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05/20/2021 12:21 PM 

Asami Yamazaki: Vengeance Through His Suffering
Category: Stories
Current mood:  crazy

(Highly influenced by one of my favorite movies ever, the legendary "Audition" but this time I made the ending much more to my liking!)

Sharp needles inserted into his chest, the helpless man screams in severe agony,
As she makes him suffer horribly for daring to not love only her and no one else!
Another most painful lesson now begins, he would not be the first nor the last,
To feel this lovely young woman's vindictive wrath, for men are indeed truly foolish!
The male's eyelids also make a perfect target, as more needles piece through them,
Until his agonizing cries of anguish greatly excite her like nothing else ever could.
Laughing softly while at the same time talking down to him, true torture now begins!
The vicious and unforgiving garrote wire starts slicking through flesh and bone.
A most delightful sound which truly pleases her, because only through suffering,
Can one be made to understood those very same things which she herself endured,
Over the course of an abused and traumatizing life, leaving her bitter and spiteful.
Finally his right foot snaps off after she finishes cutting and sawing through it.
Her laughs become louder as she casually tosses the severed body part aside,
Before doing the same to his other foot as well, for he deserves to die slowly!
She then proceeds to cruelly dismember him alive, saving the worst for last.
Bleeding him out until the final breath is taken, after castrating his private parts.
He at last expires while she herself enjoys a sickening new thrill unlike none other.
An exquisite feeling beyond any which mere would could ever possible describe!


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