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Name: Li MingFang

Gender: Female

Age: 12-16

Tribe: water

Friends: Katara, Sokka, Aang, Toph, and Zuko

Appearance: tan with long black hair and almond shaped blue eyes

Bio: MingFang is the daughter of Amano Sakura and Li Fang who are Chinese and Japanese fugitives. At a young age she met Katara, Sokka, and Zuko, Zuko didn't like her at first, however the more time he sneakily spent more time with her the bigger his crush on her got until Zuko's sister Azula found out and Zuko was forbidden to see her again but before he left he gave her a necklace with the Chinese character for 'Love' vowing he would come back to her one day. MingFang discovered Aang before Sokka and Katara did. Not knowing who or what was in the iceberg she went and got them, Sokka broke the iceberg and thats how she met Aang. While travelling she met the sharp tongued and witty Toph who she become friends with immediately.

Bender or non bender: Bender

Talents: Dancing, rapping, Drawing/Painting, and healing

Abilities: water bending and hand-to-hand combat

Fighting style: Mix between Karate, Taekwondo, and water bending

Likes: Zuko, Animals, Friends, and Family

Dislikes: Azula, Bullies and spicy food

Personality: kind, sassy, sarcastic, caring, protective, loving, clingy, and witty

Siblings: two, Min and Quo

Parents: Amano Sakura and Li Feng

Parents Background: Sakura is half Fire Nation and half Air Nomad. Feng is completely Water Tribe. So MingFang is ⅓ Water Tribe, ⅓ Fire Nation, and ⅓ Air Nomad.

Nicknames: Ming, MinMin, MingMing, Fang and FangFang

Crush: Zuko


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