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05/20/2021 12:20 PM 

Kayako Saeki: Perpetual Misfortune
Category: Stories
Current mood:  devious

(Influenced by those original Asian horror movies about Kayako Saeki, with the actress Takako Fuji in mind because she's the only one who could ever play that role to perfection!)

Slowly crawling down the stairs, her croaking noises becomes louder,
As she moves closer to two more innocent and unsuspecting victims.
Human lives ended so easily due to literally being frightened to death,
By this quite violent but nevertheless misunderstood ghostly figure.
In life she only wanted peace and happiness through marriage,
But his insane jealousy ended this lovely young woman's existence,
Along with her only son and his cherished and much adored pet.
Uncontrolled anger left mother and child now dead and departed,
Yet she soon returned to make this tormented abuser pay dearly,
Strangling him unto permanent oblivion with her long and thick hair.
Their vengeful spirits returned to torment those among the living,
Yet she was by far the most powerful and dangerous of the three.
Ignorant trespassers foolish enough to scorn at these ghastly tales,
Will become the next to feel this tormented yurei's unbridled rage,
As she claims their lives before they themselves join this cycle.
A never-ending curse which only becomes stronger with more victims.


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