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01/16/2024 06:26 PM 

Just some info (about the person behind the Mask)
Category: Character Info
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First off I Roleplay my character/s as cannon for the most part though there are a few things that are not cannon for my character/s like I play all my character/s as demisexual and I am kind of a world builder, both those things together means it takes time for me to build up to the romance and once it's there I kind of can't turn it off. Now that doesn't mean I am all about Meaningless sex. I am a more detail-oriented person like "Sam looked at Dean with pensive puppy dog eyes the kind where his forehead forms that tall u it always does when he is concerned about his brother." If I say that you are the only person, I am Roleplaying with I mean it. Now on to my rules for the people I Roleplay with. Just Patience, Understanding, and respect that's it. If anyone should have questions about anything I have said here or have any other questions don't hesitate to ask whether it's on my blog here or in questions.


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