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11/20/2020 09:10 PM 

~๐•ฌ๐–“๐–”๐–“ ๐•ฟ๐–š๐–™๐–”๐–—๐–Ž๐–†๐–‘~
Current mood:  happy

Alrighty, since you guys wanna make an Anon too, this is how you do it!!!LET'S GET IT!!!**Be aware I use the browser version of Google Drive, not the app, and I am using a laptop!**Creating the document-First, you want to log into your gmail (or at least make sure you're logged in). Don't worry, no one will see your email, this is just to make the document.Next, you want to go to your Google Drive and press 'New'. (This is for laptop users. If you're on moble, I believe you press the '+' in the bottom right corner. I suggest moving to a laptop device, though.)Once you press that, there should be a drop down menu that has a bunch of options (laptop). You want to go down and press the arrow next to the 'Google Forms' option. This will give you two more options: 'Blank form' or 'Choose from template'. You want to choose the 'Blank form' option. Now you have created your document!!Decorating your document-I honestly like decorating first, so let's get this out the way!For this, you might want to have a banner-style image ready of whatever you'd like, or at least an image that can be cropped into a banner style while still being visible.If you have that ready, great!! Go up to the top right of the screen and look for the little palette symbol. Click that and it'll bring up a menu. You want to look at that menu and press 'Upload image' to upload your banner/header image. Once you press that, you should just go through the simple uploading steps to locate that image and crop it to fit the header style.Once that is uploaded, you should now see Theme Color and Background Color options that are auto generated to match your banner. You should select whichever color you'd like to match (or not!) your banner.Down below both of THOSE options, there's a font drop down. This one's pretty obvious, just click the drop down and choose which one you like best.Inserting questions into your document-As intimidating as it seems, it's actually pretty easy!I believe the forms already auto-generates a question for you to edit. If not, there is a little sidebar that follows you as you scroll. Click the little '+' to add a new question!For the type of question (dropdown, mulitple choice, short answer, long answer, etc), you just click the question you want to edit, then click the drop down menu and select the question type you'd like to have for that specific question. Obviously, you'd type in the question in the 'Untitled question' box. For multiple choice questions and drop down questions, you'd just type as many answers as you'd like. Note that down at the bottom right of each question box, you can make that question required, delete it, or copy it.You'd repeat this process for as many questions as you'd like. But you can keep them all in one section, or you can go back to that little traveling sidebar and click the bottom option which is to add a new section. You'll have to re-name the section and you can put questions there too if you'd like by dragging questions from above and bringing them down or just making sure you're scrolled to that section and then pressing the add question button.Copying your finished document's link-Once you are completely finished with your Anon, you want to go up to the little eye next to the palette on the top right of your screen and click it. Once there, you'll be on a preview page. What you want to do now is go up to the search bar and copy the link for that page. Now, you can post it onto a bulletin on site and post that link on stream for people to complete it!!!I really hope this helped! Please comment and let me know if you have any questions and I will answer them to my best ability!!!Have fun!!


10/23/2020 10:51 PM 

Anirp Open Roles

Looking for people who'd be willing to fill some roles on anirp? Profiles are already made and waiting. You can take them up, adjust them to fit you. None of us will pressure you to death for replies or bully you for one literacy error. All I ask is the length minimum is Para rp.We are basically historical samurai RP. It is a custom world that is similar to Game of Thrones. Open roles listed here. Browse through them and decide.Royal 


10/22/2020 06:16 PM 

Brian Wong

Brian Wong - Brian Wong is the 28-year-old co-founder and CEO of Kiip. Kiip was acquired in 2019. Kiip (pronounced “keep”) was a mobile consumer engagement platform that advertises in “moments” in 10,000 apps.


10/19/2020 04:26 PM 

Necromancy AU Site

https://necromancyau.carrd.coWill be edited with time development.


10/16/2020 12:03 PM 

Mabon Brunch(With Idiosyncratic's Chara)

//Just for a little background info. This scene involves Emerson's family first meeting his current boyfriend. This is actually a reply that I wrote for Idiosyncratic in our storyline. So, the responses from the family in the beginning are to his character, Mephisto. I'll post the characters and who they are down below.Blayne: Emerson and Eyela's FatherTrystin: Emerson and Eyela's DadMaddie: Emerson and Eyela's DaddyEyela: Emerson's twin sisterFate/Fatal: Emerson and Eyela's AuntFaith: Emerson and Eyela's AuntMephisto: Emerson's soul mateWhile the conversation got rolling Faith said nothing. She was very uncomfortable inside. She hadn't disliked someone so much since first meeting Trystin. She may have disliked Mephisto even more. So, when the incubus addressed her she said absolutely nothing. She silently gave her thanks in her mind and then started dishing herself out small portions of brunch foods."Em seems to have spoken well of us." Trystin's smile was genuine. He would be the one to warm up more than others. He wasn't the paranoid type like his partner. Or not as much. Blayne did feel touched when talk of soul mates came up. He looked over to his right and leaned in, hand pulling on his husband's shirt collar. Wanting him closer so he could plant soft kisses on that joker scar on the side of Trystin's mouth. A quiet giggle came from Trystin, a pink colouring his cheeks. For not being the one that physically had the twins, he sure did take on the more submissive role between the couple. "We did find our way back to one another. It took us a long, long time to accept that we deserved each other. That we deserved to be loved by one another but.. We finally got there." Blayne's words came out with a fondness though there was a slight undertone of sadness. There was still healing to be done for the man. Trystin hadn't gone for any food. He was too focused on the affection from his partner and the talk that was being had. At the talk of the snow Blayne didn't comment. It reminded him more of the memories with his ex husband and that wasn't something he spoke of much these days. Winter had been something that the little family shared with Maddie. "Hot chocolate is the only acceptable drink in the mornings. Have you tasted coffee? I mean, come on." Blayne laughed and Trystin shook his head. Responding with. "You're lucky these two never had a cavity. Hopping them up on sugar so often."Mephisto sure had done a good job thus far. Emerson was both impressed and touched by the different bits of information the other had remembered him speaking of. The incubus had really listened when he talked. Talk of the mural at the gallery earned a small moment between Trystin and Eyela; the painters of the family. It was a gallery that had a mural Trystin had done of Emerson and Eyela when they were toddlers. The father and daughter shared a smile from across the table before Trystin's puppy dog eyes looked to Mephisto. "He took you there, did he? Thank you. I ended up giving ownership up when Blayne and I reconciled. We wanted to come back to our roots here in Wicked. It used to be more of my studio. I'm happy the small artists and art majors are getting a good use of it. And they were the most adorable kids! We did good." Trystin looked at Blayne with a smitten look, taking the other's hand to be held on top of the table. Focusing on their relationship and Trystin's artwork earned points. That was for sure.It was when the sex demon came out with Blayne's writing career that it took a little downfall. Blayne laughed but there was no amusement in it. "Alright. Don't lay it on too thick there. Yes, I have been known to know my way around the world of literature." Despite Mephisto saying that it wasn't to suck up, Blayne didn't believe him. And more of that mistrust bubbled up. "So, you're from a place called the Void? That sounds like an awful place to come from. That had to rub off on you in some way. Make you dark by nature."Emerson frowned at what his father was saying. Why was he doing that? They had just had a decent conversation. Better than decent even. Emerson tapped the table to get the attention of Blayne and sign. 'Father, that was rude.'Blayne's eyebrows rose. "Rude? If the truth is rude then so be in. He's an incubus, darling. Being manipulative is their way. You don't think this is some kind of show?" Blayne looked back at Mephisto. "I've been a dark creature for most of my existence. I've pulled on their strings like puppets. I've had my fill of many. Destroyed those closest to me. I can see right through whatever... This is." His voice was hard.And it was Eyela who spoke up. Slamming her hands on the table, ends of her hair lighting up with fire. Her eyes going a mixture of black and the colour of fire as she glared at Blayne. "Not everyone is you! I swear to the goddesses, you are the biggest hypocrite. You sit there pretending to know this guy because he's a creature of darkness." Tone switching at the phrase Blayne had used. "Just because you married daddy and then threw him away like some sort of piece of trash doesn't mean the same thing will happen to Emerson. Stop. Just stop projecting what you did to Maddie on this relationship." Trystin's eyes fell to the table while Faith frowned at her niece being the next to speak up. "Eyela Flayre Calh. Uncalled for. Entirely uncalled for right now. Especially at our Mabon brunch. Apologize to your father. And your dad."Eyela scoffed, the fire beginning to spread up through her dark hair. "Apologize? For what? For calling him out? For telling him that his mistakes are not other people's mistakes?" She glowered at Blayne. "You are a sorry excuse for... For everything! You sit here in Wicked and act as if nothing has happened. Judging others for being something they can't help. You wonder why I don't come around? Because all you do is give empty sorrys and then pull this. You aren't sorry. You broke Maddie. You took his sweetness, sucked it dry, used him all up, and them smashed him to pieces before leaving him. That doesn't mean it's going to happen to Emerson. Maybe Emerson has better taste than daddy did. Than dad does!" Using the different words for paternal figures to distinguish between Maddie and Trystin. Her eyes looked at Trystin who was covering his face with a hand. Until the last remark. Then he gave his attention to their daughter, frowning. "Eye, it's so much more complicated than that. Your father- we didn't mean to-" He sighed out, not even knowing where to go with his words. "Didn't mean to what? Sneak around? You could have just talked to daddy. He could have." Glowering back at Blayne who appeared calm, cool, and collected."Eyela, you were so young honey. It was more than that. Maddie and I have even met since all of that. He's forgiven me. Maybe you would know that if you would talk to me." Though Blayne looked and spoke calmly there was pain in his eyes. Electric blue orbs that mirrored his daughter's. He wasn't heartless. Not by a long shot. But it only made Eyela angrier. She rose from her seat, grabbed a sharp knife by her plate, and stabbed it so hard into the table right beside Blayne's hand that it stuck into the wood - her body leaning over Mephisto as though he wasn't even there. The flames had engulfed halfway up her locks now. "I talk to him, too! Just because he has forgiven you doesn't mean he isn't still struggling. It doesn't mean that he's all better now." She stared right at Blayne as though she was burning a hole into his face. She could have. Part of her considered it. "You. Disgust. Me." Gaze found where Fate was beginning to have an episode. She began to babble, not taking too kindly to the yelling that was being done by her niece. Eyela sighed, still addressing Blayne. "Look what you did. You ruin every single thing you touch. You can't even get Aunt Fatal clean!"Blayne visibly winced at that. But no one was able to speak because the worked up vampyress turned to Emerson next. "Em, I love you. I love you so so much. But do not keep sitting there telling me Blayne did his best. He isn't doing his best for you right now. He could easily give your guy a chance. But he won't. Because he's selfish. Do not make excuses to me for him anymore. Don't." And with that Eyela scooted out her chair roughly and stalked out of the dining room.Faith got up from her seat. "Fatey? Come on. We can bring you some food up in your room." The youngest of the Calhs helped Fate up. And Fate just continued to grow more hysterical, limbs pushing at her sister. The tension in the room was too much for the empath. Everyone's emotions were hitting her in hard waves. Emerson didn't have enough time to react. It had, in truth, just shocked him. But his Aunt needed him. Standing up, he laid his hands up to Fatal's shoulders and focused his ability on her. Willing those emotions inside of her to be altered to give her some relief. Emerson could feel everything she felt. All the emotions in the room and it made him shudder. Eyes shut and he channeled the energy from himself into the frail body of his relative. "Em, sweetie, be careful." Trystin reached out but didn't touch the healer at work. He wouldn't listen. He had to make it better. As Fate began to quiet down and go back into her normal daze, Emerson's nose began to bleed from a nostril. More shudders wracking his body."Emerson, that's enough. She's alright now." Blayne frowned at the strain that his son was putting on himself. But he didn't stop. Emerson pushed so hard that Fate fell into Faith's arms with a happy dizzy smile. And both of Emerson's nostrils bled, his thin form sinking back into the chair. "Can we have the pie now, Faithy?" Fate almost sang to her sister. Faith let out a sound of discontent. "Sure we can. But let's get you to bed." She started to lead Fatal away from the dining room area. Trystin touched Emerson's shoulder. "Baby, you shouldn't have gone that far." But Emerson shook his head slowly. 'Don't fuss. I'm alright.' The sign language was sloppy but the parents understood. Blayne spoke to his husband. "Darling, go see if you can find Eyela. She'll talk to you." Trystin frowned. He wanted to tend their exhausted son. "Go on. I've got Emerson." With a quiet sigh Trystin nodded and did as Blayne wanted.Once it was just the three of them, Blayne eyed Mephisto. "Go on then. Comfort him." Eyela's words had hit quite a bit of nerves with Blayne. And as wary as he was this was the chance he was giving the incubus. He didn't trust Mephisto but he would never be able to if he didn't attempt something. And Eyela was right when she had said he wasn't truly giving this man a chance. Emerson wasn't unconscious. But he was dizzy. He tried to shake it from his senses by shaking his head, smearing some of the blood across his cheek as he then rubbed at his face.


10/02/2020 08:49 PM 

Home of the Drabbles.

CLICK TO RETURN HOMECLICK TO RETURN TO WELCOME PAGE  โ– Drabble 01: Deception on Many accounts.Witten in third person  // โSeoyeon takes a vist to the shrink with worrisome reflections.Favorite Qoute: “No Seo-yeonah. You do this to yourself..."


10/02/2020 08:21 PM 

W-E-L-C-O-M-E <3

CLICK TO GO HOME. ์•ˆ๋…•ํ•˜์„ธ์š”! Hello! From the mun of Seo-Yeon or as known by another name; 'Blink.' I really am looking forward to learning more about YOU as a writer and of course,getting some creative writing done. So pweeease don't be shy. Let's create a storyline!  Please use this page as a referencing source;{ If ---; ♦ you'd like to further understand me as a writer -or-♦ to get a better understanding of my muse; Seo-yeon. HERE YOU CAN FIND;-My general guideliness. ('Cause rules suck. They're more like guidelines anyways. As Captain Barabosa says.)-Drabbles; (Third Person perspective & First; in the form of journal entries.)-News & Updates (Just to keep you in the loop on things.)


10/02/2020 08:15 PM 

Drabble 01. Deception on manyy accounts.

RETURN TO DRABBLE LOGCLICK TO RETURN HOMECLICK TO RETURN TO WELCOME PAGE  Drabble 01. Deception on many accounts. ♥- "Sometimes; I admit, I'm afraid to blink. Who knows what lurks on the other end.Even if I shut my eyes for only a second...something's always waiting for me..."-♥  “How have you been feeling this week Seo-Yeon?” his head shifted a camber and his fingers moved to adjust a pair of designer wire framed glasses. They’d been resting lazily on the bridge of his nose. A petite shape squirmed in place. She knew Dr. Chen well enough to know when he is focusing on her. An affirmation of his sudden attentiveness. That’s when she began to chew at the inside of her lip. He knew her just as well and could sense her hesitancy. Crossing his legs with a patient and calming exhale. Dr. Chen leaned back in his chair and rested his notebook and pen in his lap. “Do you wish to speak about this?” a brow elevated. “You know I am always here to listen.” it was said time and time again. No matter that fact, he would always make it a point to reassure this to her and all his patients.   She gulped. “I don’t know.” Seo-yeon’s little fingers roamed through her hair, down her tense neck and gave the muscles a squeeze. “What is stopping you? Might I ask this?” This question planted might be easier for her to answer. Especially if she didn’t want to share so deeply today. When Seo-Yeon was like this. He didn’t want to tip her too far. It could make the illness worse in that instant or she can become a turtle. Concealed away in her shell.  “I’m...nervous…” She said. What she really meant, was she’s ‘afraid’ but she loathed the word. She couldn’t accept the word! With her mental illness - everyday could leave her living ‘Fearful & Afraid.’ She decided to pretend the emotions didn’t exist all together. There was a long pause of silence and it made her feel exceedingly uncomfortable. So she proceeded to investigate that thought. “I have a pain deep in my gut. I’m worried if I mention ‘it’’s hold on me will become stronger.” fingers pressed to either temple. Rolling them in deep circles. Dr. Chen took note of this with his shiny silver pen. “If you hold on to it. In my experience, you let it control you. Don’t let the delusion control you.” his head shook in protest. Knowing they’ve done so much work and she’d come so far. She was making such great progress and he wouldn’t let her slide backwards. “Give it it’s proper name.” he urged her firmly. “What are you seeing Seo-Yeon. Go on.”  She didn’t want to say it. Because she didn’t believe it right now. There was an inner fight in her. To either listen to herself and her senses. Which one is taught at a young age to always do. Listen to your heart they say. Yet, that was NOT realistic for her and sometimes left a short circuit in her brain. She trembled to say the word. As lies were not her forte. “…” she struggled. “IT WAS REAL! IT was!” she snapped.How dare he tell her what wasn’t and what was? That monster, sitting in the chair across the room from her open bedroom door as slept. Eyes a glow and bright like torches from hell. While all else remained in black. His silhouette a shadow in the darkness. "He moved from his seat this time. He ran for me! I could feel hands around my neck...choking me. I couldn’t breath.” desperation in her tone as she tried to convince him. “Look.” her collar pulled to the side to reveal bruises. He calmly shook his head. “No Seo-yeonah. You do this to yourself. It is not by your own fault...” lips parted to sigh. “Don’t worry. I can help you. There is nothing to fear....” 


09/29/2020 01:07 PM 

Too much...
Current mood:  anxious

Kill him. It's her... Get them. Stop it. You can hear us. Stop ignoring us. We know you see it. Eliminate them. Dispose of them. They aren't worthy. Kill them. Kill... Kill... Kill... ENOUGH!-heavy breathing-...That's enough...

Lady Kaga

09/24/2020 11:38 PM 

Useful information
Current mood:  adventurous

A few things to know: I'll primarily interact through status messages, or short paras in messages or comments. I may also do multi-para on occasion. My portrayal will be a bit AU from the real Kaede. Also, I will play her as lesbian. Probably not seeking a relationship, though. May consider someone from Hello! Project, but otherwise, relationship is not a priority for me. I'm just here to have fun and make friends. Most importantly: No erp. I'm not into that, plus it's not allowed here anyway. Kaede is a pure soul. More info may be added in the future, so check back often.

เชก๊ซ€๐•ฃ๊ซ€๊ช€๊ซ€ ๐Ÿš ๐ŸŒŠ

09/19/2020 12:19 PM 

Character info -

Character name: Serene -:Cursed reincarnation of one of the three hand maidens picked by Persephone. (It should be noted that I altered her appearance and abilities some. Since Persephone is the one who cursed her in the first place.)Original qoute by Serene -"I know you wish to take my flesh. You wish for immortality but I will not grant you this.If you want to take something from me, you will have to go through hell to get it."     ----------------                              -By the day light she walks with the humans.  She's beautiful and curious. Dark and mysterious. She prefers a rather alternative life style,and finds the human world to be fascinating. Even though it has never been her true home. By the call of the sea, she returns to it every night. Embraced by the waters that protected her and gave her a place to belong.The freedom she has within them is something she can only begin to explain. It's here that she transforms into her true self.Something is missing in her though. Something taken away some time ago. A deal gone wrong, and a heafty price to pay.She's lost her soul and with it fragments of her mind. It's not like she took this laying down. She fought back against the "women" who stripped her bare. If you listen closely you can hear her singing at night. Her voice dances along the waves,carried by the wind with eerie harmony. Her song brings those with a heavy heart peace. It's as if she's calling for them to join her.Race:Siren- Able to take human form by day but not by night.Age:ImmortalScent: Sea foam, fish, life, wet sand, seaweed(Every smell in the ocean. She smells like it.)Abilities:Sirens call:Capable of singing astonishingly beautiful songs that are capable of summoning/luring anyone who hears them to her.  (Her voice can alter to that of male or female.)The sirens song acts as a type of hypnoisis drawing victims out to the ocean where she will keep them and never let them return to land. This has been known to cause ship wrecks. Many missing sailors due to these wrecks where once her playmates.[Side note: There is island in the middle of the mediterranean sea. It's right before world's end. It's a place where constant whirlpools and storms happen. No ship has been able to get past the fortress all around it. Among pirates and sailors there is a myth that a beautiful goddess is trapped on that island.Bonus fact: Serene trapped Persephone after her soul was taken away from her. The constant storms are due to a constant clash of both Serene and Persephone's magic colliding.]Abilites:Immortal beauty " Never aging she will keep her beauty until the end of time.Mental abilities:_______________________Mind control:  Able to control the minds of others making them completely subject to their mental control. If the victims are placed into a semi-conscious state, they may not have any recollection of the previous actions that they performed while under it's effect.(Hypnosis: Causes others to follow orders by directly sending suggestions into the subconscious.Hypnotic Vision:  Causes others to follow orders by placing them in a suggestive trance upon eye contact.Persuasion: Causes others to follow orders by dictating highly compelling commands.Pushing: Can Implant thoughts, emotions, and memories into the minds of others making them think that it's their own, and causing them to act normally upon recognizing said information.Truth Inducement: Can make others tell the truth. (This is done by using persuasion and pushing together)Physical abilites"_______________________Super human speed and strengthImmortality by the water: When in water it is very difficult to harm her because it acts as a healing solution for her.Shape shifting.Fun abilites-_______________________Memory bubbles. She can create bubbles made from sea foam and in them the memories of those she has encountered can sometimes be seen playing as if they are films.Projection- She can make a person close to her experience the sea as if they are right beside it. This is due to the cold feel of her flesh which doesn't change regaurdless of her form, and her smell which also never chages. She often uses this ability to soothe people.(Limitations:???)Certain abilities may be limited to a certain range to work, including touch only. They also may be limited to certain number of targets at a time. It's also possible that some creatures may have resistance to physic intrusions.Most abilities cannot erase implanted information, but can suppress or nullify it by implanting other information.)[ Side note: Serene is very powerful and can seem cold and aloof at times. This is because of losing her soul. As time goes on and she endures more experiences, she slowly starts to understand emotions. However, she rarely if ever can keep hold of them. This due to having nothing left in her to store them in.  Think of her like a child learning how to walk for the first time. She also does not like to hurt people. She will if she needs to but her personality takes after the sea. When allowed to be free and untamed she can be quite rewarding. When captivated against her will or taken for granted, she can create devestating disasters.]

Asian Roleplay

08/12/2020 11:01 PM 

Clicking on External Links

Be careful about clicking on external links to unknown websites. See below to understand how an external link is used to get a member's IP address. It's not possible to track down your street address or name with an IP address. people who claim they know you and where you live.Contact Support if you see this type of activity.


08/10/2020 01:14 PM 


Do NOT by all means try to control my character in anytime of role play storyline we do !, you may controls other characters/people like in towns or villages that considers in the role play  No bulling my girl either unless it's intimidating like trying to start fighting or brawling for the role playing storyline  No God- modeling  I been role-playing professional for 7 years so don't dis- respect me of judge how I role play  And don't by all means try to talk to me out of role-playing I have had horrible experiences with this so please respect this and do NOT

Asian Roleplay

07/17/2020 03:27 PM 

Profile Layout Coding Tips

Very helpful post by ๐–—๐–†๐–›๐–Š๐–“ ๐–™๐–†๐–‘๐–”๐–“๐–˜.  Thank you for sharing   CSS and HTML Errorstricks and solutionsBefore we start, remember to save a copy of your layout in case anything happens.In this list, I’m compiling some of the main issues I’ve encountered that are currently affecting people’s layouts. The majority of these have to do with people not knowing how to correctly clean their codes or using some misused techniques that newer code editors will no longer recognize and it is not any form of imposition by the admins of this site, but merely an update where they are now moving on to HTML5 and cleaning up old editors and HTML4 that allowed certain of these to work… although it is not the correct way. I know this because I’m a certified graphic designer in my country and I finished a three year course two years ago where we were updated in the novelties of the HTML5.So, let’s tackle these issues. They are divided in two categories as far as I can see which are as follow: Parts of your layout are not displaying, appear chopped or the tags have been stripped. Parts of your layout displays incorrectly or is not respecting the CSS you applied to it. For the first, you are going to need to revise your code attentively and look for any missing quotes in attributes. HTML4 and prior allowed you to write things like:<img src="; width=495px height=350px float=left">But the correct way is as follows.<img src="; width="495px" height="350px" float="left">This error is caused by the orphaned quote at the end. If quotations are missing, then HTML5 is interpreting the following text as part of the attribute instead of a piece of independent code. Adding the required quotations will solve this issue, but be careful. A missing quotation might cause huge chunks of coding of being eaten by a misreading of the tags.The second issue revolves around “custom tags”. These are tags that do not belong to the regular tags of HTML if you aren’t sure which tags belong to HTML here is a complete list of all of them and their recommended uses. Just like the previous case, HTML4 and prior allowed you to create custom tags with any attributes you wished to add. This type of customization has been in disuse since 2004 due to the fact it slowed down browsers by having to go through countless dictionaries to understand what you referred to while executing. This is trickier to solve, but not impossible.<style>myfirst { font-family:Times; size: 30px; }</style><myfirst>Text here</myfirst>As you can see “myfirst” is not a valid tag from the list I linked. First, you need to turn your custom tag into a class. This is as simple as adding a dot before the name of your custom, but make sure it does not overlap another class.<style>.myfirst { font-family:Times; size: 30px; }</style>Once you have the tag turned into a class, you need to re-assign it to a valid tag. In this case, I can only provide an example, but you have to evaluate what tag works better for your customization, if it’s only a text effect font would do the trick, if it’s a more complex effect it could be applied to a div.<font class="myfirst">Text here</font>There are other codes causing strange behaviours, but it is mostly for bad programming or having attributes it shouldn’t have.If I can be of further assistance, you are always welcomed to contact me.

Asian Roleplay

07/07/2020 02:49 PM 

Proper Code for hiding your Headline

When hiding your headline it is important to type out your style code correctly and be sure that you end them with either a double quote or ending tag.You will lose everything beneath the tag If you type it out like this, this is not the proper formatting and this tag will no longer work.<font style="display:none;Type it out this way instead.<font style="display:none;">

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