminded her, “you need to be stronger.”“I dream about it,” she mumbled, catching his interest in what she was going to say, “lying on the ground and hearing the words ‘your beautiful perfect world is an illusion. I will break you from this false image of a perfect world. I will save you from this awful place’ Why is that?” she looked back to the wizard with a hopeless expression on her face. “I’ve never believed that there was no evil in our world and I certainly didn’t believe the world was perfect, but it was his voice. The one person I trusted the most telling me that he will free me from a world that didn’t need to be fixed,” her voice cracked to those words, curling her hands into a fist again; staring into those eyes once more. “Why did he betray me?” she knew, she just knew it from the start that she was betrayed but she also had this feeling in her heart that it wasn’t him – it was something else, someone else.Moving the book on the surface of the table she opened it and sighed, “I don’t understand how this even works. The book does what it wants; sometimes it’s just empty and nothing could make it show me anything. Then at random moments, it does something... like releasing a light or showing me words and images as if it’s trying to tell me something. But I don’t understand it – what is it telling me? Why it won’t just put it in fine print saying, ‘go this way’? Why am I running in circles, pondering by the time I go home that things would not be worse?” She was now rambling, wanting to vent out these words for so long, “I look like a lost child,” she added, looking towards the wizard once more.“I don’t understand what are in these worlds. I get strange looks and sometimes I put myself in danger when I am not even aware that it is dangerous. I look foolish and somehow,” she paused in her words, seeing the wizard just sitting there staring at her. She lowered her hands onto the hem of her dress, curling her fingers on it – if she was weak she would have busted into tears already, but she didn’t. “I sound foolish,” she whispered, but he shook his head as if he disagreed. “Will I ever find the way?” he did not answer; he only stood up from the stool as he took the book off the table and placed it into her hands with her palm against the surface. She stared, inquiring about what he was going to do but he did nothing – he just walked away.“You will figure it out,” he spoke before she removed her palm away from the book and the book began to open its pages to her and moved. “The more you question the things around you – the more you will learn. That my child is what we call... growing,” she was gone, away from the wizard once more but this time she stood on a shore with her feet against the sand. Her toes wiggle and the sound of the ocean was like a song to her ears. Her eyes closed with focus and the wind brushed against her soft pale skin as she inhaled in and exhaled out as she felt some stress relief. Maybe she was a strange person in these worlds, but at least she was herself. The scent of the ocean filled her lungs – when she felt the cold water raising the skin of her feet she opened her eyes once more and looked down at the book in her hands.This is what they called growing; one will question and because they are questioning things they learn by experience. That is what she was doing; these worlds were a test for her and if she can manage to go to these worlds of the unknown and make it through – she can save her kind. 

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The loud sound of a book closing caused the young fairy to jump in her seat. With her eyes open wide, turning to the source of the sound her lips curled into a pout as she shook her head. The pink and purple curls bounced over her shoulders to her movements. She wore a pretty pink sundress with pink flats. Her bright eyes stared the older male curiously as she sat at the edge of her seat, pondering what the male found in the book.“Ah,” he finally spoke, causing the female to hop to her feet and danced towards the older male, but just when she approached him he shook his head as if he gave her false hope. “I don’t know,” he commented, causing the young female’s legs to tremble and made her fall to the floor. Lowering her head, she sighed with defeat. “Aw, don’t give up Princess Jae-Eun, we will figure this out!” the older male stated, brushing his white long beard and adjusted his pointed wizard hat that matched his long gray robe.“But Aprius, you told me yourself that if we do not find the stone soon – they will kill everyone! What am I supposed to do! I promised to protect them,” she whined, with tears coming from her eyes nearly feeling her whole-body shake – suddenly the roots of her hair began to turn blue. “I-I,” her words broke apart, trembling with her lips as if she didn’t know what to do. “How am I the only one who could save them? I’m a useless fairy! I can’t do anything!” she raised her voice in a fit, crying out.“Now, now, Princess!” the male walked over to her as he placed his hands into hers and lifted her off the floor. When their eyes met, the female began to calm down a bit. “We will get through this, you just have faith in yourself and your people,” she nodded to his words, “now – listen to me,” he added as he led her to the table nearby with all his books spread out. “We will begin here,” he pointed to the book with the papers opening as it went to a certain page. The letters began to glow, giving her an odd feeling as if it was pulling her towards the book.Looking down at the book she traced her fingers along the shining lettering, “what kind of place is this... .?” she asked, while her eyes followed up to the male for a moment with amazement.“It’s another dimension. The stone could be anywhere – so we must search here first. I will be your guide – so you are not alone, but princess please remember. You cannot get attached to these worlds – these won’t be your worlds and you will have to leave them.“Attached? Aprius, why would I get attached?” he chuckled to her words while he placed her hand onto the pages, tilting his head to her he kept a smile as if he knew something she did not know. “What?” she questioned but before she received an answer she was no longer in the room with him and was in the middle of a street with the book in her hands. “Aprius?” she panicked, unsure where she was and what to do with herself. She was scared, but she needed to be brave – she had to be brave. 


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Hiatus Rant

I'm going to post this here, just in case I don't come off Hiatus before the bulletin get's deleted.Yeah, I'm bitter but I still want the best for you.This year has been pretty much absolute bullsh*t for me. Minus a few couple of things here and there, this year (mind you its only the second month) has been so hard on me emotionally that it's affecting me physically.  Starting from the first of the year, literally the first day, two people I would have trusted my life to decided to cut me out of their life because I'm friends with someone. Their excuse when caught? "We just need some time to ourselves." Which in their mind meant deleting me from everything, snapchat, discord, arp, line, peach, and facebook if we had it shared, but and this is a big one, they only deleted me and one other friend from our group of like 8 people. I was under the impression that time to yourself meant time to yourself, not delete people who trust you and put tons of faith in you while keeping other friends in your circle, talking to them on the daily. I'm sorry but that sounds more like you want to cute people out because god knows why seeing as they wouldn't tell me. Not only that, if they had just said they needed time away, I would have understood, not felt abandoned, especially since they knew how I would react to it; seeing as someone had previously done it to me a few months before and it crushed me, which they were there for. These are two people that I quite literally trusted with everything, they had been there for me through a lot of my RL disability problems and helped a lot with my depression... and one day they turned their back on me. I still don't know why I got a screenshot from one of my (close) friends that was one of them calling us (the other girl and I) toxic for "not being there for them". Which is the most hilarious thing I have ever read seeing as I was constantly asking thing if they were okay if they needed someone to talk to, if they wanted to talk about their problems, and gave them any advice I could.  So I log on today and see that another person from that group has (from my best guess since they won't answer me) left me too. Another person I would trust with my whole being told them everything, they even saw how the other leaving me affected me and yet here we are.  Now I'm constantly afriade people are going to abandon me or think I'm toxic or just hate me for some random reason. I honestly feel such a relief when people tell me they enjoy being around me or plan on being my friend for a long time because of this.I can't begin to tell you how much I've cried over this stupid shxt, I've become so guarded that I don't even want to meet new people because I'm scared they are going to just gain my trust and leave me like that. ( can't even explain how scared I am ) You notice that I haven't said who any of these people are... that's because even though they did this to me, there is still a big part of me that wants nothing but happiness for them. I still love them and care for them even if they think so little of me because that just the kind of lame person I am. I don't believe anyone should ever have to feel the way I do.So if you don't like me or whatever, please just tell me and don't try to be my friend. I don't think I can take it anymore...All this said I'm probably going to be taking an extended Hiatus from this account, I'm tired of feeling like this, I'm tired of being hurt. If you need me I'll be on my Discord pretty much daily, anyone is honestly welcome to add me, I'm sorry if I come off rude or anything but this has pretty much f***ed me up and caused me to build some serious walls. Also if you read all this, I'm sorry it's so long, I just needed to get this off my chest, it's been sitting on it ever since the year started and today just kind of pushed me over the edge.-Yugyeom (Sting)WEATHERED#0623

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