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September 15th, 2019

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Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 13
Country: United States

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October 28, 2018


10/29/2018 08:14 PM 


Name: Han Mi-Young

Gender: Female

D.O.B: 08/15/1999

Age: 19

Birthplace: Illsan, South Korea

Height: 4'11

Species: human

Eye Color: blue

Hair Color: black

Blood Type: b-

Economic Class (upper, middle, lower): normal college student

powers: none

Talents: singing, playing Piano, Bass guitar, acoustic and drums, rapping, drawing, and dancing

Hobbies: Watching anime, goofing off with friends

Likes: a member of BTS

Dislikes: Her ex boyfriend

Known Family: Nope 

Sexual Orientation:straight

Social Stereotype: Nerd 

Other Features: ?

Tattoos: none

Attire: casual

Back Story: Mi-Young is childhood friends with Namjoon and they've always been really close. Mi-Young is bullied severely because she likes American music, and other people are jealous of her intelligence. Shes a foster child due to her parents are drug addicts but she finally got a real family and they adopted her and her last name went from Woo to Han.


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