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Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 40
Country: Japan

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February 04, 2023


03/06/2023 08:20 PM 

Hayato Information

name: Hayato
Allies: Frenzy_RedVoice/Mr.Satan
Height: "5 9"
past Relantioships:6
Currect Relantionship: Single
Kids: none that he know's of So he may have Kid's
Specious:Fox Demon/Vampire/Hybrid
Sister: he has no Blood Related Sister's
Brother:He has no blood related Brother
Hobbies: Drinking, Smoking, Going out talking to the dead, Visting Cematery's and Graveyard's Feelings more comfortable around the Dead then he does the living, Also enjoy's the Ocean and climing the big rocks that is sometimes is surround by the ocean , he perfer Solitude over company,

Personality: Friendly, Kind, caring, Loving, Loyal,confident,Faithful Funny, Sense of Humor , some what of a straight-Forward Person, Reserved keeps to him self most the time unless he approch by someone he knows well, He's quite, Moody at times, he only flirt's and touch's someone he like's or has a thing for! because of his toubled past getting him into trouble being to flirtous , he does like too to joke around and tease people and the one he loves 

Favorite Food: Almost everything expect for a few things 
Favorite Tv Show:Cartoons, Horror, Supernatural, Paranormal , B-Movies, not big on romance movies though, Unless it's Dark Romance movies

Favorite Body Part's: On a women it's the Legs, Face, Hips, Feet, Boobies, Butt
On a man it's there Face, and there butt mostly 

Disorders:Depression, Bi-polar
Addictions:Cigarettes, Acohol
Past Life:Keeps a Secret only revealed to His Partner {Which he don't have}


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