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06/20/2020 08:23 PM 

Yeah, rules. I did that.

I don't really write rules unless I have to or there's a reason for them.
Due to some experiences as a long time writer.
Rules are needed. 
These rules will be updated every now and then. 

If you don't sign? I won't reply. Simple. 

About my character 

Markus is a cannibal,  he eats people and he caters to the infected he has created in order to make sure their cravings are stable. He owns his own restaurant, which is connected through different parts of the city/world, this organization he has built-in secrecy participates in higher positions and everyday businesses. People are every now and then reported missing, cold cases turning up years later. 
Coverups within the police system are tainted with his creations. 
These missing people are taken away and tortured to then later be used to feed his kind that lives beneath the city's feet. 
Others above ground.  

Markus's Blood

Because Markus consumed a god's blood, his own is capable of its own gifts. 
Markus is able to turn people as well as claim individuals without turning them. 
I have come across an issue about this in the past and many assumptions were made about my character having some sort of sexual involvement with another character. 
Markus gifts certain individuals with his blood for three reasons, 
First, he wants to turn them but this requires his venom to be injected in said person. 

Second, in order to trap certain victims and force them to do his bidding through some sort of blood binding, this is torture, the person is forced to obey him and does as he asked of them.  He doesn't like these people at all and when he finishes toying with them, he is able to destroy them from the inside. 

Third, there are special people who he claims as valuable. This is a form of marking he puts on these individuals to protect them from his cluster who are cannibalistic in nature.  The cluster is automatically sired to these special people, they do not cause harm, they are very protective of the chosen individual.   These people are also connected to Markus through selective telepathy and are granted semi immortality, meaning; these people are unable to age having extraordinary healing.  These people he claims as precious and some individuals have gifted a higher position, as a family member. 

Still, depending on interests. Markus can use his blood to either toy and destroy a person from within or as a protection. 

Love Interests(Li)  & Sex 

In order to know his personality, the writer has to share no matter how taboo it might be. 
This doesn't mean I actually participate in anything like that. 
Markus is a sinner, keep this in mind. 
Do not take anything my character says at heart personally towards yourself [The writer] 

If he is not in a relationship, Markus can do whatever he wants with anyone else's character. 
Yes, there are some dark situations that DO happen in roleplay, but this requires discussions.
When Markus does claim a person as his permanent partner,
I will no longer have involvement with other people with this kind of scene.
Smut is to be expressed strictly between him and his partner.

Also, I do not like cheating.
If  I find out you're writing smut with another person, I'm just going to pretend our characters never happened and open the position again.
There's no reason to argue. 
There's no reason to spread as to why?
You may be blacklisted though. 

Another thing,  there may be some scenes inside my stories that do involve sexual situations, and if you're his partner these situations may be introduced strictly to you. 
There won't be another person involved.  
It will only be another 'in story characters of some sort that I decided to throw in to entertain.' do not take this seriously. 
I'm not actually out here writing scenes with other people. 
I do not like bland and I will not allow our stories to be bland. 

Markus likes whatever the f*** he likes, okay? 
No discrimination will be tolerated around me.  

Writing style 

My writing style varies. 
I can write from one line to multiple paragraphs(ranging between two or 8 paragraphs, maybe more.) 
You are not required to match my length. 
I do ask, if I write a paragraph? 
I don't want to see one line sent back to me. If I write multiple?  I don't want to see one line written back to me. 
A little effort to larger replies is much appreciated.  I can't drive the story anywhere if you're giving me little to go off of. 

Comments &  messages
I prefer messages because it's easier to backtrack and keep together. Comments are more for side chats or ooc,  if you want to engage in a conversation in comments while waiting for main stories to be sent. 
We can do so. 
There's no reason to stop building our character's connections just because we haven't received a large response yet. 
Comments can include anything from OOC , semi, and one-line random, casual or serious conversations. 

Feel free to send him gifts or sassy comments. 

O O C / O O C DRAMA conversations 

Do not blend roleplay with ooc.  
In the past, I used to do so when I didn't know better but now, 
I'm entirely different. and I don't trust too easily, either.
If you need to talk to me about something in RL? 
O O C me.  I will stop roleplay and focus on the actual feelings of a person. 
There must be a real reason for you to talk to me outside of character. 
This can include, stress, not quite understanding a scene in rp, uncomfortableness when it comes to writing, 
perhaps you're worried about something. 
I will not accept ooc drama in any form. 
Do not put me in your situation. 

In story drama

There are scenes in a roleplay that require drama. These scenes may be acted out in character but on status, this has to be discussed between each writer involved.  
do not take anything my character says to heart and please, treat the situation as if it was a game. 
This requires you to think and put together about the characters that we've learned so far in order to pass a situation. 
Granted, some situations are just difficult to get by and really do stress us out because we have a strong connection with our characters. 
This is when you  O O C me. 
Let me know you're thoughts and how you feel. 
If you don't understand something? If you need a tip? Let me know. 
We're here for fun and not hurt one another. 

Characters &  play-bys 

I am aware that I am not using an Asian play-by.  I don't need you to tell me and correct me about it because it's not your decision. This site said 'fans of Asian culture' this doesn't clarify that it's strictly for Asian faces and even so, some people's characters need a particular muse in order to fit the vibe they are going for.  There won't be any discrimination my list about someone's face, whether you are a fan of Korea, Japan or any other country and ethnicity. There are all types of people in the world, therefore, you do not have the right to tell someone you don't like how they look just because they don't fit your preference. 9/10 the people behind their character aren't even what their play by are. 
If you decide to behave this way? You will be blacklisted. 
My character has a blended family, all his kids aren't caucasian. 
And that's fine as long as they're willing to take on the role, respect those who they are in connection with. 
And drama isn't thrown at one another. 
I could care less about what you are, how you look, and where you came from. 



Discord can be used in the same way as comments.
Again no OOC drama. 

The family 

If you're going to be part of the family? You need to understand how the cluster works. 
I've had witnessed a situation recently because my character decided to give a certain character their blood. 
Again this is nothing sexual. 
Markus tells people he owns them because this is a form of ownership, his blood connects him to them.
He also threatens people who are around those he cares a lot about. 
He is territorial and protective of his family and friends. 
He will say he 'owns' them just to tick another off, make them back off of his so-called 'possession'
And he tends to test people's responses to see if they are worthy enough to lower the wall and permit permission to be associated with these special people.   
They are part of his family and protected under the cluster. 
There is no SEX or anything SEXUAL going on. 
Don't be ridiculous. 

This doesn't prevent these people from developing relationships with other writer's characters at all. 
So yes, date them. 
Just remember it's a story, not real life. 

The cluster rules.

I am making an application for these different types of ranks in the cluster. 
It will either be available now or in the future. 
If you're interested? Sign up and I'll look at your application then have a discussion with you. 

1 No OOC drama. 

2. Everyone is to get along

3. There will be no judgment with playbys

4. Do not spam writers or make lies about their characters. 

5.Don't kill someone's character.
Although feelers are very difficult to kill. 
Consumers can be. 

6. You have to be active, this doesn't mean every damn day, every second of your life. 
This means at least most of the time.

7. If you want to make an alternate character to be part of the cluster? 
That is fine just make sure you're active otherwise I will delete you. 
You are welcome to return whenever. 
There are no hard feelings, I just want people who are willing to be around. 

8. Look, I tend to disappear because I have other things I need to do. 
As I said, I don't expect you to always be around but on enough to form relationships and connections. 
I'm very serious about my given roles. 

9. All information about my character belongs to me and if I see anyone mistreating this information,
I can take legal action towards you.
As I said on my profile, my character is protected. 
No, I did not put all his information but I won't tell you what is what. 

10: Keep in mind your rank.

If you're a feeler? 
You are to obey Markus. 
You are sired to him and treat him as a god. 

The consumers are to be respected, watched over, and to not be harmed unless stated otherwise.
Consumers must respect Markus, the feelers will be around the consumers as surveying or security. 
Consumers can treat puppets as pets [considering they are walking corpses operating on instinct, they are very submissive around consumers and feels because of their rank and connections] 

Now, consumers. If you read through all this, you will understand and keep in mind that you have drank Markus's blood. 

If Markus decides to use binding/ control on you, you are to treat it as if it's happening to your character.
If I write 'he forces you to kneel' you have to make your character do so, I don't mind if they complain or act like they're fighting it but in the end, they have to do it. 
Make it realistic.  

Another thing, the only changes a consumer will have done to them is their healing will be advanced, they can hear Markus telepathically and speak to him. They can sense if he is near and they won't age. 
That is it. 
There is no other change.

11. If you want someone you know to join the cluster? 
They need to come to me.
They need to fill an application and you need to tell me if you're the one who recommended them. 
They must read this and sign.

12. Just have fun, I don't ask for much but for everyone to be nice towards one another. 
Enjoy the connections, have fun. 
Don't complain about stupid things that aren't real. 
If you have a problem with something? 
Talk to me privately in o o c. 
We will have a discussion in discord with another writer if need to. 

13: Discussion hella important in all this. 
There are different occupations people can have, differents tasks and reasons. 
All this important. 

14. And his kids and if he has a mate? You are to respect them just as much. This does not mean if there's a situation involving writers that it would be blown off. I don't care what rank you are. 
There won't be any stupidity. 

15: I do edits here and there.
Right now, photoshop is put to the side but when I decide to hop into it again. 
I'm building up my experience slowly.
I will gift people with edits from time to time. 
Do not beg me to edit for you. 
I have many other things to take care of.  I don't always have time but I will put you in a list and keep you in mind. 
I was even considering eventually creating a section for edit requests. 
I do have faces I will share with people if they're interested. 

16.  Whatever happens in the cluster stays in the cluster. Don't spread rumors, don't lie about people, don't photoshop comments and messages, no o o c stupidity or you'll be blacklisted. 
I don't want to hear any damn excuse about it being in character. 
Some people use roleplay as an escape to torture writers knowing they are emotionally attached. 
I am aware roleplay is an escape for some people with hard lives. 
If you are having a hard time? We need to have a discussion as a group or individually with me. 
Think of me/Markus as your father. 
There should be no reason for someone to be crying, having panic attacks, or breaking down because someone doesn't know how to play fair or communicate with one another properly. 


Killing and R*pe

Markus is very hard to kill. 
Aside from that, there won't be any permanent killing of a character unless it's a side character I threw into the story. 
As for r*pe, that's to be discussed. Yes, I put that here. 
Some of you are freaks to a higher level.
There won't be any scene like this unless it's discussed. 
Again Markus is a sinner. 
Do not discuss if you're sensitive to s h i t . 


My grammar is not the best. It never was and it probably will never be.
I make mistakes all the time. 
I don't expect you to have good grammar because I know there are plenty of people who's first language isn't English.
That is fine! I have many RL friends whose first language isn't English. 
As long as I can understand, we can write. If I cant? I don't know what to tell you. 
I just can't respond, no hard feelings.

About the writer 

I myself in o o c have depression,  anxiety, and other issues. 
There are times I need to pull myself away to cooperate.  I may go silent and disappear for a while. 
Do not be surprised if I stop in between a conversation.
My issues, most have been caused by unnecessary issues because of writing. 
Having that said experience, I do not wish this to happen to others. 
I will do my best to make sure people are treated fairly, feel as if they actually have a home or place of safety. 
Do not take my quietness as if I'm upset at you or  I don't like you. 
I'm either thinking or there's something else going on behind the screen. 
I do not like it when people rush my replies, so please do not rush because I do not want to give you crappy responses. 
I also don't care if you have another account because 7/10 most people do.
I love to see creativity and if you have another character you want to share with me? Do it.
I don't mind only if this character is far different from your other one. 
Share with me because we're writers.
We're supposed to enjoy writing together.  If it wasn't for people being so creative and inspiring me to be better, creating things that I've would never have without motivation. I wouldn't be writing at all. 
Do not try to get with my character using another character. 
I'm not playing those games either.

In conclusion, stop the bullsh*t and just write. 
There are far more things in the world that are worse than complaining about someone looking at your page. 

I'll update this when I think of something else.
For now, 
Sign your character's name and comment with your favorite quote.

I don't always ask people to sign but this is important. 



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Piper Takahashi.
"An angel's wings doesnt define the creature. The battered, damaged, tortured, and hurt heart neither. It's all within their everlasting soul."

I hope to write with you soon, Markus.

Posted on Jul 14th 2020 - 4:30 PM



Shiro - Turn your weakness into a strength

Posted on Jul 1st 2020 - 12:10 AM



Cant think of a quote but I'll sign, just to aware you that I've read and understood



Posted on Jun 23rd 2020 - 7:05 PM

Valiant Warrior


Li'l Shang 

As for my favorite quote. Here's one that I found that has long became my new favorite quote since I also rp a Goddess

The Quote

You think he took me? You think I knew not what I did? When I laughed and placed those crimson seeds upon my tongue?"

- Persephone 

Posted on Jun 23rd 2020 - 1:32 PM

S e x P o t


Jack- Tomatoes,  TOmatoes. 

Posted on Jun 23rd 2020 - 12:32 PM

Thailand's Princess


Thailand's Princess (Lisa)
Sorry, I don't really have a quote but I have read all the rules you have written here.

Posted on Jun 22nd 2020 - 7:28 PM

ʟօռɢɨռɢ ɦɛǟʀȶ


Takashi -"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart."

Posted on Jun 22nd 2020 - 5:30 PM



Meng Mei Qi.
I don't have a favorite quote but here is one I like. "If you feel like losing everything, remember that trees lose their leaves every year and still they stand tall and wait for better days to come."

Posted on Jun 22nd 2020 - 10:42 AM



Byeol Ara/Ruby - "People are doubting how far you can go. So, go so far that you can't hear them anymore."

Posted on Jun 21st 2020 - 2:52 PM

s o o


Do Kyungsoo. 
"Don't be defeatist, dear, it's very middle class."

Posted on Jun 21st 2020 - 9:34 AM


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