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09/07/2022 05:53 PM 


shadow laws

 "Heroes aren't always the ones who win,they're the ones who lose, sometimes. But   they keep fighting, they keep coming back. They don't give up. That's what makes them heroes."

- Clary Fray

Hey my lovely peoples! I'm Clary, and welcome to my rules. Read them love the, and understand them. I WILL BE HIDING  SECRET  QUESTION IN THE RULES. SO  I STRONGLY SUGGEST PAYING ATTENTION TO EVERY WORD. 

OBVIOUSLY, I am not Katherine McNamara or Clary Fray. Nor am I associated with her or the character's creator. Sorry to disappoint all of you, but both of them are far too busy to join the world of roleplay. 

001.-; I will not Tolerate Drama of any kind. If you start any drama with me or any of my friends? You will be deleted and blocked. This is a pet peeve of mine. This rule should not be broken. Do not test me simple as that.(What do you like about ShadowHunters T.V. show?)

002.-; I roleplay in multi-paragraph and novella form. My starters, replies, and anything will most likely be two parts or more. Starters will for sure be more, just because I have a lot to say in them. I will not accept anything less than two paragraphs from you. I get bored easy, and I am a firm believer that everyone in the world can think up at least two paragraphs with their brain. It's not that hard. If I'm stoked about our storyline/connection, (I'll definitely tell you if I am), watch out, because I get more carried away with those comments than others, since I have a lot of inspiration for them. I won't accept anything less than two nicely sized paragraphs, please make sure to send everything in one comment. Not a hundred comment. Because it  get to much for me to read all  you're comments Just use one comment for you're starter.

003.-;I am by no means a grammar Nazi, none of us are perfect. I so let's get one thing clear, i am not the best at spelling,but i do use spell check or i ask to spell out a word. if  i don't spell out a word right. Please let me know, if you can't understand my reply/starters.  Do not bitch at me if i spelled something wrong and call me names  and what not. i will delete you and block you. Just be nice about it, is all i am f***ing asking for.

004.-; No God modeling my character! I can control my character. I can talk for my character,  I can walk for my character. I don't need you're help with my character.   I can handle her perfectly fine thank you. You God model my character and I will delete you.  It will typically end up in me messaging you about it to warn you, and then I'll probably delete you if you continue. Also another thing i won't to point out is... Don't tell me what to do and who to talk to.  or how many accounts i should have. I will delete you're sorry ass. This chick will not be told what do, by a man or anyone for that matter. You can try, but give a one way ticket to being blocked. (Who is you're favorite character in the book/show?)

005.-;Shocking as it is folks, I do have a life outside of roleplaying, I want always be on online. I either have stuff do on the weeks or sometimes weekend.  Remember i do have another account to attend too. If I can't be on, I'll let everyone know a head of time. Don't worry I will not leaving you hanging. If you get pissed-off and deleted me. Because i am not on-line 247?  Well,   I don't care, because i have one- less person to reply too. So no shirt off my back.

006.-; if you aren't mature enough and can't handle the themes such as gore, blood, alcohol, cursing, and things like that, delete me now. If you don't want to be offended, delete me now. There will always be some degree of mature content while roleplaying 

007.-;  Please do not send me a random starter. Warning- I will ignore it.  I like to discuss storylines a head of time, before you or me send a starter to kick off our epic- roleplaying together. 

008.-; I'm not picky when discuss a storyline in a message or comment = Role-play.Do not send me you're starter in a message. I will ignore it. Simple as that.. Do not send me a random starter, without discussing one first. i will ignore  that too.

009.-Take as long as you like, there's no rush what-so-ever.I don't ever like others to feel pressured, I understand clearly that RL calls and you might need to take a small hiatus.I always wait until the other replies, I will never contact you to hurry up. If I do, you are more than welcome to smack me.

I may add more if I think of it later, so please check back if I post a status to let everyone know I've edited these. 
To prove to me that you've read these rules.
(Leave a funny gift  so i know that you have read and understand these rules of mine.)

After you've signed these, message/comment me so that we can get a storyline discussion going! 
There are lots of epic-storylines we can come up with to. 


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