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August 02, 2022


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Admin, rules & all that jazz
Category: Guidelines

           Admin stuff:

  • I go by K or Eli. Both are official nicknames and alias' I go by when roleplaying.
  • I have a UK timezone. (GMT/BST)
  • I'm friendly and easy going.
  • I am 28, nearly 29. MDNI, sorry not sorry. 
  • I'm gay and trans, any homo/transphobic or rude comments and remarks will be deleted.
  • I only give my real name out to those I trust, especially online and such. 
  • I do not and will not tolerate any ooc drama or bullying of any form
  • I give 01 warning and chance to commincate, and sort things, before blocking/reporting/deleting.
  • I have health issues, severe episodes of dissociation and a partner, and child irl, outside of roleplay, my heath and family come before everything else. However if I haven't replied on here or discord in a few days, then please feel free to give me a little message or nudge of sorts, I don't bite. 
  • I may add you first, but not talk first, if this is the case, please bare with me, I have anixety. 
  • I play my characters for me and in no way, shape or form do I intend to offend or upset any person, company or member that I play. 
  • Always in character. If ooc I will put some form of symbol before hand, such as ## or //. 

  • Strictly mxm in terms of romance and heavier/more mature themes but female friends are more than welcome. 
  • If you don't like mature, dark/angsty themes or swearing, or are easily triggered, I'd suggest to skip over adding. 
  • I highly appreciate and value respect, communication and effort. 
  • Do not bring ic drama into ooc and vice versa. 
  • If your not looking for/interested in long term or more serious writing, then note I am or skip past this profile. 
  • Roleplaying or casual chatting is completely fine. 
  • Don't be a d*ck, this is a place for writing, creativity and fun, let's keep it that way. 
  • Please respect my decisions. 
  • Don't hound or bug me for replies, even if I appear online or active on feed, sometimes I may be busy or ill, or just can't concentrate, or I am distracted, or have forgotten. Or simply not in the mood, but either way - I do have a habit of zoning out a lot, it's nothing personal but either way, I don't want to write up half assed replies. However, little nudges and reminders here and there are okay and welcomed. 
  • If bored or away for a long period of time and/or we have something long term going in RP, please try and let me know, and I'll try to do so, also. You owe me nothing, and I owe you nothing, but it would be nice and highly appreciated. 
  • No controlling or god modding my character(s), especially outside of exceptions made and prior discussion. I do not appreciate that. i don't control you or your charact(s) so please don't do so do me or to mine. 
  • Effort x effort, if you make an effort with me then I will make an effort back. Respect me, I'll respect you. It's really as simple as that. I don't want any drama or conflict. And if there are any changes need made anywhere or are any mistakes/ or issues, I would honestly prefer to adjust or sort things out, which means talking and listening. 

  • I write in both 1st and 3rd person narritive, but it is often 3rd, as that's usually what my writing partner(s) are comfortable with and not just as far as writing styles and what not, but overall, I'd prefer both parties are and were comfortable. 
  • I often do multi-au's and my discord is my main, but I mostly use for RP and there, I'm multi-muse/multi-ship as everything is seperated/unique, however multi-ship doesn't seem to work in my case, so I've resorted back to single-ship relationships for my character(s), at least on the site. 
  • Let me know if you're up for creating, inviting and/or sharing a private or group RP server on discord. 
  • Please understand, and I repeat, please understand that all relationships/drama is purely in character (ic) only, and that outside of the site or roleplay, and the worldwide web, I have a partner and child, so any flirting, relationship or enemie storylines/ic drama, is purely that, and stays IC. Please and thank you, in advance.
  • Whilst reply length and replying times may often vary, on each side, I always try to match lengths or detail, and am usually moderate to fast in replying. 
  • If you lie I will find out one way or another, so my advice is not to bother.
  • I do have discord, so please just ask, if you don't already have it.  
  • English is my native/first language, if it isn't yours then please just let me know. 
  • Typos and errors happen, mistakes happen, all I ask is to try your best. 
  • Mature, dark, potentially triggering themes. Trigger warnings fyi, will always be issued when appropriate. 
  • I repeat, as mentioned above, do not and will not tolerate unnecessary, ooc dram or bullying of any form. 
  • If something is wrong or you have a question, and so on, let's communicate and talk it out, over DM's. I will always try my best to message and communicate if needed or when I can, so all I ask is for the same back. 
  • Communication and respect are highly important to me. Don't lie to me and don't be a d*ck. 
  • This is a single ship account. I can play, with exceptions or prior discussion other muses but Yoongi/Agust is my main fc/character. 
  • I do have health issues, both physically and mentally, and I have ptsd, however, ironically enough I'm not usually easily triggered, at least not when it comes to gore or dark/angsty themes, and such, however if something I see triggers me, I will say something or report such, depending on what it is/was, and secondly, I'll always try to post a trigger warning or disclaimer of sorts, before I post certain stuff, such as triggering posts. 
  • Please, let's work up to romance and more mature themes.
  • I can and will add, modify, change or remove details and/or rules as and when I feel it's necessary or deem fit. 


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