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The Dragon Royal Family

I have decided to look for some roles. Some of the roles have set faces that I have in mind. Dragon names are open for discussion if you want to change the name.

- The Dragon King -
Dragon Name: Aimayss
Face: up to you
Age: Between 900 to 1,000
Short Summary 
He is King of the Dragon realm and husband of Laldrith. He is even the father of Ariess and Azir and step-father to Dymris. He is even the Older brother of Dummarri.

- The Dragon Queen -
Dragon Name: Laldrith
Face: up to you
Age: Around 900
Short Summary 
Laldrith isn't of royal blood when she married the King of the Dragon realm she became Queen. She is the mother of Dymris and Azir and step-mother of Ariess.

- The Dragon Prince - 
Dragon Name: Evrae
Face: Jeon Jungkook
Age: 596
Human age: 24
Short Summary 
Azir was born to the King and Queen of the Dragon Realm. He has two older half brothers by the name of Ariess and Dymris. While his older berother Ariess was crowned as the 'Crown Dragon Prince', he is known as simply as the 'Dragon Prince'. He is younger than Ariess by 3 and younger by Dymris by 4 years.

- Young Master -
Dragon Name: Dymris
Face: Min Yoon-gi
Age: 600
Human Age: 28
Short Summary 
Dymris is the son of the Dragon Queen and step son of the Dragon King. He has 1 stepbrother by the name of Ariess, who is known as the Crown Prince. He even has 1 half-brother by the name of Azir who is known as the 'Dragon Prince'.  Why both of royal titles, he is simply known as young master and has no claim to the thorne. He is also known as both his brothers keeper and was told to protect them even if his life depended on it. If anything where to happen to both his brothers and is stepfather, the thorne will go to his step-uncle and his family. 

- The Uncle -
Dragon Name:  Dummarri
Face: Up to you
Age: 900
Short Summary
Dummarri is the young brother of the King and the Uncle to Ariess and Azir and step-uncle to Dymris. Dummari secretly wants to be King and would do anything to take down his older brother and his own nephews if he has to in order to be King.

- The Aunt -
Dragon Name:  Sirrylth
Face: Up to you
Age: 890
Short Summary
Unlike Laldrith, Sirrylth is a Dragon who came from the Mortal Realm. She's also of Royal blood, but her family line isn't really that well known or so she claims.  Just like her husband, Dummarri, she longs to be Queen and have her son be the next King of the Dragons. Even if she has to take things into her own hands.   

- The Cousin -
Dragon Name: Dresud
Face: Up to you
Age: 599
Short Summary
Dresud was born on the same year as Ariess, however, he is a week younger than him. Dresud hates his both of his cousins and step-cousin. He is known to be a spoiled brat and just like Dymris, he is also known as Young Master as his uncle didn't want him to have the title of Prince. 


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