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05/10/2020 01:14 PM 

OOC Writing Rules and Notes

Rules written on this blog only apply to me unless said otherwise by another person.
These rules are completely made by me and are suggested to be followed.
If you fail to follow these rules, I will be forced to unadd you. (Unless rule in question is minor.)
If you re-request me, I will accept again, but if you again fail to abide by the rules, you will be deleted once more and blocked.
These rules are not for punishment or restrictions of any kind, they are merely for my personal preference and safety.
These rules are also not 'blocking out the fun in writing'. If you really think so, please unadd me now.

Let's get to the rules, shall we?

1.) Do not drag me or my character into any drama between you or another user. Drama is something that I do not tolerate in my writings if it is unplanned. If you want some type of drama with my character, please ask and get permission beforehand.
Result if broken: Immediate deletion. 2nd chance is allowed, but will not be given until after a 2 day time period of being unadded. If broken again, another deletion will be given along with being blocked.
2.) Do not copy/take any part of my character's storyline without my consent. I've worked hard to research lore and alter it to make it uniquely mine. I've made sure that my lore is unique and unused, so there is no excuse for this rule.
Result if broken: Immediate deletion and block. I do not tolerate anyone who ignores another writer's wishes.
3.) Do not ship my character and pursue on them romantically in a short period of time. I prefer to take written relationships slowly and let them progress.
Result if broken: A warning. I will give 3 warnings. If the rule is broken after the 3rd warning, I will delete.
4.) Do not accuse me of copying names/playbys/storylines/etc. As I stated in rule #2, my storyline is completely original. I have not copied anyone's storyline. As for names and playby, there are onyl so many playbys and names on this planet. There is always going to be someone with the same playby and/or name as you. For example: There are over 10 Jimins on this site with their playbys as BTS' Jimin. None of them have room to say that one of them is copying the other.
Result if broken: If you are unwilling to listen to me, I will unadd you. If you readd me and continue, I will block you.
5.) I am one of the many multi-account users on this site. These rules arent on my other accounts, but they applied there too. Do not assume that I am another user unless I told you so. You have absolutely no proof that I am that other user unless i give you that proof.
Result if broken: If you are unwilling to listen to me, I will unadd you. If you readd me and continue, I will block you.

More rules can be added as time passes.

-I am aware thaat there are things that happen that keep people busy and away from the site. I do not rush replies. The most i will do is send a little friendly reminder. Some people forget. Please don't rush me either, though I do appreaciate reminders.
-I am a literate writer. Please let me know if you are incapable of making your writings literate.
-I make mistakes. Everyone does. Please be aware that my first language is not English, so my spelling/grammar may not be the best. I do my best.
-When I am not writing in story format, I use '-...-' for my chatacter's actions. Example: 'Oh, wow. -She says and giggles-'
-Please warn me when you are talking in OOC. For example, use (...) or //...// when speaking in OOC or just put OOC: in front of your message. It just helps me separate stories and OOC chat.
-I am always open to talking with other writers to get to know them. If you ever need to talk to someone, I'm always willing to listen, whether you know me or not. (Unless what you need to talk about is drama-related.)

More notes can be added as time passes.

Please completely read and abide by these rules.

If you have any questions/comments, please message me with these in OOC format.

If you wish to make these rules abide by you as well, you can comment on this post or repost the rules, edited to your desire, with credits to me.
If the credits are not put on your post, I will comment on the post, giving the credits to myself. If that comment is deleted, I will report the post.

It may seem like I'm being a kill-joy, but I'm not. I just want to make it clear to people that giving credit to the rightful owners of things is important.

Anyways. Please enjoy your day/night/evening.


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