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January 03, 2021


01/05/2021 03:35 PM 

Welcome to my eternal winter ~

A little bit of information:

- A dragons magic is said to be unrivaled by any other creature. Hunted for their scales, they very rarely are seen as the mystical creatures you read about in your dungeons and dragons books.

Choosing to blend in and walk among humans, you could be standing right beside one and have no clue. They are cunning when they choose to be, and ever so proud of their lineage. Dragons differ in personality traits depending on their age, alignments, and elements.

More specific -

About the ice dragon. -

She is immortal, but she's also young, only a couple hundred years old.

Her personality takes on the traits of her element. Born in the middle of a harsh winter, she loves the cold, and draws her magic from the earth.

Her skin is always somewhat cold to the touch.

She can tap into the magic of other elements but is very limited. Ice is the only element that she has complete control over. Ice magic is easier to access and use because of her ancestry.

She loves treasure! This is something she has in common with most dragons, but she has a specific preference when it comes to her riches. She loves diamonds, and silver the most.

She is very territorial over her den. Her den could be an apartment among humans, or a isolated, self made habitat somewhere in the deep arctic.

She isn't violent unless provoked. Ways to provoke her are to challenge her pride or try to manipulate her for her worth.

Her nature comes off as aloof and cold more often than not. This is because of her element, but mostly because she spends a lot of her time in isolation.

Her human job is a model, and dance instructor.


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