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August 23, 2021


09/01/2021 05:22 AM 

The day will pass…
Category: Blogging
Current mood:  depressed

The day will pass. Eventually I’ll fall back to sleep. Or will I continue to stay awake to experience these overdramatized emotions. When will this pass? When will this come again? I feel like a rotting fruit that has never truly gotten the chance to ripen. If I continue to give my all, what’s left? If I stop. If I fall. If I disappear, will I mean something? Or will my value continue to deteriorate? I can’t meet those expectations. I can’t fill those shoes. I can’t always uphold who I tried to be. I’m weak. I’m complicated. I’m sorry. I’m not excused. I’m not dismissed from my actions or words. I won’t ask for leniency. Can I even ask for the soft touch of support? Affection? Or a single glance of affirmation? My head aches. My body is sore. My chest feels weak. As if my heart is taking its last pumps of blood. Slowly. Painfully. I haven’t written in so long. But all is fair when no one reads my words anyways…


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