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There have been many great gatherings of powerful, beautiful, sinful creatures over the centuries of the Earth being whole; each one hosting their own legacies and frightful myths. The Inferno Hellfire Coven is amongst the greatest of the greats and leading in the longest years in a position of power over the other groups, both new and ancient. The IHC (Inferno Hellfire Coven) history is shrouded in mystery, darkness and blood. The first initial rumors of the IHC's first gathering was in the times of one of the great wonders of the modern world; The Hanging Garden's of Babylon. During that time, monsters and witches gathered to create a secret society amongst the rich to unlock the powers of the old gods. Their trails would come to light to the humans and the IHC went into hiding. It would not be until the early days of London that the IHC would once again gain membership and grow into a popular underground society for those 'touched by satan', meaning those with gifts or born with darkness. It was during the London age that the IHC would give it's members proper elite titles to signify their chosen member's importance and rank within the group. The group would remain a known name for the years that followed up until the modern day where the group had recruited members from across the globe. Though, over time, the group has lessened its ranks to just the elites and selected persons of true influence. The main IHC is now being run by the Vampire Lord Wonho who has currently emptied all the ranks of the previous members to make way for his new reincarnation of his Asian-centric elite court of monsters.

To gather monsters together in a secret society  to allow them to flourish and live lavish, unbothered lifestyles. The coven works together in the common wealth of all it's members; allowing each member to tribute or donate some portion of their profits or goods to the coven. 

Any supernatural being or creature.

Respect, Honestly and Activity is asked. There are common decency rules that should be common knowledge If the new head of the coven; WONHO, deems one's activity to be unwanted or undesired, a warning will be distributed if warranted or immediate dismissal and block by all members will be initiated.

Wonho has adapted titles from regal British times that each member must have upon entry into the club; this titles are limited to the following: Lord, Lordess, Duke, Dutchess, Madame, Mistress, Baron, Baroness, Dame. One's preferred gender identity does not define their title options, men and females can have any title.

*comment your application on this blog.
  • character's name
  • character's birthplace 
  • character's race
  • character's powers
  • character's job/occupation/way of income
  • chosen rank for title


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