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“Everyone generation a slayer is born.” l

FIRST AND FOREMOST,the most important thing that you need to know is that, my character is Au and that she  made for the new generation of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

 Well, let's get this party started shell we?  The names Kaylee, and welcome to my rules. I MADE THESE RULES FOR A REASON. Because I had some issues in the past and decided to make these rules.  READ THEM, LOVE THEM, FOLLOW THEM. 
OBVIOUSLY I'm not Nina Dobrev nor do I claim to be. I roleplay Kaylee Matherson an original character who the next generation of Slayer in the BTVS verse.
 MY WRITING STYLE is Para and multi-paragraph. Please bear in mind that that when it comes to starters/replies I'm slow. Because for me I don't like to rush and send out sh*tty replies/starters. If you can't wait patiently for my reply or starter then you might as well delete me now.

I’m by no means a GRAMMAR NAZI. Let’s get one thing straight  no one is perfect. I’m not the best at grammar, but I do try my hardest. Please let me know, if you can't understand my reply/starters. I will be more than happy to re-do it for you.   But one thing I will not do is tolerate your rudeness. If you come at me telling that I shouldn't be here because I suck at writing. Then best believe I will block you simple as that.

REAL-LIFE PROBLEMS Shocking as it is folks, I do have a life outside of roleplaying that  takes me away from this place. But don’t we all? But don’t get your boxers in a twist. I will not leaving you hanging. I always reply to those I owe. It just might take me a few days to do it.

MATURE CONTENT if you are not mature enough and can't handle the thmes such as gore, blood, cursing and things like that. if you don't want to be  offended , then delete me now. 

NO GOD MODELING The only person who should be controlling my character is me and me alone.  I will talk for my character, I will walk for my character. I can handle her perfectly fine thank you. I don’t need your help in  roleplaying for her. You God model my character and I will delete you. It will typically end up in me messaging you about it to warn you, and then I'll probably delete you if you continue. Also another thing I want to point out is... Don't tell me what to do and who to talk to.  or how many accounts I should have. I will delete you're sorry ass. This chick will not be told what do, by a man or anyone for that matter. You can try, but you'll get a one way ticket to being blocked.

LOVE INTERESTS / CREEPERS At this momment in time Kaylee  doesn't have a set interested. I'm open to  have a love interested for her. ( she is straight. I'm not against people who like  the same sex.  I just don't see her swing that way.)  As for the creepers are go. Do not message me  saying " hey sexy, want to f***." Or "He sexy show me your tits."   I'm not the type of person to throw myself at you. I’m  classer then that and I will delete you. So refame from being that creeper.

COMMENTS / MESSAGES:  Comments are for roleplaying ONLY.  Message are for discussing epic plots together. Do not sent me starter through a message. It will likely get lost.

I may add more if I think of it later, so please check back if I post a status to let everyone know I've edited these. 
To prove to me that you've read these rules.
(Leave a funny gift  so I know that you have read and understand these rules of mine.)

After you've signed these, message/comment me so that we can get a storyline discussion going! 
There are lots of epic-storylines we can come up with to. 


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