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Minnie Kittygang Jimin

08/04/2022 10:21 PM 

About the Author
Current mood:  adventurous

Once you read this, feel free to add me to discord:  Euphoric#4114Hey, I don't always play Jimin, I prefer to play other faceclaims but seeing as he was my first character I really got into I picked him. ​​​ Hey, my name is Minnie, and out of RP I'd prefer you not know my name.  I am Over 25 and have been roleplaying for over 15 years.  I'm in the PST Timezone I'm extremely easy going and laid back, I don't bite except in Roleplay ( xD I'm sure you havn't heard that before) I am part of the LGBT Community  Roleplay is my passion, and an escape I'm taken IRL and Roleplay is IC only No OOC Drama  I welcome OOC Talking but stay away from the following topics: Any real world drama Politics Country Specific Happenings Political or social justice groups of any kind No Homophobia, I'm very happy to be part of the LGBT community.  Communication is Key with me.  I don't mind post sizes as long as you give me enough to work with.  I only roleplay m x m situations, I don't like including any female x any relatiosnhips, other than friendship. I'm a very casual RPer because I work but at the moment I'm stuck in bed from a back injury from work. When it does come to any adult situations I would prefer to have a chat OOC first. Being asexual I don't care for much adult content, I really enjoy the story and plot development over anything. You can add me on discord if you would like to RP with me, however I don't ALWAYS play Jimin.  I write in 3rd person only, and expect you to as well. If you're bored of the RP, let me know, I love coming up with new ideas - or even parting ways if we're not right for eachother.  Please let me know if you're going to be away for more than a couple days - and feel free to poke me every few days for a reply as I tend to forget here and there, just please don't pester IE Multiple a day if I havn't replied  It's better to get ahold of me on discord I love having chat about the RP planning it's my favorite. As long as you try to give me something to reply to, I'll typically make the same effort back.  I'm pretty quick to reply unless I'm at work, then you might have to wait a bit, but I love to contact my partners on discord between posts anyway. Almost all of my roleplays regardless who I'm playing can contain rather triggering topics, so if you're not comfortable with those let me know. I'm really hard to trigger and love going deep and psychological into weird and strange topics. Do not pry for Real Life Information. I will not tell you anything about me unless I trust you.  No instant romance. There can be build up, there can be teasing, there can even be flirting, but if you tell my character you love them on the first date you're going to turn me off to the RP unless we talk about it OOC and discuss the reason for it.


ʏᴏᴜɴɢɢɪ 🤍

08/02/2022 04:16 PM 

Just a little something.

Heeiiyya! Younggi's admin here!First of all, thank you for being kind to my baby!Second of all, this is by no means a set of rules. It's more of a guidelines of sorts.I really took a challenge when I decided to create a blind character. I know this is not a light subject and I don't want to romanticize disabilities, this is why I try my best to do it justice. That being said, I know it's hard to ignore some pictures (as it is hard for me to find pictures where Hobi doesn't make eye contact with the camera), so when that happens, and it is hard to hide the reason why, just pretend he (Younggi) isn't doing that. Sometimes, his brother will help him take better pictures by guiding him, sometimes it (the eye contact) just isn't there.Texting. How is he able to text if he doesn't see? Simple. He uses his smartphone or computer helped by a screen reader. What is a screen reader? A screen reader, as it implies, reads the screen. It usually does this through synthesized speech. He rarely texts, though, since he is a big fan of sending voice mails. I just wanted to put it out there, in case your character will text him and he will answer back with a text message. Please, please don't ask him "how did you do that if you can't see?", because I don't think you would ask someone in real life that question. Other than insensitive questions, you are free to ask any other curiosities whether in character or not. Oh, and I am thinking about creating a Discord only for the sole purpose of roleplaying, but this is going to fall under the "TBA" tag. Thank you for taking time to read this.Happy roleplaying!!


08/02/2022 06:59 PM 

Admin, rules & all that jazz

           Admin stuff: I go by K or Eli. Both are official nicknames and alias' I go by when roleplaying. I have a UK timezone. (GMT/BST) I'm friendly and easy going. I am 28, nearly 29. MDNI, sorry not sorry.  I'm gay and trans, any homo/transphobic or rude comments and remarks will be deleted. I only give my real name out to those I trust, especially online and such.  I do not and will not tolerate any ooc drama or bullying of any form I give 01 warning and chance to commincate, and sort things, before blocking/reporting/deleting. I have health issues, severe episodes of dissociation and a partner, and child irl, outside of roleplay, my heath and family come before everything else. However if I haven't replied on here or discord in a few days, then please feel free to give me a little message or nudge of sorts, I don't bite.  I may add you first, but not talk first, if this is the case, please bare with me, I have anixety.  I play my characters for me and in no way, shape or form do I intend to offend or upset any person, company or member that I play.  Always in character. If ooc I will put some form of symbol before hand, such as ## or //. Rules: Strictly mxm in terms of romance and heavier/more mature themes but female friends are more than welcome.  If you don't like mature, dark/angsty themes or swearing, or are easily triggered, I'd suggest to skip over adding.  I highly appreciate and value respect, communication and effort.  Do not bring ic drama into ooc and vice versa.  If your not looking for/interested in long term or more serious writing, then note I am or skip past this profile.  Roleplaying or casual chatting is completely fine.  Don't be a d*ck, this is a place for writing, creativity and fun, let's keep it that way.  Please respect my decisions.  Don't hound or bug me for replies, even if I appear online or active on feed, sometimes I may be busy or ill, or just can't concentrate, or I am distracted, or have forgotten. Or simply not in the mood, but either way - I do have a habit of zoning out a lot, it's nothing personal but either way, I don't want to write up half assed replies. However, little nudges and reminders here and there are okay and welcomed.  If bored or away for a long period of time and/or we have something long term going in RP, please try and let me know, and I'll try to do so, also. You owe me nothing, and I owe you nothing, but it would be nice and highly appreciated.  No controlling or god modding my character(s), especially outside of exceptions made and prior discussion. I do not appreciate that. i don't control you or your charact(s) so please don't do so do me or to mine.  Effort x effort, if you make an effort with me then I will make an effort back. Respect me, I'll respect you. It's really as simple as that. I don't want any drama or conflict. And if there are any changes need made anywhere or are any mistakes/ or issues, I would honestly prefer to adjust or sort things out, which means talking and listening. Other:   I write in both 1st and 3rd person narritive, but it is often 3rd, as that's usually what my writing partner(s) are comfortable with and not just as far as writing styles and what not, but overall, I'd prefer both parties are and were comfortable.  I often do multi-au's and my discord is my main, but I mostly use for RP and there, I'm multi-muse/multi-ship as everything is seperated/unique, however multi-ship doesn't seem to work in my case, so I've resorted back to single-ship relationships for my character(s), at least on the site.  Let me know if you're up for creating, inviting and/or sharing a private or group RP server on discord.  Please understand, and I repeat, please understand that all relationships/drama is purely in character (ic) only, and that outside of the site or roleplay, and the worldwide web, I have a partner and child, so any flirting, relationship or enemie storylines/ic drama, is purely that, and stays IC. Please and thank you, in advance. Whilst reply length and replying times may often vary, on each side, I always try to match lengths or detail, and am usually moderate to fast in replying.  If you lie I will find out one way or another, so my advice is not to bother. I do have discord, so please just ask, if you don't already have it.   English is my native/first language, if it isn't yours then please just let me know.  Typos and errors happen, mistakes happen, all I ask is to try your best.  Mature, dark, potentially triggering themes. Trigger warnings fyi, will always be issued when appropriate.  I repeat, as mentioned above, do not and will not tolerate unnecessary, ooc dram or bullying of any form.  If something is wrong or you have a question, and so on, let's communicate and talk it out, over DM's. I will always try my best to message and communicate if needed or when I can, so all I ask is for the same back.  Communication and respect are highly important to me. Don't lie to me and don't be a d*ck.  This is a single ship account. I can play, with exceptions or prior discussion other muses but Yoongi/Agust is my main fc/character.  I do have health issues, both physically and mentally, and I have ptsd, however, ironically enough I'm not usually easily triggered, at least not when it comes to gore or dark/angsty themes, and such, however if something I see triggers me, I will say something or report such, depending on what it is/was, and secondly, I'll always try to post a trigger warning or disclaimer of sorts, before I post certain stuff, such as triggering posts.  Please, let's work up to romance and more mature themes. I can and will add, modify, change or remove details and/or rules as and when I feel it's necessary or deem fit. 

admin blog, ooc, rules, other, communication, 18+, 21+, tags


07/28/2022 10:51 PM 

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Asian Roleplay

07/20/2022 12:37 PM 

Custom Text Editor in Messages

Everyone can now use the Custom Text Editor in Private Messages! 


07/10/2022 01:46 PM 


  ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━      GENERAL INFORMATION.    NAME — Kim    ALIAS — Namjoon    NICKNAMES — NJ, Joon, Joonie, Namu    SPECIES — human    AGE — 27 years old    BIRTHDAY — 12th September 1994    BIRTHSTONE — Sapphire    ASTROLOGICAL ZODIAC — virgo    CHINESE ZODIAC — dog    OCCUPATION — idol, songwriter and producer    SOCIAL CLASS — N/A    AVERAGE INCOME — N/A    LIVING ARRANGMENT — An apartment in Seoul, South Korea    CURRENT LOCATION — Seoul, South Korea    BIRTHPLACE — Dongjak-gu, Seoul, South Korea    NATIONALITY — Korean    ETHNICITY — Korean    RACE — Asian    BLOOD TYPE — A    SEX — male.    GENDER — cisgender.    SEXUALITY — gay & demisexual & demiromantic    POSITION —  switch = sub/bottom lean    RELATIONSHIP STATUS — single    PAST RELATIONSHIPS — a few    RELIGION — atheist    EDUCATION — Master of Business Administration program in Advertising and Media    LANGUAGES — fluent in Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, German and Italian, understands a little Spanish and French    ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━      APPEARANCE.    CLOTHING STYLE — pretty much comfortable, baggy clothes, but elegant too    HEIGHT — 1.81m    WEIGHT — 70kg    FIGURE — does have some muscles, pretty tall    DISTINCTIVE FEATURES — chest & dimples    SCARS — on his knee and a few others by smaller accidents    TATTOOS or MARKINGS  — N/A    SCENT — N/A    COMPLEXION — tan skin    NATURAL HAIR COLOUR — dark brown    CURRENT HAIR COLOUR — brown    EYE COLOUR — dark brown    VOICE — deep, warm and quiet    ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━      PERSONALITY.    MBTI — INFP    DISPOSITION — pessimistic    ALIGNMENT — lawful neutral    POSITIVE TRAITS — caring, curious, loyal , intelligent, very kindhearted    NEGATIVE TRAITS — easily sensitive, extremely anxious, overthinking, clingy    LIKES — animals, especially his dog Monie, poetry/writings, languages, music, his friends, food, tea, nature    DISLIKES — rejection, being alone, smell of smoke, seafood, his anxieties, being extremely sensitive    PET PEEVES — any kind of noises like eating noisily, loud breathing, loud snoring, selfish people    FEARS — rejection, losing people he likes/loves, being a replacement or not enough, getting a bad illness    HABITS — biting his lip or inner skin of his chin, making fists, rubbing/scratching his thighs (especially when nervous/stressed)    HOBBIES — reading, playing instruments, travelling, visiting museums, taking walks through the nature, taking care of his plants    LONG TERM GOALS — finding happiness    OBSESSIONS — bonsais    ADDICTIONS — N/A    ALLERGIES — dust    PHYSICAL HEALTH — pretty stable    MENTAL HEALTH — unstable    DISORDERS — generalized anxiety disorder, panic attacks, depression, occupational burnout, tachycardia (triggered through stress), phobic postural vertigo    STRENGTHS/ABILITIES — N/A    WEAKNESSES — perfectionist, extremely sensitive    ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━      PREFERENCES.    FAVOURITE COLOUR — dark blue, black & white    FAVOURITE ANIMAL — dog & koala    FAVOURITE FLOWER — clematis & roses    FAVOURITE FOOD — pizza, kalguksu, salad    FAVOURITE DRINK — any kind of tea, milkshakes, smoothies    FAVOURITE SHOW — la casa da papel    FAVOURITE MOVIE — call me by your name    FAVOURITE SONG — "let you down" by NF, "lonely" by JB and Benny Blanco & "if I killed someone for you" by Alec Benjamin    FAVOURITE BOOK — "please look after mother" by Kyung-Sook Shin & "the fault in our stars" by John Green    FAVOURITE POEM — "Maybe there's something you're afraid to say, or someone you're afraid to love, or somewhere you're afraid to go. It's gonna hurt. It's gonna hurt because it matters." by John Green"It always shocked me when I realized that I wasn’t the only person in the world who thought and felt such strange and awful things." by John Green    FAVOURITE SEASON — fall    FAVOURITE WEATHER — sunny, not too hot, just that it feels comfortable    FAVOURITE TIME of DAY — morning and evening slowly going over to the night, basically sunrise & sunset    PRIZED POSSESSIONS — photographs with family & friends, my dog    IDEAL TYPE — should be fine with skinship, intelligent, likes music, animals or plants    ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━      RELATIONSHIPS.    LOVER — N/A    FATHER — Kim Dae-jung ; alive    MOTHER — Kim Seo-yeon ; alive    BROTHER — N/A    SISTER — Kim Geong-min ; alive    CHILDREN — N/A    OTHER RELEVANT RELATIVES — alive    BEST FRIEND — N/A    CLOSE FRIENDS — N/A    ENEMIES — N/A    PETS — dog named Monie    ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━      OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION.    N/A 


07/10/2022 01:45 PM 

Admin + Rules

Admin:pronounce: he|him / she|herbirthdate: 10th February 2001age: 21Rules:- You must be ooc 18+ (please tell me your ooc age before rping!)- Don't take control over my character.- Only roleplaying semi lit up to lit, third person. If you roleplay like this *hugs you* then I will kindly tell you that they should stay at text talk, I don't like to roleplay like that, I am sorry.- Please no littles, crossdresser, abo, hybrids or anything supernatural.If you want to roleplay then please think about that I won't do this & it's totally fine if you don't want to roleplay anymore then.- Understand that English isn't my first language, so mistakes are just mistakes and not forcefully done to annoy you.- That doesn't mean though that I don't care about grammar etc. Typos are fine.- Please, don't use "u", "r", "bcs", etc. during roleplaying.- Please use any way to show that you talk ooc! I use as example this // before I write.- Talk with me if you don't like something.- I'm serious, please tell me if you are offline for a longer time and I will do so too. Because waiting is terrible and if we want our muses to have a connection then we need to work together on it and just disappearing and coming whenever you like doesn't help at all. If you have ooc a lot going on, just tell me. I can be very patient, but without telling me anything and coming back after weeks or months is a no-go.- As well about deleting/disappearing and not coming back online. Not cool. Put always yourself in to that situation, how would you feel if people do that with you? It's not fun. At least give a heads up that you will be >deleting< , give some time to read and maybe talk in case we talked as well ooc.- if you tend to be a person who just disappears and deletes whenever you want, DON'T talk/messages with my muse. He doesn't need to waste time on people who don't care about him enough to maybe take a break instead of straight of deleting.Like said, if you need time you are welcome to say it ooc, after all ooc life comes first, but don't just do this.


06/27/2022 05:47 PM 

About Admin

GMT/BST Timezone, Britsh admin Friendly admin.  Admin is 25+, nearly 30.  This account will include dark/heavy themes, and the admin is an adult Fast to moderate replies. Sorry, in advance if replies are all over the place though. Complex PTSD & anxiety, amongst other sh*t. Engaged & proud parent IRL, please respect that. Gay & Trans male IRL, pronouns he/him, they/them or he/they are also acceptable. Any homo/transphobia will be reported and you will be blocked. I don't and won't tolerate bullying or OOC drama, 01 warning then immediate blocking and reporting. I will not rush anyone for replies, OOC life and health come first, for myself included. If any issues, concerns, questions, etc - especially within RP, please communicate with me. English IS my 1st language, if it isn't yours, let me know. This is a single ship account, so is my Joon account. My Yoongi/Agust D account is multi ship/multi au. Please make an effort, be nice and communicate with me, i'll do the same in return. Let's keep drama and angst for RP storylines only, yeah? Disccusions and such 1st, of course. I'll do my best to post NSFW or TW - if my content is heavy/triggering or nsfw. All OOC/ADMIN posts will have some sort of symbol like || or [] and/or OOC literally stated before hand.  Please do not add IF you do not do or like supernatural/mafia or dark themes or accounts/ I get typos and errors, mistakes, etc do happen, all I ask is for open communication and effort back. 50/50. IF my character(s) are in relationships they are 110% loyal, and if multi ship, they are again, 110% loyal but all storylines/au's are seperate. Also my characters are always gay or bi (with a (heavy) male lean), because it's more comfortable for me, but female characters are more than welcome and free to add and still roleplay with me/my characters, however - there will be no romance/smut, sorry.  This is a NSFW 18-21+ account, so IF you are under 18, then I can't stress this enough, but please do not add, and also, big hell no, I won't do smut or heavy angst, and please do not add/roleplay with you if you're a minor, sorry not sorry, it's uncomfortable, weird and not to mention, illegal.  I am almost always online, also I make a lot of typos/errors when I'm tired, apologies in advance. I do 1st and 3rd person narritive, whatever is comfortable for my writing partner(s) also. My discord is my personal discord, however, I do mainly use it for just roleplaying, feel free to ask for it. I'm not new, but made a come back recently. I currently, have only 02 other (and semi-active) accounts at: @AGUSTD and @JOON. I do one liners, mainly for text in roleplay or introductions but storywise, I like long term writing partner(s) and having something to work with, and always try to give the same back, lengths may vary. I like both, myself and my partner(s) to be comfortable.  Please respect I have a partner, child and life, life everyone else and please do not - hound me for a reply, sometimes I'm only active on discord or on the feed or accidently keep myself logged in when on my phone, I am fast to moderate with replies and again, lengths may often vary, but I will always try to give detailed replies, if i happen to forget or zone out, don't be afraid to check in with me. Please do not kill off my character(s) or try to god mod and control my character(s), I play them for me, therefore how I see fit. If you do not like my character(s) or any genre's, I can play a different one in our storyline (with prior discussion(s) and communication first) or I may make exceptions, and can change/subtract genre(s) within the storyline only, again given prior discussion(s) and open communication/warning first, but the account/character(s) themselves will still be the same. Also, little disclaimer - I mean no hate or offence to any of the faceclaims used IRL, it's simply roleplay. IF you do not want to continue a relationship with my character(s) or do not want to continue (or even perhaps just want to ask/change something in) a storyline we have actively going, pleaseeeee, please do tell me first and we can discuss, end or change whatever, as needed, but a little respect and communication, effort, as I mention before, goes a long way. And once again, I'm laid back, friendly, try my best but I will NOT appreciate with angst or drama that goes too far, especially without some sort of discussion(s) or warning(s) first, and agian, I DO NOT and WILL NOT tolerate bullying or harassment of any form. Roleplay is for writing, creativity, story making, and even a means of escapism for many of us, myself included,  I will modify/delete as I feel is needed or as I see fit, so please keep an eye out. Remember, I respect you, you respect me, and vice versa, very simple. So, let's write together and let's keep things simple, creative and fun for everyone. 

admin, first blog, ooc, rules, respect, communication, effort, 18+, 21+, nsfw account, entry #1

W𝔦𝔩𝔡 P𝔯𝔦𝔫𝔠𝔢

06/12/2022 08:43 PM 

About Admin

🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞  ✅ Fast replies (most of the time, serious bad for getting distracted)✅ British admin (from the UK, GMT/BST timezone)✅ My other profile ( )✅ 1st & 3rd person (either is fine with me)⛔ NO drama or bullsh*t (x2 chances then reported & blocked)⛔ NO homophobic or transphobic bullsh*t (reported & blocked automatically)⛔ NO bullying of ANY form (again, reported & blocked automatically)⛔ MDNI 18 - 21+ only (sorry, not sorry, admin 28, no minors, no sketchy sh*t !!)⚠ Admin is friendly and discord available (Discord is admin's personal - but mainly used for RP) ⚠ Admin dissociates/zones out A LOT (Sorry, if replies are a little all over the place)⚠ Admin has Anxiety, Depression & Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Please be patient, and thank you in advance)⚠ Admin will post trigger warnings ahead of any triggering/dark posts (Always try my best) 🚧 PS. 🚧  ✯ IF there is any issues orquestions, etc, please don't be afraid to message me and we can sort something out, talk over any problems, and IF English is not /you're/ 1st language, please, just let me know. I am not a "grammer nazi" or anything, as long as there is - respect, communication and understanding, and we all try our best, Then I won't/don't have any issues or beef. Semi literate to literate, and multi para writer, but I always try to work with my writing partner(s), so we're both comfortable. All IC relationships are storyline/roleplay only, and IF multi-ship - then all au's are seperate. All OOC posts will be marked with some sort of symbol before like; ##,  [] or //.    🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞  

admin blog, guidelines,

Those Wayward Souls

05/23/2022 08:56 PM 

Kayako Saeki vs. Reika Kuze Part One: Decay of Sanity
Current mood:  intense

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Those Wayward Souls

05/21/2022 09:47 PM 

Bing Yi's First Snuff Film
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Those Wayward Souls

05/21/2022 09:44 PM 

Izumi's Depraved Mission
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Those Wayward Souls

05/21/2022 09:42 PM 

Freeze Me: Chihiro's First Victim
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Those Wayward Souls

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A Tale of Two Sisters: Su-mi's Malicious Vindication
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Those Wayward Souls

05/18/2022 12:24 PM 

Asami Yamazaki: Vengeance Through His Suffering
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