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RolePlay results for "Asian"


Male, 33
Tōkyō, Tokio

Last Login: March 31, 2022

Characters: Usagii
Verses: Naughty , Mature , Romance
Playbys: Takeru Sato
Lengths: One Liner,Semi
Genre: Asian, Romance, Real Life,


Female, 25
Apfelst�dt, Thüringen

Last Login: August 01, 2023

Characters: Suzuka Nakamoto -
Verses: SU-METAL
Lengths: Multi Para,Novella,Para
Genre: Anime, Asian, Casual, Celebrity, Comedy, Real Life,


Male, 29
Pusan, Pusan
Korea (South)

Last Login: May 29, 2018

Characters: Jung Hoseok, J-Hope
Verses: Weekly Idol, V App, Bangtan Bomb
Playbys: Rapper, Celebrity
Lengths: One Liner
Genre: Asian, Comedy, Drama,


"Call me Appa..."

Male, 30
Sŏul, Sŏul
Korea (South)

Last Login: December 01, 2022

Characters: Kim wonsik, ravi
Playbys: Kim Wonsik, Kim Wonshik
Lengths: Multi Para,Novella,One Liner,Para,Semi
Genre: Any, Asian, Casual, Comedy, Crossover, Open,


Male, 33
Tōkyō, Tokio

Last Login: May 22, 2023

Playbys: Himchan, Kim Himchan
Lengths: Multi Para,Novella,Para
Genre: Asian, Comedy, Crime, Humor, Supernatural,


"Karma can be your best friend or worse enemy"

Male, 30

Last Login: October 29, 2023

Characters: James Reid
Verses: Open
Playbys: James Reid
Lengths: Multi Para,One Liner,Para,Semi
Genre: Asian, Celebrity, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural,



Male, 24
Sŏul, Sŏul
Korea (South)

Last Login: June 27, 2018

Characters: Chunghee Jung, Jung Chunghee, Brenton Jung
Verses: Kpop/Idol, Hit The Stage RPG
Playbys: Bobby
Lengths: Multi Para,Novella
Genre: Asian, Celebrity, Real Life,


Male, 33

Korea (South)

Last Login: November 10, 2023

Characters: Hoseok, Hobi
Verses: Wolf, Omega, Alpha, Omegaverse
Playbys: Hoseok, J-hope
Lengths: Multi Para,Novella,Para
Genre: Ancient, Asian, Drama, Fantasy, Gore, Horror,


Male, 30
Portland, Oregon
United States

Last Login: April 10, 2023

Characters: secret
Lengths: Multi Para
Genre: Anime, Asian, Romance,


Male, 42
Saitama, Saitama

Last Login: May 16, 2019

Characters: Reita Suzuki
Playbys: Suzuki Akira
Lengths: Multi Para,Novella,Para,Semi
Genre: Asian, Fantasy, Humor, Mafia, Romance, Supernatural,

werewolf boy

Male, 31
Sŏul, Sŏul
Korea (South)

Last Login: August 10, 2018

Characters: Chul-Soo Park
Verses: Korean
Playbys: Park Chanyeol
Genre: Asian, Celebrity, Heroes/Villains, Movie, Romance, Supernatural,



Female, 34

Last Login: November 17, 2023

Characters: Chiyo Hayashi
Verses: Don't add if you can't handle a muse with mental problems
Playbys: Trigger warning - 21+ only - dark themes
Lengths: Multi Para,Para,Semi
Genre: Asian, Crime, Drama, Gore, Horror, Psychological,


❝never do things you will regret || est. march 2015❞

Female, 34
Sŏul, Sŏul
Korea (South)

Last Login: April 02, 2020

Characters: Tae Yeon
Verses: Girls Generation, Idol, Any,
Playbys: Kim Taeyeon
Lengths: One Liner,Para,Semi
Genre: Asian, Casual, Celebrity, Comedy, Humor, Romance,



Female, 29
Sŏul, Sŏul
Korea (South)

Last Login: November 27, 2023

Characters: ✩--Violet
Verses: ✩--𝐀𝐔 / 𝐎𝐂, slice of life, dark/fantasy.
Playbys: ✩--Jeon Somi
Lengths: Multi Para,Para
Genre: Asian, Fantasy, Horror, Open, Science Fiction, Video Game,


There's a Jin Akanishi that they created - I don't like him. So i'm struggling to be the 'me' that I will certainly like. .

Male, 39


Last Login: July 29, 2018

Characters: Jinjin Akanishi
Playbys: Akanishi Jin
Lengths: One Liner,Semi
Genre: Any, Asian, Celebrity, Romance, Real Life, Scene,


Adult themes/literate/not a number. MySpace oldie~ (Multiple muses)

Male, 41
Nagasaki, Nagasaki

Last Login: August 08, 2021

Verses: Jrock
Playbys: Tora, Miya, Takeru, Akira, Ryohei, Ruki, Riuki, Hiro, Himchan, Hiroto, Daisuki, Die, Shinji, Pon, Ru
Lengths: Multi Para,Novella
Genre: Asian, Fantasy, Gore, Horror, Supernatural, Undead,


LABOUMVisual&Lead Vocalist06222015

Female, 26
Taegu, Taegu
Korea (South)

Last Login: August 31, 2018

Characters: Solbin of LABOUM
Playbys: Ahn Solbin
Lengths: Multi Para,Novella
Genre: Asian, Casual, Celebrity,

Almighty Diva

A sass a day keeps the haters away | Sassy diva. You've been warmed.

Male, 32
Sŏul, Sŏul
Korea (South)

Last Login: February 12, 2019

Characters: Kim Kibum
Verses: Kpop
Playbys: Key; Kim Kibum
Lengths: One Liner,Para,Semi
Genre: Asian, Open, Romance,



Female, 24
大阪, Prefecture

Last Login: November 30, 2023

Verses: All are welcome. Warning could be triggering
Lengths: Multi Para,Para,Semi
Genre: Asian, Fantasy, Gore, Horror, Real Life, Suspense,


Awesome Maasa

Female, 31
Tōkyō, Tokio

Last Login: January 17, 2023

Characters: Maasa Sudou
Verses: Berryz Koubou, Hello Project, Haropro
Playbys: Maasa Sudou
Lengths: Multi Para,Para,Semi
Genre: Asian, Celebrity,

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