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Those Wayward Souls (MCRP)

05/20/2021 12:25 PM 

A Tale of Two Sisters: Su-mi's Malicious Vindication
Current mood:  determined

(In this scenario everything is completely real and nothing is imagined or hallucinated either, unlike what happened in the actual movie.)Su-mi had finally snapped after her cruel and remorseless stepmother Eun-joo went much too far this time around, by poisoning her younger sister Su-yeon for seemingly no reason whatsoever, yet it took this heinous action on the older woman's part to at last cause the protective and loving sister of Su-yeon to completely lose it, because up until now both girls had more or less put up with Eun-joo's ever increasing abuse, however things were most definitely different on this particular occasion, much to the chagrin of the unsuspecting female who would soon pay dearly for ruining the lives of her cowardly and spineless husband's daughters.Moo-hyeon was away visiting relatives right now, because he just couldn't cope with his family's current negative situation, one in which his wife often lashed out at not only himself, but also his two daughters as well, so the supposed head of household abandoned them both and would not be coming back again for at least the next few weeks, thus setting the stage for Eun-joo to become even more violent than before, yet it would end up costing her a great deal of mental agony and physical suffering before all was said and done.Su-mi quickly came to her sweet and innocent sister's aid just then, after discovering that poor Su-yeon had been poisoned by that disgusting excuse for a human being, and after administering medicine to Su-yeon and making sure she was alright, Su-mi at last left her sleeping sister to recover from almost being killed by Eun-joo, as she slowly walked into the living room before grabbing a flower vase, bringing it down with great force against the merciless tormentor's head, even smirking sadistically after the wicked stepmother crumbled to the floor. Sneaking up behind Eun-joo had finally turned the tables and for once the abuser would become the abused."This all ends for good today, and you won't ever lay a finger on Su-yeon or myself again!"Su-mi dragged her unconscious stepmother over to the basement, and after opening it up she coldly and casually shoved her down it as Eun-joo's body made sickening thuds against the steps, before finally coming to a rest on the floor. Su-mi remembered all of those terrible times that Eun-joo abused her, but the overly protective sister simply took everything without hardly ever fighting back either, because at least it meant Su-yeon would be safe from all harm, but even that was not enough because eventually Eun-joo started taking it all out on the younger, weaker and more easily frightened girl, yet up until now Su-mi never really knew about the full extent of Su-yeon's abuse, due to her frail sister hiding the truth regarding how often Eun-joo mentally, emotionally, and physically made this poor girl's life a living Hell on earth.Cold water being splashed against Eun-joo's face quickly woke her back up, yet she was now tied up to a chair and unable to do anything about it either, as the vengeful Su-mi suddenly began zapping the already injured woman over and over again, using a powerful stun gun to torture Eun-joo as the older female screamed in agony, much to the sheer delight of the one standing above her, looking down at this wretched individual who'd caused people so much anguish over the last several months. No amount of begging and pleading could make Su-mi stop though, and if anything it only served to anger the young woman even more than before, as she reached down to grab some long, sharp scissors."Goddamn loud mouth bitch! Someone should really shut that f***ing mouth of yours up!"Eun-joo's protests fell on deaf ears as her abused stepdaughter slowly began cutting her tongue off, taking all the time in the world to inflict maximum damage until finally, only gurgling sounds were heard as Eun-joo coughed and spit out blood from what little now remained of her tongue."There, much better! Oh and I almost forgot something else too."Quick, small cuts alternated between much deeper and more savage ones, as Su-mi used both a fillet and butcher knife to inflict dozens of wounds upon the helpless Eun-joo's body, being careful not to kill her just yet because she deserved to suffer tremendous pain for however long Su-mi so desired. Eventually she undid the ropes holding Eun-joo's hands and feet against the chair, causing the mutilated female to fall on the floor as blood gushed forth, which greatly excited this formerly kind girl turned brutal avenger, to the point where she reached down and began covering herself with Eun-joo's blood, as both hands became soaked with it before smearing the bright, red crimson all over her face and other body parts for good measure."Time for you to depart from this earth."Su-mi then grabbed a large burlap sack and placed the already dying woman inside of it, which took some time because by now Eun-joo was more or less dead weight, but after this had been accomplished she began repeatedly beating the sack with a metal pipe, using the dangerous weapon to finally end this miserable woman's life, as Eun-joo's brains were turned to mush while many bones were broken along the way. She then poured gasoline all over the bag and set it on fire, laughing insanely as what remained of her stepmother burned until little was left of the corpse.Su-mi was arrested for the murder but was declared mentally unfit to stand trial, due to her sudden and complete break from reality, no doubt the result of her mind snapping and being unable to tell right from wrong anymore. Su-mi being sent away to a mental institution was the last straw for her father Moo-hyeon, who later committed suicide by hanging himself in the very same basement which his wife had so violently met her untimely demise, but thankfully Su-yeon was soon adopted by a kind and loving family, thus bringing a mostly tragic, but at the same time somewhat positive end to this unfortunate chain of events.

Those Wayward Souls (MCRP)

05/20/2021 12:21 PM 

Asami Yamazaki: Vengeance Through His Suffering
Current mood:  crazy

(Highly influenced by one of my favorite movies ever, the legendary "Audition" but this time I made the ending much more to my liking!)Sharp needles inserted into his chest, the helpless man screams in severe agony,As she makes him suffer horribly for daring to not love only her and no one else!Another most painful lesson now begins, he would not be the first nor the last,To feel this lovely young woman's vindictive wrath, for men are indeed truly foolish!The male's eyelids also make a perfect target, as more needles piece through them,Until his agonizing cries of anguish greatly excite her like nothing else ever could.Laughing softly while at the same time talking down to him, true torture now begins!The vicious and unforgiving garrote wire starts slicking through flesh and bone.A most delightful sound which truly pleases her, because only through suffering,Can one be made to understood those very same things which she herself endured,Over the course of an abused and traumatizing life, leaving her bitter and spiteful.Finally his right foot snaps off after she finishes cutting and sawing through it.Her laughs become louder as she casually tosses the severed body part aside,Before doing the same to his other foot as well, for he deserves to die slowly!She then proceeds to cruelly dismember him alive, saving the worst for last.Bleeding him out until the final breath is taken, after castrating his private parts.He at last expires while she herself enjoys a sickening new thrill unlike none other.An exquisite feeling beyond any which mere would could ever possible describe! 

Those Wayward Souls (MCRP)

05/20/2021 12:20 PM 

Kayako Saeki: Perpetual Misfortune
Current mood:  devious

(Influenced by those original Asian horror movies about Kayako Saeki, with the actress Takako Fuji in mind because she's the only one who could ever play that role to perfection!)Slowly crawling down the stairs, her croaking noises becomes louder,As she moves closer to two more innocent and unsuspecting victims.Human lives ended so easily due to literally being frightened to death,By this quite violent but nevertheless misunderstood ghostly figure.In life she only wanted peace and happiness through marriage,But his insane jealousy ended this lovely young woman's existence,Along with her only son and his cherished and much adored pet.Uncontrolled anger left mother and child now dead and departed,Yet she soon returned to make this tormented abuser pay dearly,Strangling him unto permanent oblivion with her long and thick hair.Their vengeful spirits returned to torment those among the living,Yet she was by far the most powerful and dangerous of the three.Ignorant trespassers foolish enough to scorn at these ghastly tales,Will become the next to feel this tormented yurei's unbridled rage,As she claims their lives before they themselves join this cycle.A never-ending curse which only becomes stronger with more victims.


05/10/2021 01:55 PM 

๐’ฅ๐‘œ๐’พ๐“ƒ ๐“‰๐’ฝ๐‘’ ๐ˆ๐๐…๐„๐‘๐๐Ž ๐‡๐„๐‹๐‹๐…๐ˆ๐‘๐„ ๐‚๐Ž๐•๐„๐ (๐ผ๐ป๐’ž)

ORIGIN OF THE COVEN;There have been many great gatherings of powerful, beautiful, sinful creatures over the centuries of the Earth being whole; each one hosting their own legacies and frightful myths. The Inferno Hellfire Coven is amongst the greatest of the greats and leading in the longest years in a position of power over the other groups, both new and ancient. The IHC (Inferno Hellfire Coven) history is shrouded in mystery, darkness and blood. The first initial rumors of the IHC's first gathering was in the times of one of the great wonders of the modern world; The Hanging Garden's of Babylon. During that time, monsters and witches gathered to create a secret society amongst the rich to unlock the powers of the old gods. Their trails would come to light to the humans and the IHC went into hiding. It would not be until the early days of London that the IHC would once again gain membership and grow into a popular underground society for those 'touched by satan', meaning those with gifts or born with darkness. It was during the London age that the IHC would give it's members proper elite titles to signify their chosen member's importance and rank within the group. The group would remain a known name for the years that followed up until the modern day where the group had recruited members from across the globe. Though, over time, the group has lessened its ranks to just the elites and selected persons of true influence. The main IHC is now being run by the Vampire Lord Wonho who has currently emptied all the ranks of the previous members to make way for his new reincarnation of his Asian-centric elite court of monsters.PURPOSE; To gather monsters together in a secret society  to allow them to flourish and live lavish, unbothered lifestyles. The coven works together in the common wealth of all it's members; allowing each member to tribute or donate some portion of their profits or goods to the coven. WHO CAN JOIN;Any supernatural being or creature.RULES;Respect, Honestly and Activity is asked. There are common decency rules that should be common knowledge If the new head of the coven; WONHO, deems one's activity to be unwanted or undesired, a warning will be distributed if warranted or immediate dismissal and block by all members will be initiated.RANKS & TITLES;Wonho has adapted titles from regal British times that each member must have upon entry into the club; this titles are limited to the following: Lord, Lordess, Duke, Dutchess, Madame, Mistress, Baron, Baroness, Dame. One's preferred gender identity does not define their title options, men and females can have any title.APPLICATION: *comment your application on this blog. character's name character's birthplace  character's race character's powers character's job/occupation/way of income chosen rank for title   MASTERLIST:LORD WONHO - VAMPIRE  

๐—–๐—›๐—”๐—ก๐—˜๐—Ÿ ๐Ÿ‘‘

03/30/2021 03:13 PM 


[The Greek Goddess Hebe, is the goddess of youth or the prime of life. Hebe was the daughter of Zeus and Hera.]From a young age, she knew she wanted to be famous. She knew she wanted to make a mark that would last forever.Born from a famous man and women who were once madly in love, but then developed a love hate kind of relationship, she still cherished her mother and father.It's true that she's never had to much of a struggle to achieve success because many doors were already open for her, but there is always far more under the surface. She is not your typical rich girl who thinks the world should bow to her. In fact she is very humble, and kind. She works very hard and strives to be the best version of herself that she can be.Thriving on youth and happiness, and refusing to waste even one moment of life, she believes that life is a very precious thing. She's unaware of the real reason why she always feels the need to relentlessly pursue her dreams and happiness.Since birth she has had the spirit of a ancient greek goddess living inside her. This goddess was the daughter of Zeus and Hera, and ruled the domain of youth and life. Her name was Hebe, and it is her who adds extra fuel to that drive.She lives to inspire and cherishes her youth. She is 1/4th of the mega girl group BLACKPINK..She is.Jennie, Kim.


01/27/2021 05:01 PM 

Simple Rules

1. Absolutely NO drama. I will not tolerate it. 2. Smutt? No, only one person will get that from me. 3. Respect those on my friends list. If you disrespect those i hold dear to me you can consider yourself deleted. 4. Do not rush me for replies, i have a real life and i do get busy... 5. Don't try to control me or my character.


๐š‚๐š˜๐š˜๐š‹๐š’๐š— โ„

01/05/2021 03:35 PM 

Welcome to my eternal winter ~

A little bit of information:- A dragons magic is said to be unrivaled by any other creature. Hunted for their scales, they very rarely are seen as the mystical creatures you read about in your dungeons and dragons books.Choosing to blend in and walk among humans, you could be standing right beside one and have no clue. They are cunning when they choose to be, and ever so proud of their lineage. Dragons differ in personality traits depending on their age, alignments, and elements.More specific -About the ice dragon. -- She is immortal, but she's also young, only a couple hundred years old.- Her personality takes on the traits of her element. Born in the middle of a harsh winter, she loves the cold, and draws her magic from the earth.- Her skin is always somewhat cold to the touch.- She can tap into the magic of other elements but is very limited. Ice is the only element that she has complete control over. Ice magic is easier to access and use because of her ancestry.- She loves treasure! This is something she has in common with most dragons, but she has a specific preference when it comes to her riches. She loves diamonds, and silver the most.- She is very territorial over her den. Her den could be an apartment among humans, or a isolated, self made habitat somewhere in the deep arctic.- She isn't violent unless provoked. Ways to provoke her are to challenge her pride or try to manipulate her for her worth.- Her nature comes off as aloof and cold more often than not. This is because of her element, but mostly because she spends a lot of her time in isolation.- Her human job is a model, and dance instructor.


11/30/2020 04:15 PM 




11/30/2020 04:03 PM 


Hi. You might want to try it out here:



11/30/2020 10:47 PM 


Hi!! Down for a Private RP?


11/20/2020 09:10 PM 

~๐•ฌ๐–“๐–”๐–“ ๐•ฟ๐–š๐–™๐–”๐–—๐–Ž๐–†๐–‘~
Current mood:  happy

Alrighty, since you guys wanna make an Anon too, this is how you do it!!!LET'S GET IT!!!**Be aware I use the browser version of Google Drive, not the app, and I am using a laptop!**Creating the document-First, you want to log into your gmail (or at least make sure you're logged in). Don't worry, no one will see your email, this is just to make the document.Next, you want to go to your Google Drive and press 'New'. (This is for laptop users. If you're on moble, I believe you press the '+' in the bottom right corner. I suggest moving to a laptop device, though.)Once you press that, there should be a drop down menu that has a bunch of options (laptop). You want to go down and press the arrow next to the 'Google Forms' option. This will give you two more options: 'Blank form' or 'Choose from template'. You want to choose the 'Blank form' option. Now you have created your document!!Decorating your document-I honestly like decorating first, so let's get this out the way!For this, you might want to have a banner-style image ready of whatever you'd like, or at least an image that can be cropped into a banner style while still being visible.If you have that ready, great!! Go up to the top right of the screen and look for the little palette symbol. Click that and it'll bring up a menu. You want to look at that menu and press 'Upload image' to upload your banner/header image. Once you press that, you should just go through the simple uploading steps to locate that image and crop it to fit the header style.Once that is uploaded, you should now see Theme Color and Background Color options that are auto generated to match your banner. You should select whichever color you'd like to match (or not!) your banner.Down below both of THOSE options, there's a font drop down. This one's pretty obvious, just click the drop down and choose which one you like best.Inserting questions into your document-As intimidating as it seems, it's actually pretty easy!I believe the forms already auto-generates a question for you to edit. If not, there is a little sidebar that follows you as you scroll. Click the little '+' to add a new question!For the type of question (dropdown, mulitple choice, short answer, long answer, etc), you just click the question you want to edit, then click the drop down menu and select the question type you'd like to have for that specific question. Obviously, you'd type in the question in the 'Untitled question' box. For multiple choice questions and drop down questions, you'd just type as many answers as you'd like. Note that down at the bottom right of each question box, you can make that question required, delete it, or copy it.You'd repeat this process for as many questions as you'd like. But you can keep them all in one section, or you can go back to that little traveling sidebar and click the bottom option which is to add a new section. You'll have to re-name the section and you can put questions there too if you'd like by dragging questions from above and bringing them down or just making sure you're scrolled to that section and then pressing the add question button.Copying your finished document's link-Once you are completely finished with your Anon, you want to go up to the little eye next to the palette on the top right of your screen and click it. Once there, you'll be on a preview page. What you want to do now is go up to the search bar and copy the link for that page. Now, you can post it onto a bulletin on site and post that link on stream for people to complete it!!!I really hope this helped! Please comment and let me know if you have any questions and I will answer them to my best ability!!!Have fun!!


10/23/2020 10:51 PM 

Anirp Open Roles

Looking for people who'd be willing to fill some roles on anirp? Profiles are already made and waiting. You can take them up, adjust them to fit you. None of us will pressure you to death for replies or bully you for one literacy error. All I ask is the length minimum is Para rp.We are basically historical samurai RP. It is a custom world that is similar to Game of Thrones. Open roles listed here. Browse through them and decide.Royal 


10/22/2020 06:16 PM 

Brian Wong

Brian Wong - Brian Wong is the 28-year-old co-founder and CEO of Kiip. Kiip was acquired in 2019. Kiip (pronounced “keep”) was a mobile consumer engagement platform that advertises in “moments” in 10,000 apps.


10/19/2020 04:26 PM 

Necromancy AU Site

https://necromancyau.carrd.coWill be edited with time development.


10/16/2020 12:03 PM 

Mabon Brunch(With Idiosyncratic's Chara)

//Just for a little background info. This scene involves Emerson's family first meeting his current boyfriend. This is actually a reply that I wrote for Idiosyncratic in our storyline. So, the responses from the family in the beginning are to his character, Mephisto. I'll post the characters and who they are down below.Blayne: Emerson and Eyela's FatherTrystin: Emerson and Eyela's DadMaddie: Emerson and Eyela's DaddyEyela: Emerson's twin sisterFate/Fatal: Emerson and Eyela's AuntFaith: Emerson and Eyela's AuntMephisto: Emerson's soul mateWhile the conversation got rolling Faith said nothing. She was very uncomfortable inside. She hadn't disliked someone so much since first meeting Trystin. She may have disliked Mephisto even more. So, when the incubus addressed her she said absolutely nothing. She silently gave her thanks in her mind and then started dishing herself out small portions of brunch foods."Em seems to have spoken well of us." Trystin's smile was genuine. He would be the one to warm up more than others. He wasn't the paranoid type like his partner. Or not as much. Blayne did feel touched when talk of soul mates came up. He looked over to his right and leaned in, hand pulling on his husband's shirt collar. Wanting him closer so he could plant soft kisses on that joker scar on the side of Trystin's mouth. A quiet giggle came from Trystin, a pink colouring his cheeks. For not being the one that physically had the twins, he sure did take on the more submissive role between the couple. "We did find our way back to one another. It took us a long, long time to accept that we deserved each other. That we deserved to be loved by one another but.. We finally got there." Blayne's words came out with a fondness though there was a slight undertone of sadness. There was still healing to be done for the man. Trystin hadn't gone for any food. He was too focused on the affection from his partner and the talk that was being had. At the talk of the snow Blayne didn't comment. It reminded him more of the memories with his ex husband and that wasn't something he spoke of much these days. Winter had been something that the little family shared with Maddie. "Hot chocolate is the only acceptable drink in the mornings. Have you tasted coffee? I mean, come on." Blayne laughed and Trystin shook his head. Responding with. "You're lucky these two never had a cavity. Hopping them up on sugar so often."Mephisto sure had done a good job thus far. Emerson was both impressed and touched by the different bits of information the other had remembered him speaking of. The incubus had really listened when he talked. Talk of the mural at the gallery earned a small moment between Trystin and Eyela; the painters of the family. It was a gallery that had a mural Trystin had done of Emerson and Eyela when they were toddlers. The father and daughter shared a smile from across the table before Trystin's puppy dog eyes looked to Mephisto. "He took you there, did he? Thank you. I ended up giving ownership up when Blayne and I reconciled. We wanted to come back to our roots here in Wicked. It used to be more of my studio. I'm happy the small artists and art majors are getting a good use of it. And they were the most adorable kids! We did good." Trystin looked at Blayne with a smitten look, taking the other's hand to be held on top of the table. Focusing on their relationship and Trystin's artwork earned points. That was for sure.It was when the sex demon came out with Blayne's writing career that it took a little downfall. Blayne laughed but there was no amusement in it. "Alright. Don't lay it on too thick there. Yes, I have been known to know my way around the world of literature." Despite Mephisto saying that it wasn't to suck up, Blayne didn't believe him. And more of that mistrust bubbled up. "So, you're from a place called the Void? That sounds like an awful place to come from. That had to rub off on you in some way. Make you dark by nature."Emerson frowned at what his father was saying. Why was he doing that? They had just had a decent conversation. Better than decent even. Emerson tapped the table to get the attention of Blayne and sign. 'Father, that was rude.'Blayne's eyebrows rose. "Rude? If the truth is rude then so be in. He's an incubus, darling. Being manipulative is their way. You don't think this is some kind of show?" Blayne looked back at Mephisto. "I've been a dark creature for most of my existence. I've pulled on their strings like puppets. I've had my fill of many. Destroyed those closest to me. I can see right through whatever... This is." His voice was hard.And it was Eyela who spoke up. Slamming her hands on the table, ends of her hair lighting up with fire. Her eyes going a mixture of black and the colour of fire as she glared at Blayne. "Not everyone is you! I swear to the goddesses, you are the biggest hypocrite. You sit there pretending to know this guy because he's a creature of darkness." Tone switching at the phrase Blayne had used. "Just because you married daddy and then threw him away like some sort of piece of trash doesn't mean the same thing will happen to Emerson. Stop. Just stop projecting what you did to Maddie on this relationship." Trystin's eyes fell to the table while Faith frowned at her niece being the next to speak up. "Eyela Flayre Calh. Uncalled for. Entirely uncalled for right now. Especially at our Mabon brunch. Apologize to your father. And your dad."Eyela scoffed, the fire beginning to spread up through her dark hair. "Apologize? For what? For calling him out? For telling him that his mistakes are not other people's mistakes?" She glowered at Blayne. "You are a sorry excuse for... For everything! You sit here in Wicked and act as if nothing has happened. Judging others for being something they can't help. You wonder why I don't come around? Because all you do is give empty sorrys and then pull this. You aren't sorry. You broke Maddie. You took his sweetness, sucked it dry, used him all up, and them smashed him to pieces before leaving him. That doesn't mean it's going to happen to Emerson. Maybe Emerson has better taste than daddy did. Than dad does!" Using the different words for paternal figures to distinguish between Maddie and Trystin. Her eyes looked at Trystin who was covering his face with a hand. Until the last remark. Then he gave his attention to their daughter, frowning. "Eye, it's so much more complicated than that. Your father- we didn't mean to-" He sighed out, not even knowing where to go with his words. "Didn't mean to what? Sneak around? You could have just talked to daddy. He could have." Glowering back at Blayne who appeared calm, cool, and collected."Eyela, you were so young honey. It was more than that. Maddie and I have even met since all of that. He's forgiven me. Maybe you would know that if you would talk to me." Though Blayne looked and spoke calmly there was pain in his eyes. Electric blue orbs that mirrored his daughter's. He wasn't heartless. Not by a long shot. But it only made Eyela angrier. She rose from her seat, grabbed a sharp knife by her plate, and stabbed it so hard into the table right beside Blayne's hand that it stuck into the wood - her body leaning over Mephisto as though he wasn't even there. The flames had engulfed halfway up her locks now. "I talk to him, too! Just because he has forgiven you doesn't mean he isn't still struggling. It doesn't mean that he's all better now." She stared right at Blayne as though she was burning a hole into his face. She could have. Part of her considered it. "You. Disgust. Me." Gaze found where Fate was beginning to have an episode. She began to babble, not taking too kindly to the yelling that was being done by her niece. Eyela sighed, still addressing Blayne. "Look what you did. You ruin every single thing you touch. You can't even get Aunt Fatal clean!"Blayne visibly winced at that. But no one was able to speak because the worked up vampyress turned to Emerson next. "Em, I love you. I love you so so much. But do not keep sitting there telling me Blayne did his best. He isn't doing his best for you right now. He could easily give your guy a chance. But he won't. Because he's selfish. Do not make excuses to me for him anymore. Don't." And with that Eyela scooted out her chair roughly and stalked out of the dining room.Faith got up from her seat. "Fatey? Come on. We can bring you some food up in your room." The youngest of the Calhs helped Fate up. And Fate just continued to grow more hysterical, limbs pushing at her sister. The tension in the room was too much for the empath. Everyone's emotions were hitting her in hard waves. Emerson didn't have enough time to react. It had, in truth, just shocked him. But his Aunt needed him. Standing up, he laid his hands up to Fatal's shoulders and focused his ability on her. Willing those emotions inside of her to be altered to give her some relief. Emerson could feel everything she felt. All the emotions in the room and it made him shudder. Eyes shut and he channeled the energy from himself into the frail body of his relative. "Em, sweetie, be careful." Trystin reached out but didn't touch the healer at work. He wouldn't listen. He had to make it better. As Fate began to quiet down and go back into her normal daze, Emerson's nose began to bleed from a nostril. More shudders wracking his body."Emerson, that's enough. She's alright now." Blayne frowned at the strain that his son was putting on himself. But he didn't stop. Emerson pushed so hard that Fate fell into Faith's arms with a happy dizzy smile. And both of Emerson's nostrils bled, his thin form sinking back into the chair. "Can we have the pie now, Faithy?" Fate almost sang to her sister. Faith let out a sound of discontent. "Sure we can. But let's get you to bed." She started to lead Fatal away from the dining room area. Trystin touched Emerson's shoulder. "Baby, you shouldn't have gone that far." But Emerson shook his head slowly. 'Don't fuss. I'm alright.' The sign language was sloppy but the parents understood. Blayne spoke to his husband. "Darling, go see if you can find Eyela. She'll talk to you." Trystin frowned. He wanted to tend their exhausted son. "Go on. I've got Emerson." With a quiet sigh Trystin nodded and did as Blayne wanted.Once it was just the three of them, Blayne eyed Mephisto. "Go on then. Comfort him." Eyela's words had hit quite a bit of nerves with Blayne. And as wary as he was this was the chance he was giving the incubus. He didn't trust Mephisto but he would never be able to if he didn't attempt something. And Eyela was right when she had said he wasn't truly giving this man a chance. Emerson wasn't unconscious. But he was dizzy. He tried to shake it from his senses by shaking his head, smearing some of the blood across his cheek as he then rubbed at his face.

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