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write a short summary about your roleplay preferences when it comes to writing ethics, activity expectations, and how often you try to get back to replies. You can also explain your character's traits. If you're a site/rpg feel free to use this as a summary/welcoming section.
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September 9th, 2020

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Gender: Male

Age: 34
Country: Japan

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September 26, 2019


03/11/2020 10:21 PM 


Listen to my story ...

Deep in a ancient forest there lived a mother expect she was a lot different from the rest of her forest people instead of being fully elf she was a hybrid part elf and part earth dragon with stunning milky white skin , slender curved frame pircing bright green eyes but as time went by She was shunned for her remarkable beauty as the other forest people thought she was ugly as a goblin but something happed one day as she was was walking in the forest as She walk along the riverbed she spotted a man but out of curiosity she went and check up on by her surprise he was humen and wounded. It seem she never seen anything or anyone like him before so she mended his woundeds and stayed by the bed of the river till he awaken as he slowly awoke from his sleep he slowly opened up his eyes seeing the beautify women before him he ask her if she was the one that healed and saved him she responded to him and told him that she found him here and help him get better the man was eternal greatful to her. As dawn was setting up on the forest the man ask her if she would like for him to take her home the young women lowered her head and shook it the man ask her why ? So she sat there with him all night and explain to him and the man just kept a frown of sadness on his face as he listen but she slowly took his hand and told him not to feel sorry for her and they stayed up for days at a time after that night secretly sneaking out to see each other but not before long they fell in love with each other they spent every waking hour with each other even though she was a hybrid and he was humen , then one night after many years getting to know each other they shared a very intimate and hot night with each other him not being her first and him being her first soon down the road she found out she was with child and it was a boy they named him SORA and not to long after his birth the mother and father pass away the mothering being murdered by her own kind and the father took his boy deep into the woods to the sacred dragon of mountains and requested amd begged the dragon to take his son amd rise him as the father didn't have much time left the dragon nodded in agreement and the father smiled and told his son he loved him amd as soon aa he left the mountains he was behead so many years went on and the boy was rises by the dragon 

 To be forward soon 


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