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Tucked away within the forest of Appalachia in Virginia is a small, quiet, and peaceful former mining town called Brightwood. It's a town where everyone knows everyone, what you are doing could be the next thing running through the gossip mill in the local dinner. Regardless, what is said is usually unimportant and just how life goes here. Brightwood isn't a tourist attraction, it doesn't have beaches or anything hugely notable. But- it is a place where people will tend to search out if they want to escape the world outside. 
Within the past few years, the population of Brightwood has grown causing a little bit of an upset in the locals who have been in this town for years. The work force is full and there still is many left needing jobs and this has resulted in people starting to lose their homes and all they've got. 

As this crisis grows, people start vanishing, one by one... Even the mayor himself vanished leaving his wife alone to run the show. Some bodies do reappear, some stay missing making it hard to decide who's been taken and killed and who may have ran off. Some who are superstitious and have lived here for generations also believe it's what ever lurks in the forests of Appalachia making people disappear. Making trying to find the culprit harder... You may hear warnings from locals, such as; 
Hear something? No you didn't...
Saw something? No you didn't... 
Don't look into the trees. 
Don't be in the woods from dusk until dawn. Ever. 
Don't whistle or sing in the woods, high pitched noises travel, you don't want anything in the woods knowing your location. 
Don't go off marked trails. 
The further the sound is may mean it's close to you. The closer it may sound means it's further. 
Don't say their name. 
Don't run, it activates prey drive, for anything. Bears, them, just anything. 

Now that the disappearances have picked back up, and this town has become attractive to those who want to escape, slowly thr economy had improved with unexpected foreign royalty, late emperor Seok, making an appearance and his reopening of the mines and library opening up more job opportunities, even opening up chances to come work at the estate he had built for himself and his family. But Seok hadn't stayed much in Brightwood, but kept his house keepers employed in his Brightwood estate.  
Unfortunately the disappearances hadn't stopped and people keep getting plucked off one by one. 
Will who ever is causing this be stop?


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