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❀ ᗪOKKᗩEᗷI ❀

01/12/2022 06:32 PM 


Asian Roleplay

01/03/2022 08:17 PM 

Suicide Hotlines in The United States

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (8255)Crisis Text LineText "741741" Lifeline LifelineUS: 1-877-565-8860Canada: 1-877-330-6366Veterans Crisis Line1-800-273-8255, Press 1


01/01/2022 02:42 PM 

Rules - read before adding!
Current mood:  creative

0.Here I will let you know about my rules that you should read and agree to before roleplaying with me. I won't talk about myself as a person in this post, but oher than roleplaying, we can also chat OOC. I can be quite open and I would love to meet you personally, not only your character if you are down for it. ^^1.If you want to write a romance roleplay with me, please note that you have to be at least 18 years old. (And I usually do romance, though with a good plot idea I enjoy other genres as well)2.I mostly do MxM roleplays. That being said, I can rarely do FxM as well as FxF, just have a good idea for the story and it honestly depends on whether I feel it or not.3.Acknowledge that English isn't my first language and even though I've been learning it almost my whole life, I can sometimes make mistakes. Its okay to correct me If you want to (I appreciate every possibility to improve) just don't be rude about it or let me know if it bothers you so we can decide not to roleplay.4.If you don't want to continue our roleplay anymore - let me know. It happened to most of us, someone just one day disappeared and you have no idea what had happened. It's easier to just be notified that you don't want to do this anymore. It's normal and understandable. The same goes for the situation when you're not on for a long period of time and you can predict that (exams, traveling and so on and so forth...) let me know if you can. I am aware of the fact that there is a life other than this website and it can be unpredictable at times, but I would appreciate the effort and do the same in return. ;w;5. I'm okay with mature content being included in our RP as long as it has a good plot to back it up and comes up naturally in our roleplay. I don't do strictly smutty ones lacking in plot. Oh, and of course if you are under 18 NSFW is out of the question (just like romance)6.My profile picture usually is connected to the fandom I would like to focus on in my rp at the moment but if I post a picture from a serie, it doesn't mean I only roleplay with people also belonging to this fandom. It is just to let them know we are into the same things right now.7.Just regulars: no God moding, no controlling my character and don't start our conversation by going straight into the roleplay. We need to talk it through first.8.Have fun! It's just an imaginary story and letting out our creativity!Heart it if you read it, it's crucial to me that people know what I expect from them as roleplay partners *u*  



12/23/2021 06:28 PM 

The Dragon Royal Family

I have decided to look for some roles. Some of the roles have set faces that I have in mind. Dragon names are open for discussion if you want to change the name.- The Dragon King -Dragon Name: AimayssFace: up to youAge: Between 900 to 1,000Short Summary He is King of the Dragon realm and husband of Laldrith. He is even the father of Ariess and Azir and step-father to Dymris. He is even the Older brother of Dummarri.- The Dragon Queen -Dragon Name: LaldrithFace: up to youAge: Around 900Short Summary Laldrith isn't of royal blood when she married the King of the Dragon realm she became Queen. She is the mother of Dymris and Azir and step-mother of Ariess.- The Dragon Prince - (Reserved)Dragon Name: EvraeFace: Jeon JungkookAge: 596Human age: 24Short Summary Azir was born to the King and Queen of the Dragon Realm. He has two older half brothers by the name of Ariess and Dymris. While his older berother Ariess was crowned as the 'Crown Dragon Prince', he is known as simply as the 'Dragon Prince'. He is younger than Ariess by 3 and younger by Dymris by 4 years.- Young Master -Dragon Name: DymrisFace: Min Yoon-giAge: 600Human Age: 28Short Summary Dymris is the son of the Dragon Queen and step son of the Dragon King. He has 1 stepbrother by the name of Ariess, who is known as the Crown Prince. He even has 1 half-brother by the name of Azir who is known as the 'Dragon Prince'.  Why both of royal titles, he is simply known as young master and has no claim to the thorne. He is also known as both his brothers keeper and was told to protect them even if his life depended on it. If anything where to happen to both his brothers and is stepfather, the thorne will go to his step-uncle and his family. - The Uncle -Dragon Name:  DummarriFace: Up to youAge: 900Short SummaryDummarri is the young brother of the King and the Uncle to Ariess and Azir and step-uncle to Dymris. Dummari secretly wants to be King and would do anything to take down his older brother and his own nephews if he has to in order to be King.- The Aunt -Dragon Name:  SirrylthFace: Up to youAge: 890Short SummaryUnlike Laldrith, Sirrylth is a Dragon who came from the Mortal Realm. She's also of Royal blood, but her family line isn't really that well known or so she claims.  Just like her husband, Dummarri, she longs to be Queen and have her son be the next King of the Dragons. Even if she has to take things into her own hands.   - The Cousin -Dragon Name: DresudFace: Up to youAge: 599Short SummaryDresud was born on the same year as Ariess, however, he is a week younger than him. Dresud hates his both of his cousins and step-cousin. He is known to be a spoiled brat and just like Dymris, he is also known as Young Master as his uncle didn't want him to have the title of Prince. 


11/19/2021 07:56 PM 

Plot ideas

STORYLINES IDEAS;          Rashel & Night world     Coming  Soon.   *****   Rashel & The Vampire Diaries  


11/19/2021 07:20 PM 


        Hello! How are you? I just want to drop by and say thank you for adding/requesting me. I know everyone hates boring greeting comments, so I'm going to try to make this quick and painless. My names Rashel Jordan, but the Night people call me by a different name "The Cat" thanks to my excellent hunting skills.   Anyway my character is base off the night world series by L.J Smith.  Though I have altered her story to fit in with the following TVD, The Originals, Legacies. But I will cross her over to other supernatural verse as well. It's okay if you haven't heard of Night world, not a lot of people have.   Now that we got that out of the way. I would love to get something going with you. if you are interested? send me message and we can get started. I'm looking forward to discussing an epic storyline together.   - Rashel  


11/17/2021 09:05 PM 


  SLAYER'S GUIDE;  “Everyone generation a slayer is born.” l  NOTICE AND DICLAIMER FIRST AND FOREMOST,the most important thing that you need to know is that, my character is Au and that she  made for the new generation of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.  Well, let's get this party started shell we?  The names Kaylee, and welcome to my rules. I MADE THESE RULES FOR A REASON. Because I had some issues in the past and decided to make these rules.  READ THEM, LOVE THEM, FOLLOW THEM.  ------------------------------------------------------------   Let's take a look behind the stake ONE. ROLE-PLAY | REAL-LIFE: OBVIOUSLY I'm not Nina Dobrev nor do I claim to be. I roleplay Kaylee Matherson an original character who the next generation of Slayer in the BTVS verse.  I will not TOLERATE OCC-DRAMA. We're all adults here so lets act our ages and not our shoe size. If you are going to start drama? Best believe you will be blocked and that is that. No one has time to deal with that sh*t. @sorrynotsorry.    MY WRITING STYLE is Para and multi-paragraph. Please bear in mind that that when it comes to starters/replies I'm slow. Because for me I don't like to rush and send out sh*tty replies/starters. If you can't wait patiently for my reply or starter then you might as well delete me now. I’m by no means a GRAMMAR NAZI. Let’s get one thing straight  no one is perfect. I’m not the best at grammar, but I do try my hardest. Please let me know, if you can't understand my reply/starters. I will be more than happy to re-do it for you.   But one thing I will not do is tolerate your rudeness. If you come at me telling that I shouldn't be here because I suck at writing. Then best believe I will block you simple as that.   REAL-LIFE PROBLEMS Shocking as it is folks, I do have a life outside of roleplaying that  takes me away from this place. But don’t we all? But don’t get your boxers in a twist. I will not leaving you hanging. I always reply to those I owe. It just might take me a few days to do it. MATURE CONTENT if you are not mature enough and can't handle the thmes such as gore, blood, cursing and things like that. if you don't want to be  offended , then delete me now.   NO GOD MODELING The only person who should be controlling my character is me and me alone.  I will talk for my character, I will walk for my character. I can handle her perfectly fine thank you. I don’t need your help in  roleplaying for her. You God model my character and I will delete you. It will typically end up in me messaging you about it to warn you, and then I'll probably delete you if you continue. Also another thing I want to point out is... Don't tell me what to do and who to talk to.  or how many accounts I should have. I will delete you're sorry ass. This chick will not be told what do, by a man or anyone for that matter. You can try, but you'll get a one way ticket to being blocked. LOVE INTERESTS / CREEPERS At this momment in time Kaylee  doesn't have a set interested. I'm open to  have a love interested for her. ( she is straight. I'm not against people who like  the same sex.  I just don't see her swing that way.)  As for the creepers are go. Do not message me  saying " hey sexy, want to f***." Or "He sexy show me your tits."   I'm not the type of person to throw myself at you. I’m  classer then that and I will delete you. So refame from being that creeper.COMMENTS / MESSAGES:  Comments are for roleplaying ONLY.  Message are for discussing epic plots together. Do not sent me starter through a message. It will likely get lost.   THAT'S ALL FOR NOW, MY Lovies! I may add more if I think of it later, so please check back if I post a status to let everyone know I've edited these.  To prove to me that you've read these rules.(Leave a funny gift  so I know that you have read and understand these rules of mine.)After you've signed these, message/comment me so that we can get a storyline discussion going! There are lots of epic-storylines we can come up with to. 

𝕸𝖎𝖓𝖓𝖎𝖊 𝕵𝖎𝖒𝖎𝖓

09/30/2021 01:55 PM 

Current mood:  bored

Hey everyone I am very bored and need someone to RP with 



09/21/2021 09:22 PM 

Powers and Abilities:

As the daughter of the Titans Atlas and Pleione , Calypso was "a goddess of strange power" she is also known as a nymph to conceal her identity. Mystiokinesis: Calypso can cast and manipulate powerful magic, though her ability is less powerful than Hecate. Her magic is mainly directed through song.  Vitakinesis:: Calypso possesses healing powers through singing a song of enchantment. Immortality Bestowal: Calypso can grant the gifts of immortality and eternal youth to whoever she chooses. Aerokinesis: Calypso can control and manipulate the the air to certain extent. Technokinesis: Calypso can construct and manipulate technology through magic, such as active machines. Telekinesis Curses: Calypso can cast powerful curses. Phrophecy:  Through her magic, she can see the past. Territorial Jurisdiction: Through the curse of the gods, Calypso was the absolute ruler of Ogygia. She could banish powerful beings like Gaea from her island and call the magical raft to allow her visitors to leave, except for herself. Weaving: she spent literally thousands of years practicing at the loom. Lock-Picking: Calypso has the ability to undo any lock using pins, since it wasn't too different from weaving thread in a loom. Multilingualism: Calypso demonstrated numerous times that she is able to speak, understand, and communicate in a variety of languages, including Ancient Greek, Minoan, and English. Gardening: Perhaps her greatest skill, Calypso is a passionate and heavily experienced gardener, including rare flowers like moonlace. Immortality


09/12/2021 08:05 PM 

Small Information /part 1\

Human name: hayato/mr.satan/frenzy red voice  dragon name: alduin /meaning: World eater\Powers fire rune Frost fine Lighting rune Ice storm Ice spear Incinerate Thunder bolt Flaming familiar Soul trap Mage light  Dectect life Telekinesis Calm Muffle Frenzy  Frenzy rune


09/11/2021 06:07 PM 

I don’t feel so good…

What am I supposed to do with you? Why did you hurt me? I let the rest go. So why this? Why now? why am I suddenly crying again and again? I'm not the type of man to lose sight and cry like this. I'm not the type to pathetically curl up and wish I was not me. But I am now. It's not entirely on you. I've just been broken so many times. But we were doing so well. I was doing so well. I had plans. I was sure. I was confident. I was free. I was loved. Or so I thought I why? Why now? In one of my best moments? One of our best moments? Why? i tried so hard. All for you. For me. For us...


09/01/2021 05:22 AM 

The day will pass…
Current mood:  depressed

The day will pass. Eventually I’ll fall back to sleep. Or will I continue to stay awake to experience these overdramatized emotions. When will this pass? When will this come again? I feel like a rotting fruit that has never truly gotten the chance to ripen. If I continue to give my all, what’s left? If I stop. If I fall. If I disappear, will I mean something? Or will my value continue to deteriorate? I can’t meet those expectations. I can’t fill those shoes. I can’t always uphold who I tried to be. I’m weak. I’m complicated. I’m sorry. I’m not excused. I’m not dismissed from my actions or words. I won’t ask for leniency. Can I even ask for the soft touch of support? Affection? Or a single glance of affirmation? My head aches. My body is sore. My chest feels weak. As if my heart is taking its last pumps of blood. Slowly. Painfully. I haven’t written in so long. But all is fair when no one reads my words anyways…



08/09/2021 02:55 PM 

We Wear Our Stories.

A few opening words...Every show is personal. Every picture tells a story. So why did I pick this theme, take all these pictures and put them together and invite people to come look at them? I gotta go back a few years to explain this choice. When I was younger I found body art, art in general interesting yes but it wasn’t something I saw as a career. It’s known amongst those I’m closest to that I used to be in med school. I was on track to be a physician. Then one stormy night everything changed.I don’t talk about it too much but I lost a lot that night. I didn’t even know until later just how much. Even now it’s still tough to talk about it because I don’t remember everything. It’s blurry pictures in my mind and sometimes I’m not sure what order they belong in. Long story short, stick to the facts as they were told to me, my sis and I were in a car crash. It was dark and rainy. The roads were slick and we'd been drinking. The reason it's important, because I'm not looking for sympathy, because of the trauma to my brain everything changed. Once I recovered, re-learned a lot, I was different, what I wanted was different, less structured and more meaningful. That's when I started getting ink. To keep the things I remember with me because everything I looked at I wanted to know that story. Of course the other change was leaving med school and enrolling in art school so I could learn everything about photography.Many know my specialty is abandoned places. Decay. Graffiti. These things fascinate me because again, so many stories. So the natural progression is tattoos and why this ink at this time in this place. People have different reasons, I can't tell you every detail, you have to look at them because they speak for themselves.      Title: The First                                                                                             Model: Katsurō Title: Ever Expanding      Model: Katsurō                                                              Title: Hidden                                                                                                                                     Model: Masuji Title: Revelation      Model: Masuji                                                                       Title: Reflection                                                                                                                                    Model: Masuji Title:Pensive     Model: Masuji                                                                              Title: The Clown                                                                                                           Model: Yoshiatsu  Title: Just a Moment      Model: Yoshiatsu                                                                   Title: For the Recollection                                                                                   Model: Yoshiatsu            Title: Baby Girl    Model: Wren                                                           Title: Complete                                                                                                                                                     Model: Wren       Title: Butterfly   Model: Yuh                                                          Title:  Tapestry                                                                                                Model: Haku  Title: Waking    Model: Heidi                                                                                           Title: Chaotic                                                                                                                      Model: Emily  Title: Vixen   Model: Vanessa                                            Title:Destruction                                                                                    Model: Nameless                                         


03/30/2021 03:13 PM 


[The Greek Goddess Hebe, is the goddess of youth or the prime of life. Hebe was the daughter of Zeus and Hera.]From a young age, she knew she wanted to be famous. She knew she wanted to make a mark that would last forever.Born from a famous man and women who were once madly in love, but then developed a love hate kind of relationship, she still cherished her mother and father.It's true that she's never had to much of a struggle to achieve success because many doors were already open for her, but there is always far more under the surface. She is not your typical rich girl who thinks the world should bow to her. In fact she is very humble, and kind. She works very hard and strives to be the best version of herself that she can be.Thriving on youth and happiness, and refusing to waste even one moment of life, she believes that life is a very precious thing. She's unaware of the real reason why she always feels the need to relentlessly pursue her dreams and happiness.Since birth she has had the spirit of a ancient greek goddess living inside her. This goddess was the daughter of Zeus and Hera, and ruled the domain of youth and life. Her name was Hebe, and it is her who adds extra fuel to that drive.She lives to inspire and cherishes her youth. She is 1/4th of the mega girl group BLACKPINK..She is.Jennie, Kim.


11/20/2020 09:10 PM 

~𝕬𝖓𝖔𝖓 𝕿𝖚𝖙𝖔𝖗𝖎𝖆𝖑~
Current mood:  happy

Alrighty, since you guys wanna make an Anon too, this is how you do it!!!LET'S GET IT!!!**Be aware I use the browser version of Google Drive, not the app, and I am using a laptop!**Creating the document-First, you want to log into your gmail (or at least make sure you're logged in). Don't worry, no one will see your email, this is just to make the document.Next, you want to go to your Google Drive and press 'New'. (This is for laptop users. If you're on moble, I believe you press the '+' in the bottom right corner. I suggest moving to a laptop device, though.)Once you press that, there should be a drop down menu that has a bunch of options (laptop). You want to go down and press the arrow next to the 'Google Forms' option. This will give you two more options: 'Blank form' or 'Choose from template'. You want to choose the 'Blank form' option. Now you have created your document!!Decorating your document-I honestly like decorating first, so let's get this out the way!For this, you might want to have a banner-style image ready of whatever you'd like, or at least an image that can be cropped into a banner style while still being visible.If you have that ready, great!! Go up to the top right of the screen and look for the little palette symbol. Click that and it'll bring up a menu. You want to look at that menu and press 'Upload image' to upload your banner/header image. Once you press that, you should just go through the simple uploading steps to locate that image and crop it to fit the header style.Once that is uploaded, you should now see Theme Color and Background Color options that are auto generated to match your banner. You should select whichever color you'd like to match (or not!) your banner.Down below both of THOSE options, there's a font drop down. This one's pretty obvious, just click the drop down and choose which one you like best.Inserting questions into your document-As intimidating as it seems, it's actually pretty easy!I believe the forms already auto-generates a question for you to edit. If not, there is a little sidebar that follows you as you scroll. Click the little '+' to add a new question!For the type of question (dropdown, mulitple choice, short answer, long answer, etc), you just click the question you want to edit, then click the drop down menu and select the question type you'd like to have for that specific question. Obviously, you'd type in the question in the 'Untitled question' box. For multiple choice questions and drop down questions, you'd just type as many answers as you'd like. Note that down at the bottom right of each question box, you can make that question required, delete it, or copy it.You'd repeat this process for as many questions as you'd like. But you can keep them all in one section, or you can go back to that little traveling sidebar and click the bottom option which is to add a new section. You'll have to re-name the section and you can put questions there too if you'd like by dragging questions from above and bringing them down or just making sure you're scrolled to that section and then pressing the add question button.Copying your finished document's link-Once you are completely finished with your Anon, you want to go up to the little eye next to the palette on the top right of your screen and click it. Once there, you'll be on a preview page. What you want to do now is go up to the search bar and copy the link for that page. Now, you can post it onto a bulletin on site and post that link on stream for people to complete it!!!I really hope this helped! Please comment and let me know if you have any questions and I will answer them to my best ability!!!Have fun!!

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