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• 𝙅𝙚𝙤𝙣𝙜𝙮𝙚𝙤𝙣 •

03/27/2023 04:47 PM 

The Secret History of Jeongyeon (WIP)

Jeongyeon appears human. However, she is not.Many years ago, a couple from the planet Bajor, along with their recent newborn girl, decided to go on holiday. They departed in their spaceship to spend a few weeks on another planet. They never arrived at their intended destination.During their trip, they encountered a wormhole, which sent them to Earth. The year was 1996. Their encounter with the wormhole damaged their ship and they crashlanded on Earth. The couple were seriously injured in the crash, and they knew they would soon die. Their daughter was not injured, and the parents decided their daughter needed a home.They found a family that could be trusted to raise their child. It was then that the child would be named Jeongyeon. Only her family currently knows her secret.(This backstory is a rough draft. I will refine and expand the story over time.)


03/24/2023 09:32 PM 


Beat StudiosOwner/Producer:BaekhoPersonal Assistant:MaryseTeachers/ProfessorsUniversity:Roman High School:nameMiddle School:nameElementry School:VioletPreSchool:name 


03/24/2023 08:32 PM 


The BronxMembers: 0/6 The Bronx is a borough of New York City. It's known for Yankee Stadium, the home field of the New York Yankees baseball team. Dating from 1899, the vast Bronx Zoo houses hundreds of species of animals. Nearby, the sprawling New York Botanical Garden features a landmark greenhouse with rainforest and cactus displays. By the Hudson River, Wave Hill is a landscaped public garden with wooded paths and a cultural center.  QueensMembers: 0/6 Queens is a New York City borough on Long Island across the East River from Manhattan. Flushing Meadows Corona Park, with the Unisphere, a 12-story 1964 World's Fair globe sculpture, hosts the annual U.S. Open tennis tournament. The park’s Queens Museum is known for the "Panorama," a building-for-building model of New York City. Nearby Citi Field is the stadium of pro baseball team, the Mets.  BrooklynMembers: 0/6 Brooklyn is a borough of New York City, coextensive with Kings County, in the U.S. state of New York. Kings County is the most populous county in the State of New York, and the second-most densely populated county in the United States, behind New York County.  ManhattanMembers: 3/6 Manhattan is the most densely populated of New York City’s 5 boroughs. It's mostly made up of Manhattan Island, bounded by the Hudson, East and Harlem rivers. Among the world’s major commercial, financial and cultural centers, it’s the heart of “the Big Apple.” Its iconic sites include skyscrapers such as the Empire State Building, neon-lit Times Square and the theaters of Broadway.  Staten IslandMembers: 1/6 Staten Island is the southernmost of New York City's 5 boroughs. It is connected to Lower Manhattan via the Staten Island Ferry, which runs across New York Harbor. Staten Island Zoo is home to kangaroos, birds of prey and snakes. The Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden features flower beds, Greek revival buildings and art galleries. Its grounds also include the Staten Island Children’s Museum. 


03/24/2023 07:53 PM 


OOC INFOHave you been here before?•Why City of Dreams?• What's Baekho's favorite color?•Whats your discord?•IC INFORMATION Character Name?•Face Claim?•Backup Face Claim?•Age?• Birthday?•Which Borough?•Backup Borough?•Occupation?•Joining Married or with kids?•Brief Bio•SampleAny sample of your own work, so long as it's 3 or more paragraphs. 


03/24/2023 05:29 PM 


Do you have a point System?~ Nope! it is a warning/strike system. If you see any mention of points, they are for fun things such as reward passes.Are you allowed multiple Characters?~ Sorry, but no. We only have space for 30 members. We want everyone to have a chance to be apart of this. 


03/24/2023 05:09 PM 


WELCOME TO THE CITY OF DREAMS! Respect:Simple, follow the golden rule. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Do not come at any of the admins sideways when we come to you to address a negative behavior or to check in on you. It is disrespectful and we will not tolerate it.Do not harass or bully one of our members, we hear of it you get one warning.Do not cross lines between OOC and IC.Discord:It is required.  It is the easiest way to also get in touch with the admins along with your fellow members. While discord is a great tool, we want to see activity on site stream, not just discord and with rper's new feature, you won't have to see reports. No excuses on not interacting with posts. Activity:For any group to be successful you must be active! SO! To be considered active you must have:~ 3 storylines at all times.~ Post on stream 4 times a week~ Complete a monthly taskYour owes should not be any older than a month, if it passes the month mark by the time we do a weekly check you will get a warning. We do not operate off a point system to track activity, it is a warning/strike system. Get a third and you are out. They reset by the start of every month.If we see a pattern with people leaving, joining, leaving again to try and join again we will deny the audition. Marriage/Pregnancies/Character Changes:These happen! And it depends on what the change is on if you must ask permission first or not.For marriage, pregnancy, faces changes and character changes we ask you ask us for permission.Why? Well for getting married and having babies, everyone deserves a special moment! And we don't need 30 people pregnant at once. The answer is blue. Character changes and face changes, these require us to go in and fix things. And if we notice this happening a lot we will ask that you use passes to do this.Hiatuses:We allow them of course! The length permitted is based case by case.Writing:I knooow, but no fret. We wont be enforcing how much you write. So long as both parties agree it, who cares? You enjoying your time here and not feeling like this is a chore is what matters most to us. Quality over Quantity always!Drama:We have a no tolerance policy when it comes to drama OOC. IC drama is always encouraged!Points:These will be the primary way to get passes. They are Task Pass, Face Change, Character Change, Strike Removal, and Activity Pass. You will learn more about these and how to earn points on the members page. ------------------------If you read this far, please sign with a Sweeny Todd gif. Updated: 03.24.23


03/24/2023 05:01 PM 


Character Names Baekho KangMaryse KangRoman McIntyreViolet Devereaux    Face Claims Donghun LeeNaomi NeoRyan ReynoldsBlake Lively  MALE: 2/15 FEMALE: 3/15 TOTAL: 5/30

𝒮ʜᴇ’ꜱ 𝒮ᴀᴛᴀɴ

03/19/2023 01:40 PM 

The Deal Of A Millennium

The small village that once was bustling with her residents had become vacant, other than the groans and cries that poured out from the homes that surrounded them. Animals called out from their stables and fields, forgotten and starving as week after week more people were left crippled in pain. It had started with a stomach flu, it seemed to sweep over their little slice of heaven in a second, and no one could remember who it began with. The ground reeked of sick, the air in the homes stale and putrid we as bodies piled and the few unfortunate enough to survive were left unable to move. The death was slow, painful and seemed not to skip a single person. The elders and children were the first to go, older adults following, leaving nothing but those in their prime to watch everything they ever knew turn to rot.    Geun dreamt he died, this time had felt the most real and for a moment he thought it was over. He dreamed of a beautiful woman with long red hair, beckoning him to her. He would run to her, feeling the warmth and glow of heaven only for her to always be out of reach, and it was driving him slowly to insanity. He opened his eyes and swore, voice weak and stomach in the process of disgusting itself. Looking to his left lay his wife, her once flawless complexion covered in sores and filth. “Love—“ Weakly he called to her, she hadn’t answered in hours, perhaps days. At this point, everything bad blended into one endless hour of hell and he couldn’t escape. He had been training to be an assassin for the empire, known for his control of the blade and almost inhuman agility, he had been sought out by their ruler. After years of poverty and struggling, they had finally started to make it. They could leave the farm and village behind, have a big house, start a big family. Now and for the first time in his life, he was left powerless.   He was able to inch his hand towards her own, only now noticing how ungodly thin they’d both become in such a short amount of time. He could see the weak rise and fall of her chest but it was slowing as he watched it, and he knew the time was coming. “I’ll find you in the next life, I’m sorry I couldn’t give us everything we dreamed about—“   “But what if you could?” He heard, the voice echoing throughout his skull. Somehow this voice was so familiar, like he could picture the face that spoke, her voice like silk and dripping with honey. “What if I give you and your wife a way out? What if I help you, and you help me?”   “Anything.” Geun didn’t hesitate, “Just do it now, I’ll do anything you want.” Despite how weak he was, despite how tired, he was pleading with no sense of pride to be found. No question on the conditions.    “That was too easy.” He heard the voice coo, like she was pressed against his ear from the inside. A sudden wave of relief swept over him and the pain that had sent him into a pit of despair was eliminated. He felt like he had weeks ago, before the disease swept through and destroyed anything good in it’s path. He watched as his wife healed before his eyes, wounds sealing, sick dissipating into thin air. Her colour came back, moving from a sickly grey to sun kissed skin, flushed cheeks. She stirred and he lunged forward to hold her, her arms immediately wrapping around his neck to hold him against her. He hadn’t cried since he was a child, but he could feel uncontrollable tears streaming down along his cheeks.    Dal-Rae tensed, a pained, hitched breath taking over before she pulled back and moved away from him. “Ugh, absolutely vile.” She said with disgust, immediately stepping outside to breathe in the air. Death filled her lungs, it filled the house as well as sunlight, making Geun raise his hand to shield his eyes and flinched. He felt himself gag, it had been bad before but this rush of relief had alerted his sense. “This is much better.” She sighed, twirling in the light that beamed down.    Geun had never seen her like this before, he didn’t know what to think and felt unsettled. Still, he pulled himself to his feet and moved towards her. “Dal-Rae..”. He said, and despite being just in front of her, she didn’t respond. “Rae!” He yelled and she snapped her attention towards him, only the eyes that stared back into his own didn’t belong to his wife. Emerald optics shifted, looking him over before a unsettlingly uncharacteristic smirk crossed her lips. She moved towards him, even her strut was different. She held herself with pride, like she was better than anyone else and expected you to bow down to her. He took a single step back before hitting against the frame of the door. She closed the space, fingers curling around his neck as she moved in, lips ghosting over his own.    “You belong to me now, and so does she. You said anything, did you not? Well the deal is sealed. I’ll give you her back, though… sometimes.” It wasn’t the voice but the tone that made him realize who she was, the woman who was screaming in his head and beckoning him to take that step to the other side only to always leave him suffering. She had haunted his dreams since the fever began, and he started to wonder if he was hallucinating. Perhaps death was still near, and he was back in one of these dreams.   “You’re not.” She said with a laugh, “This is real, pet. You’ll kill for me, your wife will birth our children, and I will carry on through your child. Then, she’s all yours.” She cooed, leaning back in for teeth to catch his lower lip and tugged until it slipped free from her teeth. “You’ll have everything you could ever want, there are people waiting in the town to serve you, you’ll become close to the King, you’ll become his guard, and you will make sure to whisper what I say in his ear.”    Geun was frozen, she’d heard his inner thoughts and fears, his confusion, and he felt like he lacked any privacy in within the confines of his own skull. “And if I don’t?!” He demanded, mustering up courage while trying to keep his mind blank.   “Well… next time, it wont be a village.” She said with a grin, pushing a hand against his chest as she backed off and laughed, heading her way down to the stables. “Come, we need to get a move on if you want your wife back.”   Geun stood in shock, numbness taking hold as he realized the mistake he made. He didn’t know how severe the deal was, and he surely didn’t know that this would affect generations to come. All he knew was Dal-Rae was his world. He had fought for her affection since they were children doing their chores together in this very same village. He had proposed his life to her in the field her shell was strutting towards. He got them into the mess, so he would stand by her until he got them out of it.      Years later, he learned the demon’s name. Lilith was present most of the time, and the time with his wife when they were alone was her pleading with him to kill her— which he told her he couldn’t do. He was selfish, and their home was huge. They had everything they could ever want and more, and thanks to Lilith he had the King in his pocket. She had given them ten children, each deemed unworthy of Lilith’s blessing but she kept telling him this last one was the one. He had been so reluctant to her, he had fought her for the first half of their arrangement, but a man could only reject a succubus so long before he caved. When it happened once, it was so easy to fall into a routine, even a sense of normalcy. Lilith allowed Dal-Rae to raise the children while their father worked, but the moment the children were put to bed and Geun came home, she would take over and use him.    When their final child was born, and Lilith confirmed this was the child she wanted to raise for herself, she kept her promise and allowed Dal-Rae full reign over her body. She was weak from the birth, but moreso weak from the containment she’d been under. Geun tried to hold her, but she refused him. She refused to let go of their child and allowed no one near her. Geun didn’t know it at the time, but she’d been planning for months on how to get her revenge. As he slept, he woke to the sound of the baby screaming, jumping from his chair to see his wife attempting to cut the newborn. He managed to wrestle her from Dal-Rae and snapped.    “What the hell is wrong with you?!”   “What’s wrong with me?!” She laughed, “What’s wrong with ME?!” She shrieked, the sound setting off their daughter as he held her to his chest and glared at his wife. “That f***ing thing is a monster! I’m doing her a favour!” She threw the nearest thing, oil lamp, at him. It missed but hit against the wall and immediately began to burn with the same intensity in her eyes.    “F***!” For the first time in too long, fear struck him. “We have to go, this place is about to go up in flames—“   Dal-Rae looked at him, the kind of look that said more than words ever could. “I won’t play a role in this anymore. We should have died in the village together, we should have found each other in the next life.” Her deadpan tone cut through him, the flames climbing around them to create an orange glow on their skin. Before he had a chance to say anything, Dal-Rae drove the knife in her neck and immediately ripped it out. Her body soon hitting the floor as flames swallowed her.   He cried after her, but that voice found itself in his head and kept him moving. “Get out, save our daughter!” Lilith screamed, “She’s the only one who matters, get her to safety!” And somehow he did. It was like she sucked the pain and despair from him, or rather numbed it beyond recognition. He loved his wife, he knew that and he felt that, but he also couldn’t think of anything beyond getting their daughter, Lilit, to safety. He didn’t stop for the other children, he didn’t try to help them, in fact something inside him made him lock the door behind him so they would be trapped in the fire. He could feel Lilith’s presence, he could feel how proud she was of him, and somehow, that was enough. Their followers arrived only moments later, taking Geun and the infant and leading them to the carriages. He left everything behind, moving to a newer, busy city and raised his daughter to be strong, to be healthy, to be in her mothers image. She was sadistic, she was dark, but she was incredibly intelligent. She played her role and when the day came, she was married to the future leader of the church, giving her life and soul to Lilith and carrying on the tradition that gave them money, power and status.


03/17/2023 05:25 PM 

This has been on my mind a lot lately
Current mood:  blank

So, I am sure you all know me by now... I am sure, you all know what I have done. I'm sorry for all I did. Coming here, I thought I would make friends, have fun, get to know other k-pop/j-pop/c-pop and other Asian music fans. Of course, like most things. I f***ed it up. But, I'm only human. I know what I do is, weird to others, but we all have those moments. We all have those times, where we need a friend... I am not asking for pity, or trying to get pity. I am simply idk, express my thoughts. Like, a normal human can, right? Yeah, I posted about my disorders. I vent to people I hardly know.... But that is all it was, venting. Like, if you need someone to talk too... I am here to listen and try to help in anyway I can. It sucks feeling alone... I feel alone... Does anyone reach out to me? Hardly. Like, I want this place to be full of more, love. Idk why I am typing this, but, its just... I feel so alone and I see everyone having a good time. Yes, I know this is for fun and to make friends, but not everyone can differ, RL, and IC. It's hard... Very hard.... Mostly for someone like me... I try to explain my thoughts, I try to explain my feelings... but it only seems, to push people away... I understand people have a life, I understand that they can't get to all replies and that they may have a lot to write. I understand I need to reply to a person... Sorry if you are reading this... I'll get to it, promise. I know, no one will read this, but... I am deeply sorry.... For talking to anyone... for trying to make friends... for trying to be me when people tell me to be myself... I love Joon, and other folks that talk to me on discord... kinda... But I'm not a bad person... I try so hard, not to be a bad person...Yes, I know I make a lot of accounts, but dammit, its because I have ideas... I have ideas for those accounts, but when I try to put it out there, it seems to crash. I try to add spam those that are active, to only get cut down because, I'm not part of the, friend group? I can write, I want to write more. I just... I just want things the way they used to be when I joined.... I want someone.... to understand the pain I have and is willing to let me express it without fear of losing them as a friend... This is all my RL feelings... I know... It's why I put it in the Real Life category. I sit here, crying because I just feel like, I should leave and let everyone have their fun, but I stay because of the friends I did make and keep.I wanted to make an apology letter to all those I feel like I wronged in some way, but it won't be accepted. No matter what I write. I understand you guys want to escape the life we live in... Sometimes, someone has to have that one outlet, ya know. Again, I'm not looking for pity, sympathy  or anything else along those lines. Just, can we stop the fighting, the hating, the stupid bullsh*t? If the idols saw their fans, fighting each other and not doing what they promote, which is Love yourself, Love each other... They see fans fighting, it will just break their hearts. We are all here, because we love what they do and we love who they are. I think, it's just time to put all differences aside for once, and come together as a community. Come together as one. Come together... as a family. Not be separated by all this hate, or all this, pick and choose. We are all great writers and we all should be able to express ourselves regardless. The idols, they want us to join together and be a great community full of love and full of positivity... Why can't we be like that? Why can't we all get along and help one another when other's need it? Not bash them for their mental illnesses or for how they act. Calmly talk to the person, calmly approach them as a friend and not judge them or not try and get a better understanding..Please, let's just, come together. Let's make this place as if our idols are watching. Not be separated like we are. We are here for the love we have for our idols... Let's help each other... Not fight... Not judge... Not push aside someone's venting. If anyone needs to vent, message me. I may have stress and sh*t in my life, but that don't mean I won't try my best, to be that friend you need. Let's stop the hate. Please. I don't hate anyone here. Please... Let's just... end the senseless fighting... We are all a family. We are all one.....


03/14/2023 11:26 PM 

Hayato's life
Current mood:  creative

Hayato grew up in a small town called Lebensbaum after His parents Moved away from Japan his Mother was 6 months Preganat with him when leaving Japan but it wasn't called Lebensbaum at the time when there parents escape Japan From the ending of the War that was going on Hayato's Parents where Great warriors of there time and the Perfect Aassassions so when they moved To the Area that was going to be called Lebensbaum which his mother an father founded it which Lebensbaum is know as {Life's Tree} so they started to build there Brand New Town as well as they where New home it took Decandes to build there small town but once it was finally Finish and word started to get around of Lebensbaum there was about 30 people Max living in there small town including there own but as time went by after Hayato was born, Hayato Parent's didn't want there child to be a warrior or such assassion as they where they wanted there son to have a normal and fun life instead of what they was in their past even though Hayato's Parents where not human and still looking young and viberant cause his's father was A Fox Demon great and powerful and his Mother and Vampire Lord which she was also great and powerful but they didn't let there son know what he was cause they thought it would be safer that way if they kept it secret of what ablities that he could possible hold if he ever knew but they knew the power that there son Had which they could feel inside of him Far more Darker though which the mother knew that was from her side of the family , The Mother begged her Husband to let him train his Dark power's, But the Husband Rejected her request telling her that if he would ever to train with his Darker Power's that he crave more power" The wife has sighed even though she knew her husband was right about what he said about there's son's Power and training with it he might crave more if he knew about his darker power's that he but the Hayato's mother would figure out something to do with his Son and his power and how to train him to control them and not crave power as much as her husband would though it come to be even though Her husband had the Gift of forsight She knew that there's gotta be away around what her Husband forsighted150 Year'sAs Lebensbaum grew and florished over the year's only adding 10 more people to there population it become very well know and they had touriest coming though and looking at the stunning beauty as it was and there musuem of course was full of there history which is father run's day and half the night and his mother now days run's ther butcher shop while the lovely people that live there run the other shops and the kids going to school at home from there teacher's this place is Pretty much Paradise and it was really hidden away from the hustle and bustle from citie's that surrounded them at least 120 miles out of there where but they grow and hunt there own food from the forest that surround's them with plenty of wildlife to hunt from, Now as for Hayato's he was as grown man now being 150 year's old now he has very well educated man, he also wanted to leave this town and see the world beyond his own town but growing up he always Remember it wasn't safe to travel beyond these woods or town, saying there are worser people and danger's so he stayed inside the walls of his parents down, but something inside of him told him there was more out there and then what he was living in he would stare at the moon at night from his bedroom window at his home which was decent size and he couldn't help for his mind to wonder what could be our there, Danger?Adventure, Love? enough Hayato has had his fair share of ladies in his town even married one's which he had affair with for 4 year's when her husband was out working night's or even over working she would always call Hayato over for a good fun Night of Sex , But the Affair ended when she moved away with her Husband after he got a better Job offer , but he would hope from one women to the next every single night , Even taking some Girls Purity but it was on the girls own free will Hayato never force him self on the women he would ask if she wanted to have sex? sometimes he would get a yes or a no but even after rejected he would spend just friend time with them as well , but he was very hot shot in his town with the ladies and he was not bitching about it , but even though he was curious of what other women looked liked on the other side of the forest as well he wondered if they looked any different or the same as they do here? as more his mind wondered and wondered and late one night he made up his mind  to go and adventure off into the known, not what to expect he didn't take much with him, but he didn't take long to get ready and packed his huge Knapsack and a few weapons with him which he tucked away in his clothing he Jumped out of his window and sneaked and moved around the town Sneaking from corner to corner and lurked in the shadow's as he made his way out of the town and into the forest he was scared cause growing up he use to go hunting in these wooods to get dinner for his parrents but as he made his way his way of though woods which took him at least 5 day's to get though he did stop at river's to take bathe's in and to freshen up but he could see light's and hear loud noises , he started to get a little nervous cause these sound's where very known to him but he took a deep breathe and started out into the new adventure


03/06/2023 08:20 PM 

Hayato Information

name: HayatoAllies: Frenzy_RedVoice/Mr.SatanHeight: "5 9"Weight:150-160past Relantioships:6Currect Relantionship: SingleKids: none that he know's of So he may have Kid'sSpecious:Fox Demon/Vampire/Hybridmother:DeadFather:DeadSister: he has no Blood Related Sister'sBrother:He has no blood related BrotherHobbies: Drinking, Smoking, Going out talking to the dead, Visting Cematery's and Graveyard's Feelings more comfortable around the Dead then he does the living, Also enjoy's the Ocean and climing the big rocks that is sometimes is surround by the ocean , he perfer Solitude over company,Personality: Friendly, Kind, caring, Loving, Loyal,confident,Faithful Funny, Sense of Humor , some what of a straight-Forward Person, Reserved keeps to him self most the time unless he approch by someone he knows well, He's quite, Moody at times, he only flirt's and touch's someone he like's or has a thing for! because of his toubled past getting him into trouble being to flirtous , he does like too to joke around and tease people and the one he loves Sexuality:BiSexualFavorite Food: Almost everything expect for a few things Favorite Tv Show:Cartoons, Horror, Supernatural, Paranormal , B-Movies, not big on romance movies though, Unless it's Dark Romance moviesFavorite Body Part's: On a women it's the Legs, Face, Hips, Feet, Boobies, ButtOn a man it's there Face, and there butt mostly Disorders:Depression, Bi-polarAddictions:Cigarettes, AcoholPast Life:Keeps a Secret only revealed to His Partner {Which he don't have}


03/03/2023 06:43 PM 

Idk who will read this, but please... Give me a chance.
Current mood:  depressed

Okay, so... A lot of you may or may not know me. This is my real life story. I don't really know who would read this, but.... I figured, I would, let you all know what I am like. Yeah, there was an issue with some people here. Yeah, I made a mistake of doing what I did, if you all heard or saw it. Yeah, I know sorry will not be enough to fix what I did. I just, want to let everyone know, just because someone you know, may have something, I have, doesn't mean it's the same. Different people, will have different... symptoms? if you can say it like that. I know this is the internet, but I feel like I need to speak up and, say what I think should be said. That is, I'm a f***ing idiot, but, I have a heart of gold. I have helped many of my friends with being an ear to them... But I am a human and I made mistakes... Sometimes its hard for me to just move on, but there is always that part where, I want to fix what I messed up... What maybe easy for you, is hard for me. I just, felt the need to speak my mind out of character. I want to show, that with Borderline Personality Disorder, is not an excuse and different with different people. Its hard for me to differ RL with RP. Again, maybe easy for you, but hard for me... All I ask, is that one chance to fix and prove, I'm not that bad of a person... That I'm not... an attention seeker.This is just, me speaking my mind and me wanting all to know... I'm so sorry for what I did, and I wish I can turn back time to where we all had a good time... I just felt so... Worthless, outcasted, and other bullsh*t due to what I went through before coming onto this site, but, I don't know who to talk too about it... Yes, I am seeking professional help, but he has a personality of a mop... But for a little highlight to the writer behind this girl... people may or may not hate. I am not looking for sympathy, hate, or told, "You shouldn't talk that way in your blog about your RL life." Well, you and I are not the same. I feel the need to express my thoughts and this is the way I want to do it... This is probably going to be a long blog, but, I feel it is needed. You can take this however you want. I am not here to hate anyone, I am not here to be hated. Yes, what I, again did, was wrong. I should have thought about it, but my mind, wanted to go into a different direction and there's nothing I really could have done, because of how my brain works. Obviously, no one is the same, obviously, we all think differently. Yeah, people have that hard exterior, speaking what is on their mind without holding back, but there are people, who, cannot do that, for fear, they will lose all they consider friends. I wanted to take everything that was said to me and keep it in my thought. I did. I did what I thought was right, trying to follow what was asked or said, I should/shouldn't do. Yeah, friends come, and friends go. We all have those moments that we do... things that are, random and weird. i am sorry, if I am trying to be all like, "LOOK AT ME! I AM AN ATTENTION SEEKER LOOKING FOR PITTY!" which, I am not looking for pitty. I just want my thoughts out there. I, again, am not seeking attenion... I know I have said that over and over in this post, but... This is helpful for me to, express how I feel. I took everything in thought, which I should have done in the first place, but, my "excuse" got in the way. I say "excuse" with the marks, because I say, "My disorders, cause me to do this.." which isn't meant to be taken as a "oh, feel bad for me." It should be taken as, "Okay, calm yourself. Come back, talk about your thoughts, if you wish, and we can take a few steps into another direction."My disorders include: Borderline Personality Disorder (Not sure how many knows what this is, but its pretty common, message if you want to know more about it.) Schizotypal disorder (Listed below), ADHD/ADD, PTSD, Bipolar, Chronic Depression. Schizotypal personality disorder typically includes five or more of these signs and symptoms: Being a loner and lacking close friends outside of the immediate family Flat emotions or limited or inappropriate emotional responses Persistent and excessive social anxiety Incorrect interpretation of events, such as a feeling that something that is actually harmless or inoffensive has a direct personal meaning. Peculiar, eccentric or unusual thinking, beliefs or mannerisms Suspicious or paranoid thoughts and constant doubts about the loyalty of others Belief in special powers, such as mental telepathy or superstitions Unusual perceptions, such as sensing an absent person's presence or having illusions Peculiar style of speech, such as vague or unusual patterns of speaking, or rambling oddly during conversations I just, want things to be, understood of my actions. You, again, can hate me, delete me, block me, but I am going to speak my mind, like many others do. Think I'm an idiot if you want. Say, "Well, everyone has issues and shouldn't make you special. I have mental issues, but I take a break from sh*t. You should too." Or whatever. Showing awareness for these, disorders, over the internet, needs to be, brought to light because, you may, or may not, miss out on a person, that could be a true friend.

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Currently creating some really stupid simple profiles that people can use on their own profiles without much effort. Here are a couple of the links so far.CookiesPretty in PaintGalaxyPretty in Pink


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