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Gender: Female
Age: 26
Sign: Taurus
Signup Date:
November 01, 2023


11/01/2023 08:06 PM 

About Cashlin

Character’s full name:
Cashlin E. Alighieri
Reason or meaning of name:
Cashlin means to be greedy, wanton, never fulfilled
Character’s nickname:
Cash, her mother calls her Lino
Reason for nickname:
Her full name can be a mouthful
Birth date:
May 20th.
Face Claim:
Giselle from Aespa

Physical appearance;;
Body build:
Hair color:
Naturally brown, goes through phases of other colors.
Eye color:
Distinguishing marks:
A few freckles and moles across her body, a smattering of random little tattoos.
Cashlin speaks with a hushed tone, not because she is a quiet person, but because it forces others to lean in to hear her. Once she's comfortable around people, she does speak up and is known to be a loud personaility.
Physical disabilities:
Range of motion in her left arm is lessened due to a gun shot.
Usual fashion of dress:
Fashionable but comfortable. Prefers nice sneakers to heels, but likes the power and attention when she wears heels.

Good personality traits:
Curious, capable, sympathetic, intelligent, quick learner, fair judge of character
Bad personality traits:
Guarded, hard-headed, rebellious, avericious, unforgiving, can get bloodthirsty
Character’s greatest joy in life:
Currently? Partying.
Character’s greatest fear:
Never solving who killed her father, ending up in the burial plot next to him
Character’s soft spot:
Animals and small children
Is this soft spot obvious to others?
She makes it well known that bringing harm to creatures and people who are unable to defend themselves are past the line
Greatest strength:
Her drive and willingness to do what is necessary to achieve her goals
Greatest vulnerability or weakness:
She can be a little foolhardy when it comes to her goal. 
Biggest regret:
Not begging her father to stay the night he died.

Goals ;;
Drives and motivations:
Her biggest motivation is solving who killed her father.
Immediate goals:
Track down the leads on her father's case, glean all the information she can, cleaning up the evidence.
Long term goals:
Taking over Avarice for herself, so she will want for nothing.
How other characters will be affected:
Cashlin doesn't really care about who stands in her way, they'll either fall in line or fall dead.

  Overview ;;
The City.
Type of Childhood:
Spoiled, pampered, protected.
Best friend:
She doesn't like to have her friends be too close.
Current location:
Still in the City.
Currently living with:
No one except herself.
None, but she wants a cat.
Not really the praying type.
Finished high school and got her bachelors degree in business management because her uncle told her she had to in order to take over his position within Avarice.
Superficially, heiress to the Alighieri fortune and figure head for her father's business. Deeper down, she's working her way up the ranks within Avarice and investigating the many secrets in the underbelly.
Not concerned with spending a couple thousand, but tends to spend as needed, not as wanted.

Family ;;
Eun-Sook Alighieri (nee Jang)
Relationship with her:
Cashlin was the only child born between her mother and father, not because they didn't want more, but that Eun-Sook couldn't carry any other pregnancy to term. Cashlin loved her mother and all the things that Eun-Sook would teach her growing up. She took a special interest in making sure Cashlin had everything she wanted, and knew about her Eastern heritage as much as her Western roots. Once Warren died, Eun-Sook distanced herself from Cashlin and became more reserved with her affections. Within a year, she married Wren, his brother. This left a bad taste in Cashlin's mouth and she hasn't viewed her mother the same since.

Warren Alighieri
Relationship with him:
Forever the daddy's girl, Cashlin adored being her father's daughter. He kept her safe, showed her how a married couple should treat each other, put Cashlin's expectations unreasonably high for what she would want in a partner. She did everything in her power to make him proud of her. As far as she knew, he died being a good man. The news of her father being a part in a mafia shook her once firm understanding of the man who was her father. These days, the more she learns of her father, the more she sees herself in him. She doesn't always know if it's a good thing.

Wren Alighieri
Relationship with him:
Wren was always on the periphiral of memories to Cashlin. He was at all her birthday parties, small celebrations, Christmas and Easter for as long as she could remember. It was comforting. Having him there when her father died was comforting in the same way a well loved book is comforting. When Cashlin asked for more information, Wren didn't keep it from her. For that, she was grateful. He taught her how to fight, how to shoot, and how to protect herself. He showed her how things worked in Avarice, and never once held back. It did no good to shelter her any more. She's not his biggest fan since he married her mother, but she still goes to him for training.

Favorites ;;
Least favorite color:
Nothing is off the table
Breakfast foods
True crime, contemporary fiction
Form of entertainment:
Going to clubs, dancing, people watching
Most prized possession:
Her father's leather jacket

Habits ;;
Traveling, listening to music, sipping expensive whiskey, learning new recipes, fight training
Plays a musical instrument?
God no, she's not graceful that way
How she would spend a rainy day:
Deleting all the pictures on her insta because they don't fit in with her new aesthetic
Spending habits:
She has items that she prefers to splurge on, but unless they are of good make and are bespoke by others, she won't waste her money - even though she could.
Socially, but not often
More often than her mother would like
She's not known to turn down a good time
What does she do too much of?
Hyperfixate on small details
What does she do too little of?
Take time for herself
Extremely skilled at:
Talking to people
Extremely unskilled at:
Letting people in
Nervous tics:
Turns her rings around her fingers, braiding a piece of her hair, straightening her clothes
Usual body posture:
Relaxed but attentive

Stats ;;
Mental Flexibility:
Physical Strength:
Battle Skill:


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