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May 31st, 2023

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Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 29
Sign: Libra
Country: Korea (South)

Signup Date:
July 10, 2022


07/10/2022 01:45 PM 

Admin + Rules


pronounce: he|him / she|her
birthdate: 10th February 2001
age: 21


- You must be ooc 18+ (please tell me your ooc age before rping!)

- Don't take control over my character.

- Only roleplaying semi lit up to lit, third person. If you roleplay like this *hugs you* then I will kindly tell you that they should stay at text talk, I don't like to roleplay like that, I am sorry.

- Please no littles, crossdresser, abo, hybrids or anything supernatural.
If you want to roleplay then please think about that I won't do this & it's totally fine if you don't want to roleplay anymore then.

- Understand that English isn't my first language, so mistakes are just mistakes and not forcefully done to annoy you.

- That doesn't mean though that I don't care about grammar etc. Typos are fine.

- Please, don't use "u", "r", "bcs", etc. during roleplaying.

- Please use any way to show that you talk ooc! I use as example this // before I write.

- Talk with me if you don't like something.

- I'm serious, please tell me if you are offline for a longer time and I will do so too. Because waiting is terrible and if we want our muses to have a connection then we need to work together on it and just disappearing and coming whenever you like doesn't help at all. If you have ooc a lot going on, just tell me. I can be very patient, but without telling me anything and coming back after weeks or months is a no-go.

- As well about deleting/disappearing and not coming back online. Not cool. Put always yourself in to that situation, how would you feel if people do that with you? It's not fun. At least give a heads up that you will be >deleting< , give some time to read and maybe talk in case we talked as well ooc.

- if you tend to be a person who just disappears and deletes whenever you want, DON'T talk/messages with my muse. He doesn't need to waste time on people who don't care about him enough to maybe take a break instead of straight of deleting.
Like said, if you need time you are welcome to say it ooc, after all ooc life comes first, but don't just do this.


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