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01/01/2022 02:42 PM 

Rules - read before adding!
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0.Here I will let you know about my rules that you should read and agree to before roleplaying with me. I won't talk about myself as a person in this post, but oher than roleplaying, we can also chat OOC. I can be quite open and I would love to meet you personally, not only your character if you are down for it. ^^

1.If you want to write a romance roleplay with me, please note that you have to be at least 18 years old. (And I usually do romance, though with a good plot idea I enjoy other genres as well)

2.I mostly do MxM roleplays. That being said, I can rarely do FxM as well as FxF, just have a good idea for the story and it honestly depends on whether I feel it or not.

3.Acknowledge that English isn't my first language and even though I've been learning it almost my whole life, I can sometimes make mistakes. Its okay to correct me If you want to (I appreciate every possibility to improve) just don't be rude about it or let me know if it bothers you so we can decide not to roleplay.

4.If you don't want to continue our roleplay anymore - let me know. It happened to most of us, someone just one day disappeared and you have no idea what had happened. It's easier to just be notified that you don't want to do this anymore. It's normal and understandable. The same goes for the situation when you're not on for a long period of time and you can predict that (exams, traveling and so on and so forth...) let me know if you can. I am aware of the fact that there is a life other than this website and it can be unpredictable at times, but I would appreciate the effort and do the same in return. ;w;

5. I'm okay with mature content being included in our RP as long as it has a good plot to back it up and comes up naturally in our roleplay. I don't do strictly smutty ones lacking in plot. Oh, and of course if you are under 18 NSFW is out of the question (just like romance)

6.My profile picture usually is connected to the fandom I would like to focus on in my rp at the moment but if I post a picture from a serie, it doesn't mean I only roleplay with people also belonging to this fandom. It is just to let them know we are into the same things right now.

7.Just regulars: no God moding, no controlling my character and don't start our conversation by going straight into the roleplay. We need to talk it through first.

8.Have fun! It's just an imaginary story and letting out our creativity!

Heart it if you read it, it's crucial to me that people know what I expect from them as roleplay partners *u*


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