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Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 22
Sign: Pisces
Country: United States

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April 26, 2024


04/26/2024 05:26 AM 

day 1 ; the newbie
Category: Blogging
Current mood:  cheerful

hi, whats up you guys?
im a 15 year old female with hopes on becoming a kpop star. but ofc i have no experience. 
out of kpop, i love:
- bts : j-hope, suga, v, jungkook (HOW IS A MAKNAE SO SEXY 😭)
- stray kids : seungmin, pretty much all
- vcha : kendall and kaylee
- blackpink : rose and lisa.

sum things about me ~
- im annoying asf
- 👏I👏LIKE👏TO👏PLAY👏FEMALES👏 (dw i can play boys too)
- i try not to curse/cuss but its so hard 😭 if you want me to stop i’d stop for you, don't wanna make anyone uncomfy !
- i write stories for fun!
- i love to dance
- i play volleyball ! varsity, #11, server
- i live in the est timezone in usa.
- a pisces. idk why this site is saying im an aries 😭

im a pretty friendly user ! you can PM me anytime !! honestly if i dont reply immediately im in class. 
thanks for reading ~
- kenzie


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