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01/20/2020 09:22 PM 

Not a normal wolf!

With the uprising of BTS wolf popularity as of recently I felt the need to make this post to clear up some misconceptions on my own muse.

Yes, he is indeed a wolf, but not your everyday 'Oh I can shift into a wolf' wolf.

His verse is the Omegaverse.

He comes from a village in Southern South Korea that is based off of primitive living. So this means no electricity, running water or any sort of outside world contact until he was around the age of sixteen when he left home.

His people are indeed shifters and can shift fully as well as partially. This partial shift including claws, teeth and eye color change. As well as attitude to a degree. Senses are heightened when like this.

Hoseok is an omega.

Not omega as in the lower tier pack member as in normal wild wolves, but instead it defines his sexual reproduction organs as well as his place in the society of the village he was raised in.

Omega have female reproductive organs.
While Alpha have male reproductive organs.
This is regardless of facial feature and body structure gender. Meaning Hoseok is still referred to as He/Him but still possesses female reproductive organs.
This can go several different ways depending on what the Pup may present as when of age:

Male alpha= Male reproduction/male body shape
Male omega= Female reproduction/male body shape
Female alpha=Male reproduction/female body shape
Female omega= Female reproduction/female body shape

If you plan on joining the omegaverse please take these aspects into consideration when making your character and choose wisely! These things will affect how your character may be treated among the others in the verse.

For the most part, Hoseok is loosely based off of the world in this fic and it's a great read!
Please don't read if you don't like smut or are easily offended by unusual things.

Honestly, it is a fun verse if you know what you are talking about and know how certain aspects in the world, pack hierarchy, and body mechanics work. I am open to any question you may have and am always open to new ideas from others!

Not to mention, we ARE looking for the other members of BTS to join our little pack~

So far we have Hoseok, Yoongi and Jimin. So please let me know if you're interested in playing with us after reading up on the fic to get an idea of how everything else works. I don't want to put too much on this post after all. Haha.

Have a wonderful day!


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