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Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 23
Country: Korea (South)

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November 18, 2021


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❀ SᥱꙆᥱᥒᥱ ❀
• Name: Selene
• Age: Unknown 
• Sex: Female
• Species: Deity/a God with no form
• Home: Sola Mira
• Occupation: Princess of Sola Mira, Dark Goddess of The Moon, Commander to Angelus Army.
• Family : Angelus; Twin brother and her King.
- Felix: Adoptive son and future heir to Sola Mira's throne.

•Abilities: Superhuman strength, summoner, Possessor of Light and Dark, teleportation (still working on it )

A brief summary: Darkness and light have coexisted since before time. Darkness is formless and can wrap you causing you to fear. A sole ruler crown above all named Angelus and his twin sister Selene; they are and have always existed for the two are Darkness itself. The twins are immortal deities with no form, in other words they look like two giant skeleton like, almost a pitch black smoke in the human eye.

Selene is the only one who has a vessel of her own. She did not created it like her twin brother but was gifted  - her sole purpose is to be the warrior her brother needs to keep the universe in balance. This means: Selene is always on full armor and gets often send to war if summoned, her entire life all she's ever know are battle cries, destruction, death and endless killing. For some this may sound harsh but the darkness that lives within her must be contained for it wishes to take over her light and this causes her excruciating pain - she hungers for blood.
Selene loves her brother above all, her twin is her King and her loyalty towards Angelus will make her the most obedient and deadly.

• Personality: Kind, she's extremely kind but harsh if needed.  She is still learning to interact with others. 
• Weakness: None
• Hobbies: Giving Angelus a migraine.
• Appearance: 

(Tired 😭 dahyun will be added so I'll rewrite it later.)


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