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October 5th, 2021

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Gender: Male

Age: 28
Country: Korea (South)

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August 23, 2021


09/11/2021 06:07 PM 

I don’t feel so good…

What am I supposed to do with you? Why did you hurt me? I let the rest go. So why this? Why now? 

why am I suddenly crying again and again? I'm not the type of man to lose sight and cry like this. I'm not the type to pathetically curl up and wish I was not me. But I am now. It's not entirely on you. I've just been broken so many times. But we were doing so well. I was doing so well. I had plans. I was sure. I was confident. I was free. I was loved. Or so I thought I why? Why now? In one of my best moments? One of our best moments? Why? 

i tried so hard. All for you. For me. For us...


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