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“Alright, now be as quiet as possible.” The whisper from her father was so faint she barely heard, despite him being against her ear. “Straighten yourself up, posture is everything.” Large hands pressed onto her spine until she maintained a perfect stance, he tilted her body as needed to line up with the deer moving through the tight tree line. The back woods of the mansion were vast, all private property with nothing more than wild game stalking it’s acreage. She knew every inch of these woods. Along with the constant hunting, she would be forced to run a different path every day. ‘You need to be prepared for anything!’ Her father would warn her, keeping her in a constant state of anxiety as a child. “Perfect,” He commented as she drew back her arrow, “Keep your tension, wait for the right moment. Now—“ As he spoke, the arrow shot from her bow and in seconds had cleanly passed through the deers head, temple to temple. “Absolutely stunning.” He complimented her, a hand clasping her shoulder as he gave a gentle shake to her small frame with pride. “Do you notice your improvement?”


“Yes sir.” She said quietly, lowering the bow as she looked away from the animal that gave a nerving twitch. She felt sick, this had been the hundredth kill since her eighth birthday or so it felt, and two years had crept by all too slowly. She kept hearing about being perfect, about being the best, but what was it all for?


“Lillian.” He spoke in a firm tone that had her immediately snap to attention, deep brown hues meeting his own. “Look at it.” He demanded, and she felt that familiar tingle again.


“I did—“ She tried.


“I said look at it.” He snapped, immediately losing his temper with her and she knew it was an order. Reluctantly, she turned her head to look over at the doe that lay motionless. Tongue disgustingly rolled onto the mossy earth beneath it. She could see that lifeless haze in it’s eyes. He assumed it was the body that bothered her but the reality of it was, that glazed over look would always hit a little too close to home. “Our mortality is just as fragile, Lillian. If you allow yourself to forget that, you’ll have failed your purpose. You’re meant for something great.”


“I know.” She responded, but of course she only knew what everyone continuously told her. Knowing that if she didn’t reach the expectations of her family, her mother had died for nothing. It was her responsibility to carry on the lineage, to birth Lilith’s next form one day as her mother and grandmothers had before her. When it all boiled down to what she wanted, she just wanted to be a normal ten year old girl who did what other kids did. She didn’t want to be chosen, she didn’t want to be important, and she certainly didn’t want to be perfect— but she also didn’t want to end up like the animal sprawled out just a few feet from where she stood. Slowly, she brought her attention back to her father when she was sure he wouldn’t get suspicious of her discomfort. “I’ll make you proud, father. I promise.”


“I know, Lillian.” He spoke with an affectionate tone, softening like butter under the sun. 




“This is stupid.” Mae muttered to her twin as she continued to kick over the mossy earth around the tangled roots of the trees. “I don’t think there are any mushrooms out here.” 


“I thought they were rich anyway?” Hae said, rolling her eyes as she knelt and delicately searched. “Why do rich people anyways find a way to cut corners? Besides,” She said with a strained grunt as she pulled back a thick chuck of moss to find nothing but bugs writhing underneath, making her scream out and scare her twin. 


“What?! Are you okay?!” Mae rushed towards hers sister but stopped dead in her steps as an arrow flew passed, grazing the bridge of her nose and sticking into the thin tree trunk beside her head. “What the hell?!” Annoyance echoed through the forest, and soon another yell sounded louder, “Hey, we’re not deer!” She waved her hands, trying to make herself seen. 


Hae had just looked over to her sister, seeing the arrow in the bark she looked in the direction it came, catching a glimmer of light before it came flying towards her twin again. “Mae!” She cried, lunging from the ground to wrap her arms around her sisters legs, knocking her down just in time for another arrow to fly passed where Mae’s head had just been. The two siblings looked at one another, perhaps a telepathic message said in the moment to have them both running, weaving between the thin trees that condensed the paths. 


Lillian sighed, watching the two twins scramble to their feet and bolt. There was no denying that had they been in a better situation, they’d be fighting for a spot in the Olympics by next year. It was a shame to waste a human life, however what little mortality she’d once possessed had been wiped clean long ago. “And the chase is on.” She whispered to herself, a soft breath in comparison to any sound the girls made. She waited until their screams were nothing but a faint song in the wind before grabbing her things, putting her bow on her back, and silently moved through the trees. She paid attention to the ground beneath her, the mossy earth was unforgiving. Far too easy to leave an impression behind. Each step she took was soundless, knowing these woods like the back of her hand. Eventually, she heard the snap of something underfoot and the soft rustling of movement. 


Their hearts raced in sync as they huddled under a small bank, holding both hands with each others. Despite the sounds of arrows wiping through the air, the forest had been soundless. It was impossible to trust that they were alone or even far enough from their attacker to move. Hae clasped a hand over her own mouth, the muscles in her calf tightening with a cramp. She moved, foot extending and snapping a twig that had her sister moving to push anything that could make a sound out of her way. “Shh.” She pressed a muddied finger to her lips, the sound almost as silent as the demand begged for. 


They weren’t further than a few feet from her. Lily heard the soft hush from the other side of the bank and suppressed a disappointed sigh. Her father constantly put her up to these things, trying to find her some sort of challenge that would put her skills to the test. She would never say it out loud, but at some point this training changed from becoming the best vessel for Lilith to the strongest vessel to send Lilith back where she belonged. Of course, she’d yet to acquire the information to do that. As bad as she may have felt years prior for these girls, she felt nothing but determination to hold her place until she was given the opportunity to set herself free. 


Silently, she pulled her bow back out and took one of her last arrows from the batch, slipping the end into the string. She took a breath and released it slowly, not allowing a sound to come from her as she straightened her posture and drew back the arrow, waiting. 


“We can’t stay here.” Hae whispered so softly it almost made no sound at all, “We have to get help.”


Mae looked at her, Hae's hands still clamping her leg as the muscles under her skin twitched and pulsed. She knew her sister wasn’t going to be able to run as fast as her now, not unless she could shake it off. “Hold on, I’m going to find help. Stay here.” She pulled at the earth, the leaves and brush around them to cover her sister, in hopes the makeshift camouflage would keep her hidden, “Don’t move, promise me?” She asked, their eyes meeting. Mae’s filled with determination and for a moment, Hae’s were filled with defiance. It didn’t take a genius to realize that she wasn’t going anywhere and was left with no choice other than to nod. 


The sisters hugged before Mae bolted where where she was, zagging through the trees though it did next to nothing when the arrow shot straight into the back of her head, causing her to stagger. Though on her feet still, she took a few steps around before turning to see Lillian, a hand almost raising to point a warning to her twin before a second arrow shot into the front of her head, perfectly lined with the last so that the steel tips clinked when they met. She dropped to the ground and immediately Hae began screaming in hysterics. She scrambled towards her sister's body, desperately trying to wake a girl who was obviously dead. Her lifeless body moving with no resistance from her sister’s shaking. Hae finally looked up and around, only to see Lillian moving towards them.


“We need a hospital, we need an ambulance!” She screamed, not even able to notice the bow that had been reattached to Lillian’s back. “What are you doing just standing there?!” She snapped, “Get us help!” 


“Hm.” Lillian hummed as she moved closer to the girls until she stood over them, leg lifting and giving a kick to the body that, of course, couldn’t react. “Seems a bit late for that, perhaps I call a morgue then?” She taunted with a laugh, seeing Hae pick up on the ice in her tone. 


“Why?!” She demanded, “Why would you do this to us?” She scrambled back, pulling herself up to run again but Lillian sighed and grabbed hold of her ponytail, yanking her back against her. “Let me go!” She demanded as she began to struggle and try to fight her off.


“That’s exactly what I’m trying to do.” Lily spoke softly, amusement filling her tone before she pulled the blade from her hip holster and sliced through the girls neck like butter that had been left in the sun. “Isn’t that better?” She whispered against her ear, voice sensual and excited. The body of Hae sunk down, and Lillian let her go to allow it, even kicking her over so as she choked on the blood that flooded her lungs, she could get one last look at the sun peeping through the trees. “It’s unfortunate, it should never had been you. I’d say I’m sorry, but from what I can see, it’s your parents you should blame.” She could see the light fading from her eyes, “I hope Lilith will treat you well.” 'Better than she does me.' She thought to herself. Despite the vicious act, the joy she seemed to take in it, her tone became sympathetic. That sympathy wasn’t passed onto the girls, but for herself. 


She watched as Hae took her final breath, sometimes it felt like she could see the soul leave the body and dissipate into nothing the moment it was captured. With a heavy sigh she set down her weapons and took a seat on the forest floor, the bodies no longer moving or making a sound, as did the woods around her. For an hour she remained in the same spot, unmoving and barely thinking. There was always a numbness that followed the adrenaline of the hunt, but this had felt anticlimactic. 


“Lillian!” She heard her name spoken by her father, soon the sounds of the group moving towards her broke her from the trance she had fallen into. Bringing herself to her feet, she gathered her things as her family and their closest employees surrounded the area. She watched as they loaded the bodies into back bags they’d brought with them. Soon her father stood by her side, “We heard the arrowheads touch inside her head, I’ve never seen something so impressive.” Her father was full of pride, just as he always was when she managed to surpass their expectations. “The council will be pleased, Lillian. I think you’re ready.”


“It was too easy.” She snapped back, voice almost like a monotone annoyance. “Next time, give me a challenge.” She turned then, heading back towards the mansion. She could hear her father yell to her a few more times, but she had no interest in responding or slipping back into a conversation that would end in her death. 


As much as she wanted to put all the blame on her father, she knew he wasn’t completely at fault. Her mother was just as much to blame if not more, leaving her alone in the world with a man who wanted nothing more than to create another monster when she was already perfect. At some point, it all had to pay off, but as far as she could see the finish line was filled with nothing but immortalizing a dead girl. If she was going to have glory, she wanted to enjoy it. Not pass it off the a child she never wanted. 


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