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November 18th, 2020

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Gender: Other

Age: 115
Country: Japan

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April 04, 2020


04/14/2020 07:23 PM 

Yang Jiwoon -CLOSED-

Yang Jiwoon
Residence: Seoul, South Korea
Occupation: Fashion Designer
Ethnicity: Korean
Species: Kappa
Status: Single
Children: Daughter; 7 months.
Orientation: Bicurious
Languages: Korean, English, Mandarin

Photo Album:

Jiwoon was birthed in Japan to a Kappa clan meaning he wasn't quite born as an infant but a small child. Since the day he was born he was feeding off human remains and cucumbers; his favorite. Although they were apart of the human world, growing up he wasn't allowed to interact with humans nor live among them. They would wait down by the river nor bay for any travelers that would pass by in order to kill and feed off of. This is how he lived for majority of his life until he was given the opportunity to leave the clan and learn about humans, despite them being his victims and need to survive. At the age of 20, with the help of a local witch they often teased and messed with, Jiwoon's wish to live the human life was granted. Although she was unable to remove who he was from him, he gained the power to shapshift into a human and return as a Kappa when needed. Amongst the 7 years that he's been living amongst humans, he managed to gain his own fashion line that he shares alongside another designer, along with operating their own store. He had also had the chance to have a child with a beautiful woman he had fallen for. Although, at the birth of their daughter, the mother had signed her rights over solely to him and hasn't been seen since. The betryal instantly stunned him and only angered the Kappa in him; he now waits for the day he can eat the soul of her body out of spite. Despite now being a single father and raising a half Kappa, he remains proud and confident in all the choices he makes. 

Kappa are aquatic, reptilian humanoids who inhabit the rivers and streams. Clumsy on land, they are at home in the water and thrive during the warm months. Kappa when in form is the size and shape of a human child, yet despite their small stature they are physcially stronger than a grown man. Their bodies are built for swimming and their skin is said to be removable. They are posessed with a keen intelligence and are highly knowledgeable about medicine and the art of setting bones. For fun, they love causing mischief, practicing martials arts and playing games of skill. They are proud, stubborn but fiercely honorable and never break a promise. Kappa will eat almost anything, but they are particularly fond of two foods; cucumbers and human remains. 

Jiwoon is a trusthworthy and down to earth man, despite his character when formed into Kappa. He is outgoing and protective, especially of small children. He enjoys spending time shopping as it opens up ideas for his fashion needs. Occasionally, he can be distant even to those who are very close to him but this is due to the characterics the Kappa holds. 

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I'd like to write with him. 😋

Posted on Apr 20th 2020 - 4:37 PM

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