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01/10/2018 12:49 PM 

Current mood:  fascinated

i guess this is my first blog post but hello! my name's beau and i'm a massive weenie that's obsessed with vixx, harajuku, ice tea and old wacky manga from the eighties. i used to come from a site called quotev, though due to the atmosphere i'm no longer on there. but honestly, i seem to enjoy this sort of layout anyway!me at all of u [let me love you dammit im clingy]


11/22/2017 08:36 PM 

RP Ideas

1. She's the princess of a kingdom (human or elven work well) and while she's out all alone my character finds her. He's the commander of a demon scouting party from hell sent to gather information on her kingdoms strength. She doesn't know he's a demon and he seduces her, revealing himself afterwards. He makes her a deal that he'll spare her kingdom if she agrees to be his queen. Years later they return to her former kingdom to conquer it and her people are shocked at what she's become.2. Her and her family are some of the original vampires and my character (He's a demon) is brought to her family as a child to hide him after Lemuria falls. They grow up together and are put into an arranged marriage even as they fight in the war against the Lycans who inadvertently unseal the Ing. (this would take place in modern times and they'd both age slower once they hit a certain age)3. She's a witch and is found by a demon sent to protect her while they hunt down and destroy other evil creatures. They soon discover they've been lovers in her many past lives (she's died multiple times but is always reborn with her memories erased) and after the first couple times Hell has recalled him and erased his memory but they always find their way to one another. She won't die in the rp, that's just backstory.4. She's a famous Asian k-pop star and model (can be non Asian too) on vacation in Hawaii. She meets my character and he seduces her. They spend the rest of their vacation together and when she returns home she finds out she's pregnant and tracks him down. They'd decide on where to live together but while away from one another they realize they've fallen for one another.5. It's 2017 but the Axis powers won WWII and America and Canada agreed to a truce though they still carry out commando raids and the like, my character being one such commando. Steven is sent undercover shortly after enlisting in the military due to the fact that he speaks fluent German and his father pulls some strings. He lives in Germany for the next five years and enlists in the military, becoming a German paratrooper. He discovers the existence of an all female group rumored to be a military unit/ CIA type agency and is ordered to infiltrate them. he aids them in various missions and gains their trust but finds himself falling in love with one of them. Likewise she feels an attraction towards him and begins questioning what her government and CO are doing (But keeps those thoughts to herself for obvious reasons) Eventually she finds out who he really is but instead of turning him in she demands that he let her help him and they secretly work to sabotage the organization as well as the German military in general.6. They attend a school for higher beings (humans that can use magic, demons, etc.) They dislike one another but are forced to be partners in and out of class. She's the popular, queen be type and he's more of a bad boy. They're both stubborn and refuse to work together during their first battle together and lose. Afterwards she grudgingly agrees to cooperate with him but also decides to start teasing him with revealing outfits, etc. They end up having sex and both swear it's a one time thing at first but end up doing it on a regular basis. Eventually he gets her pregnant and by this time they've fallen in love. 7. This is an RP based off of the TV Show The Tudors. He's sent back in time to warn Anne of her fate and what will happen if she gets involved with Henry VIII. They fall in love and are together before she ever comes to court and by this time she's become a demon herself and his queen. They're soon forced to make sure history isn't messed up by the Ing in return for fate allowing them to be together. (This is a work in progress)8. This is mostly for Final Fantasy characters but can work with any sort of mage or summoner. She finds an artifact at a strange shop run by a strange merchant who sells it to her for next to nothing. After she accidently breaks it a demon (my character) is unsealed and she quickly tries to assert control over him. He's having none of it however and agrees to help her in battle and protect her but in return she must agree to submit to him. Worse still is the fact that when he's summon her powers are locked and he can choose when he wants to leave.9. Ahri's performing at a concert and my character is there but isn't really interested in her music. He finds her very attractive though and he decides to have some fun with her by teasing her as she performs (using telekinesis), seeing if she can continue to focus even while her arousal grows. By the time she goes into heat he decides to get up on stage and have his way with her.10. He's a demon hunter in the days of the Roman Empire and encounters a demon that appears as a beautiful young woman (She's also Liliths daughter). She seduces him into sleeping with her and by the time he realizes she's a demon it's too late. His soul is corrupted and the demoness attacks him with an overwhelming number of demons. He dies and goes to Hell but is able to keep his body. He's tortured but learns that pain can be a teacher and eventually overcomes it. He fights a demon that agrees to merge its soul with his and he gains the ability to change between his human and demon forms. Him and the demoness find themselves falling in love and they're sent to the human world to form an order of humans infused with demon blood and tasked with protecting the world from the Ing who have been unsealed by this time.11. Crime RP. The city she and her family live in is basically under control of four different crime families with her father being the boss of one. A new gang starts to move in though and only adds to the ongoing war between the families and civilians are caught in the crossfire on a daily basisSteven is a special forces operator and is asked to go undercover and join her family as an enforcer, helping them wipe out the other three families and then dismantle hers while feeding as much evidence on them as possible. When they meet he's given the job of protecting her, accompanying her to clubs, etc. They dislike one another at first but slowly warm up to one another and begin sleeping together. She eventually finds out who he really is but decides to help him since she starts wanting out herself and she finds out she's pregnant.12. (Sci-Fi idea)In the year 2217 earth has prospered and unified, taking over the rest of the solar system as well for its rich resources. Humanity has also evolved to the point that 1% of the population has begun to show signs of psionic potential. These psionics become the basis of the United Earths special forces. Mars is also formed as a colony after finding advanced technology and it soon becomes a sister world to earth. Equal yet different. Mars produces far more advanced weapons and technology than earth and forms the back bone of the Sol Empires military but Earth produces some of the most advanced starships the galaxy has seen and forms the SE's navy, though hyper space is untested. As the largest, most advanced ship earth has ever produced is preparing to launch the Sol system is invaded by an alien race: The Ing.Earth is quickly invaded and burned and its military crushed.13. Steampunk/fantasy ideaSteven is throw into a giant steampunk based city by a mysterious force. Unfortunately he appears inside a massive bank vault shortly after a robbery has taken place. Your character is on the scene and when she finds him in the vault she arrests him, thinking he's part of the gang of bank robbers despite his protests. Later, she visits him in the maximum security prison, hoping to turn him and get his help with arresting the other robbers. She's oblivious to the fact that he's a demon and he decides to humor her and help her on one condition: He wants to f*** her silly. She reluctantly agrees and he proves to her that he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and he becomes her partner after his name is cleared even as she slowly becomes a demon herself. What happens next can be any number of things.14. Grail War idea Every 100 years a secret war is fought between humans that can bind their souls with demons, angels and warriors of the past. The winner gets to make a wish upon the holy grail and can either lead the world to salvation or destruction. MC has been training for the grail war only recently and YC is the co-heiress of a powerful family that wants to win the tournament. YC and her younger brother have been training all his life for the tournament. What she doesn't know is that MC and YC were put into a secret arranged marriage though neither of them know it. MC and YC (along with her brother) would start off as rivals. The Ing also secretly enter the tournament. 15. Foreign exchange student She's an exchange student from Sweden and Shelby's cousin (same age roughly). She transfers to the university in Canada where Shelby and Steven attend to keep him distracted while Shelby tries to destroy his sisters future career (law school) he doesn't know about Shelby's criminal connections but she doesn't know he's in the military. Shelby also doesn't count on lily falling in love with him. She also has no idea about Shelby's criminal connections. She's very intelligent, beautiful, confident, calculating, seductive and ambitious. But deep down she's actually a good person. 16. Rivals and forbidden love He comes to a very prestigious university in South Korea and she's essentially the rich queen bee of the school. They immediately dislike one another but she's curious about him since he's a foreigner. They fall in love after a new years eve fling which is frowned upon in the country (interracial relationships aren't illegal but very frowned upon) and struggle to keep it a secret. Her friends would dislike him too at first but one friend in particular would hate him out of jealousy of the two and seek to ruin the twos relationship, eventually seeing her former friend as a rival. He eventually gets her pregnant and she decides to go with him to Canada (his home country) She'd be starting to model when they met too and her career would slowly take off. 17. From school Evil to actual evil.(This idea would work best with either Regina George (Mean Girls) or Cheryl Blossom (Riverdale) she's the queen bee of school and my character is a demon. He sees how evil she is (in a high school way) and asks if she's ready to go from high school evil to actual evil. He seduces her and she becomes a demon herself and they work together to slide Riverdale towards damnation.18. Cosplay she's a famous cosplayer conned into doing a very steamy photo shoot with a guy. Afterwards they spend the rest of his vacation together and by the end of it they've fallen in love. They meet again a few weeks later and he's undercover protecting a VIP's son. 19. Cosplay with fantasy He's a fictional character in a fictional game and somehow ends up being brought to life by a mysterious force. She's a cosplayer and a big fan of the game MC is in. The two meet and she teaches him about the modern world.

Asian Roleplay

10/25/2017 11:53 PM 


❤️ romantic kiss💝 plationic kiss💞 awkward kiss💓 heated kiss💟 delicate kiss💔 interrupted kiss💘 static shock kiss💗 repetitive lip peck kiss🖤 forced/harsh/firm kiss💚 eskimo kiss💜 quick kiss💛 air kiss.💕 good night/morning kiss.💑 first kiss💋 random kiss


10/11/2017 01:53 PM 


Anyone interested in reserving a face, may do so by messaging us. All reservations will last for 2 weeks. If an application has not been submitted by then your face claim will become open for audition.** - Owner accounts9MusesKyungri - Park TaeseonSojin - Oh Sooyun**EXOBaekhyun - Choi Haneul**Kai - Kim YoungjaeSehun - Bae MunjunSuho - Park HyunsooF(x)Sulli (Former) - On holdGirls GenerationTiffany (Former) - On holdIkonBobby - Oh SangwooMonsta XJooheon - On HoldWonho - Choi Jihyun


08/27/2017 08:17 PM 


D:fyD:fy is an upcoming five member boy group contracted under Switch Entertainment. The group made their official debut on January 28, 2018 with their debut mini-album EOEO. D:fy's fanbase has officially been named as "D:viants".More info about the group will go here eventually.Current MembersSeth Choi (NPC)Birth Name Choi Hyunho.English Name Seth Choi.Stage Name Seth.Date of Birth October 15, 1996.Hometown Toronto, Canada.Height / weight 190cm / 65kg.position Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Face of the group.Facts- Has been under Switch for four years.- Known for being a successful high fashion model.- Only started training to be in a group the past two years.- Face of the group since he is the most well-known member.(non-playable character, reserved by creator of D:FY)Face Claim Choi Junhong (Zelo).member nameBirth Name ---.Stage Name ---.Date of Birth ---.Hometown ---.Height / weight ---cm / --kg.position Lead Rapper, Main Dancer.Facts- one.Face Claim ---.Choi HaneulBirth Name Choi Haneul.Western Name Skyler Choi.Stage Name Skyler.Date of Birth August 19, 1995.Hometown ---.Height / weight 178cm / 62kg.position Lead Vocals, Visual.Facts- He has been with the company for 4 years.- Has appeared in a few television commercials.Face Claim Kim Taehyung (V).Lee JunhoBirth Name Lee Junho.Stage Name Joon.Date of Birth October 31, 1994.Hometown ---.Height / weight 186cm / 63kg.position Main Vocals, Leader.Facts- Trained for 3 years.- Has done some modeling and backup dancing.- Has appeared as an extra in a few music videos.Face Claim Oh Sehun.Member NameBirth Name ---.Western Name ---.Stage Name ---.Date of Birth ---.Hometown ---.Height / weight --cm / --kg.position Vocalist, Sub-Rapper, Maknae.Facts- one.- two.Face Claim ---..nav {color:#555;text-align:center;text-transform:uppercase;font-size: 8px;margin: 18px 0px 0px 0px;line-height:14px;letter-spacing:2px;}.nav a:active, .nav a:link, .nav a:visited {color:#97c5e0;text-decoration:none!important;letter-spacing:2px;text-transform:uppercase;font-size: 16px;font-weight: 700;} .nav a:hover {color:#213f52;text-decoration: none;} h2 {color:#97c5e0;text-decoration:none!important;letter-spacing:2px;text-transform:uppercase;font-size: 16px;font-weight: 700; margin: 10px 0px 6px 0px;} b{ font-family: arial;

04/20/2020 04:20 PM 

Hold on, I'll explain...

So, I bet some of you are wondering why is it that I keep getting blocked.Well, here's the story:So, once upon a time, I was chillin', minding my own business when this girl come out of nowhere and steals my heart like it's worth somethin'. There may or may not have been things to lead up to that point but that's irrelevant, try to keep up. So, me and--... We'll call her V. So, me and V are hot n heavy, loving life, making bad choices together and binge watching Netflix shows. This was my chick; My Boo.And then just as easily as it went up, it all came crashing back down again in a pile of fiery rubble with no survivors.One day, she tells me "I feel sad." and me, being the man, I was like: "Aw, no. Lemme make it better. What's going on? What can I do to help?" We talk it out, work through it and we're good. At least, I thought we were good.A few days after, I get a text from her. Convo goes like this:"Talk to me. Pay attention to me.""Daddy's working, BabyGirl. In a little bit, okay?""Fine, f*** you then."At this point, I stop like:WHHHAAAATTT?A few hours go by, with her texting the whole time about how shes needs my attention right this second or I'm a horrible person. So I tell her, "I feel sad".Now.I'm expecting something along the lines of something like I had done to her; Questions to see if I'm ok or what was wrong or my general well being.Nope. I got:"Deal with it. This is how I am, if you don't like it then leave."This was not my chick; Not my Boo.MYYYY Boo, wouldn't talk to me like that. MYYYY Chick had some sort of respect for me, like I showed her, right? Boy was I wrong.Same sort of events followed a few times after (Never once even trying to admit that she was remotely sorry or even did anything wrong).She even told my friends what an awful person I was and told them to stay away from me.Despite all of my best efforts, I chose to walk away.The texts didn't stop for days. My answer stayed the same. I asked her to not contact me, the texts got worse.I wished her well and blocked her texts from coming in."I hope you get the help that you need." was my last text to her after she'd blamed days of verbal abuse on her mental health.Now.All of that being said.NEVER ONCE did I call her names, tell her off, belittle her or shame her. I could have and chose not to.I loved this woman and wanted her to get better because that what normal people do when they love each other, they support each other n sh*t like that.I walked away because at that point, (Her refusing to see the issue and to get help but reminding me that she was ill) that's not being sick, that's being an a**hole.She used her illness to avoid being responsible and to have an excuse for the way she talked to people. (Notice how I said "People".)So, she blocks me when she sees me or comes around and I block her in return, just in case.She blocks me because she hates me.I block her because I deserve better.So when I get blocked, shots are on me.Also, I'm open to questions but I will not name names. I just like talking about my issues with friends.TL;DRA girl I liked did me a heartbreak and was mean to me. I like alcohol.Send N****s.


04/21/2017 07:24 PM 

Siren Imnida!

Annyeong, We are SIREN!SIREN is a five four member girl group contracted under Switch Entertainment. The group name Siren was chosen to represent how their listeners will be spell-bound by their music. Siren released a pre-debut digital single entitled 입술에 입술 (Lip2Lip) on August 18, 2016 which became an instant chart-topper. The group's theme is "sweet yet sensual" with their smooth vocals and dance skills. Siren debuted on September 14th with the mini album "First Breath" featuring their hit single Lip2Lip. Switch officially announced the addition of a fifth member for the group's comeback on May 8th with their first group comeback teaser, further information was released on May 14th. SIREN made their official comeback with their 2nd mini-album release Honestly on May 20, 2017. In early July 2017, Switch revealed that the group would be reduced back to four members for the time being after Mint's departure from the company. Spice has since taken over the role of main vocalist. The group currently has no leader.Siren made their comeback on January 22, 2018 with their 3rd mini-album entitled Peek-A-Boo which features each member showcasing their individual talents with solo tracks in addition to the title track and another group performed track that evokes a more mysterious side to the group.The group is made up of mostly Korean members raised in foreign countries. Siren's fanbase has been officially named as 'muses'. The group is represented by a diamond shaped logo and their fandom colors are #f6b1b1 and #e77b7b. Current MembersAlex KangBirth Name Alexandra Kang.Stage Name Alex.Date of Birth June 16th, 1994.Hometown Malibu, California.Height / weight 166cm / 46kg.position Main rapper, lead dancer (unnie line).Face Claim Jang Yeeun.Lee SeohyunBirth Name Lee Seohyun (이서현).Western Name Avery Lee.Stage Name Spice (기미).Date of Birth January 16 1995.Hometown Seoul, South Korea.Height / weight 170cm / 49kg.position Main Vocals, visual (unnie line, newest member).Facts- She was added to the group's lineup for their 1st comeback.- She trained for seven years before debuting.- Appeared in G-Dragon's "That XX" mv.- She was featured on several artists songs including �Black�, �Special� and �GG Be�.- Has modeled for high-end brands and attended several fashion shows.Face Claim Ahn Eunjin.Nakano Banbi Birth Name Nakano Banbi (中埜 羽美 / 나카노 반비).English Name Devin Nakano.Stage Name Devin (데빈).Date of Birth August 25th, 1996.Hometown Nagasaki, Japan.Height / weight 167cm / 43kg.position Lead vocals, main dancer, mood-maker (2nd youngest).Facts- Trained for longest time, 7+ years in total prior to debuting with SIREN.- Previously a member of the disbanded group G-Realz.Face Claim Park Sooyoung (Joy).Ahn SerinBirth Name Ahn Serin (안 세린).English Name Gwendolyn Ahn.Stage Name Gwen (궨).Date of Birth August 19, 1998.Hometown Plovdiv, Bulgaria.Height / weight 167cm / 47kg.position Sub-vocals, lead rapper (maknae).Face Claim Chonnasorn Sajakul (Sorn).Former MembersCha YuraBirth Name Cha Yura (차 아영).Stage Name Mint.Date of Birth May 2, 1993.Hometown Tokyo, Japan.Height / weight 168cm / 50kg.position Main Vocals, Sub-Rapper, Leader (unnie line).Facts- She is the younger sister of VIXX's Cha Hakyeon (N).- She is Korean but was born in Japan.Face Claim Ahn Hee-yeon (FC IS NOT IN USE, HOWEVER THIS CHARACTER IS NOT FOR CLAIM!)..nav {color:#555;text-align:center;text-transform:uppercase;font-size: 8px;margin: 18px 0px 0px 0px;line-height:14px;letter-spacing:2px;}.nav a:active, .nav a:link, .nav a:visited {color:#97c5e0;text-decoration:none!important;letter-spacing:2px;text-transform:uppercase;font-size: 16px;font-weight: 700;} .nav a:hover {color:#213f52;text-decoration: none;} h2 {color:#97c5e0;text-decoration:none!important;letter-spacing:2px;text-transform:uppercase;font-size: 16px;font-weight: 700; margin: 10px 0px 6px 0px;} b{ font-family: arial;� font-size: 10px; line-height: 14px; color: #213f52; text-transform:uppercase!important; font-weight: 700; } blockquote{ margin-left: 10px; margin-right: 0px; margin-top: 4px; margin-bottom: 20px; border-left: 1px solid #ddd; padding-top: 3px; padding-bottom: 4px; padding-left: 10px; padding-right: 10px; word-spacing: 0px; letter-spacing: 1px; }


04/21/2017 07:17 PM 

The Artists

Artists & groups!This is where you will find any and all information and links about our current roster of artists / idol groups here at High Life!Diamond . D:fy . DYNMK . M.A.D . Wish . With Love♡ . SIREN .  Teddy Li.navig {color:#555;text-align:center;text-transform:uppercase;font-size: 8px;margin: 18px 0px 0px 0px;line-height:14px;letter-spacing:2px;}.navig a:active, .navig a:link, .navig a:visited {color:#97c5e0;text-decoration:none!important;letter-spacing:2px;text-transform:uppercase;font-size: 16px;font-weight: 700;} .navig a:hover {color:#213f52;text-decoration: none;}

Asian Roleplay

03/15/2017 05:05 PM 

How to avoid problems with your content.

Since we've switched to a secure web connection (https://) you will find that some external links and embed codes may no longer work properly, most notably in Blogs, Bulletins, Comments, Profile Layouts and Groups. Also your browser may block parts of web pages which are not hosted at a secure https:// URL.  This will not affect your use of the website.When creating content (Blogs, Bulletins, Comments, Profile Layouts and Groups) you will want to pay close attention to the URLs of the content.  Use HTTPS:// when loading external resources on your page whenever possible to avoid 'mixed content' errors.-------------Firefox users may see this at times.  This is considered a 'mixed content' error. It's not critical though.Pages which show this are ones which are accessing https:// content within our secure website, which we are using HTTPS:// . This shows which external image is loading via https://Rest assured our website is secure and your data is secure.We are secure from the login to all the writing everyone does.  None of that can be intercepted and read.

Asian Roleplay

02/13/2017 11:56 PM 

YouTube Embedding Tip

go to this website: in the URL of the YouTube video you want to embed, click Generate Code.

Asian Roleplay

02/13/2017 10:34 PM 

Free complete screenwriting course from University College Falmouth

openSpace is University College Falmouth

Asian Roleplay

02/02/2017 09:05 PM 

Increase Your Story's Tension

Endless♥Stories [MC-Under Con.]

01/31/2017 02:02 PM 

Tomohisa Yamash*ta

Name: Tomohisa Yamash*taAge: 27Profession: Student/HostStatus: Single - dating girls for moneyOrientation: straightBackground:  Yamash*ta is in his last year of university, near to graduate from his master degrees. He is well known as a smart and good-looking person. He seems to be a genius on his field of political science and already saved a contract to work for the Japanese liberal party, after his graduation. His whole studies were made possible due to scholarships and competition prices, he won. His name is quite common on the campus and girls are falling over their heels for him, other boys are quite jealous about him and his talents. With his gentleman-like manners and his beautiful smile, he knows how to steal hearts. Anyway, everyone perfect seems to have some secrets. Yamash*ta comes from a poor family, from the beginning of his life, he had to overcome hardships and study as crazy, to enter the privileged Tokyo University with helps of scholarships. His parents always had pushed him to study for the better things in life. Still, scholarships were not enough to live a good life and support his family in the countryside. At the end he decided to be a host in one of the well-known clubs in Kabukicho. Working under the name of Yamapi, he seduces rich and lonely woman, living the luxury life of a famous host. Thanks to makeup and a different hairstyle, nobody recognize him. He was surprised as well, since absolutelty nobody noticed it at the university, while the streets of Kabukicho are filled with his face. Yamash*ta is one of the most famous hosts, due his looks and his perfect education. He knows how to fascinate people. His personality feels so engaging.


01/29/2017 02:02 PM 

Application to Join

Application to Join!Looking to join our directory? Simply fill out this quick form and send it to our inbox via message and we'll get right on it! Because we are still just starting out, we do not yet have an application form for submitting new idol groups (bands). However, we expect to have one soon so that members can do so. Please also keep in mind that more information may be added to our application in the future!OOC InfoFace Claim Who are you using as the face claim for your muse with us?FC's Group What musical group is your face claim from? If your fc is not in a group, simply put 'n/a' and list what they are (model, soloist, etc).Age How old is your face claim?Character infoMuse Name What is your muse's name? Please include their entire name and stage name if applicable.Muse Age How old is your muse? Please list their age and date of birth. It would be greatly appreciated if you included more their Korean and International age, but it is not required.Company What company did you want your muse to be under with us? (See our company info if you haven't looked over it already!)Company Role Is your muse an Idol or Trainee? Are they in a group or a soloist? Or are they a company staff member like an instructor, producer, dancer, etc?Group Name What group is your muse in? (This is only for those looking to be in an idol group with us.)Group Position (This is only for those looking to be in an idol group with us.)Muse Activity How long has your muse been with their company and have they had any other activities with the company in addition to their debut (if an idol)?.nav {color:#555;text-align:center;text-transform:uppercase;font-size: 8px;margin: 18px 0px 0px 0px;line-height:14px;letter-spacing:2px;}.nav a:active, .nav a:link, .nav a:visited {color:#97c5e0;text-decoration:none!important;letter-spacing:2px;text-transform:uppercase;font-size: 16px;font-weight: 700;} .nav a:hover {color:#213f52;text-decoration: none;} h1 {color:#97c5e0;text-decoration:none!important;letter-spacing:2px;text-transform:uppercase;font-size: 16px;font-weight: 700; margin: 10px 0px 6px 0px;}


01/29/2017 12:43 PM 

Other Links

Navigation!This is where you will find any and all other navigational links that might not be listed on our homepage. Please let us know if there is anything that you feel we might be missing or that can be fixed to help improve our abilities to help you get the most out of your stay with us. Please note that some of these links may still be under construction for the time being. Thank you.Application . Companies . The Artists . Press & Media . Events . Song Claims.navig {color:#555;text-align:center;text-transform:uppercase;font-size: 8px;margin: 18px 0px 0px 0px;line-height:14px;letter-spacing:2px;}.navig a:active, .navig a:link, .navig a:visited {color:#97c5e0;text-decoration:none!important;letter-spacing:2px;text-transform:uppercase;font-size: 16px;font-weight: 700;} .navig a:hover {color:#213f52;text-decoration: none;}

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