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Hayato's life
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Hayato grew up in a small town called Lebensbaum after His parents Moved away from Japan his Mother was 6 months Preganat with him when leaving Japan but it wasn't called Lebensbaum at the time when there parents escape Japan From the ending of the War that was going on Hayato's Parents where Great warriors of there time and the Perfect Aassassions so when they moved To the Area that was going to be called Lebensbaum which his mother an father founded it which Lebensbaum is know as {Life's Tree} so they started to build there Brand New Town as well as they where New home it took Decandes to build there small town but once it was finally Finish and word started to get around of Lebensbaum there was about 30 people Max living in there small town including there own but as time went by after Hayato was born, Hayato Parent's didn't want there child to be a warrior or such assassion as they where they wanted there son to have a normal and fun life instead of what they was in their past even though Hayato's Parents where not human and still looking young and viberant cause his's father was A Fox Demon great and powerful and his Mother and Vampire Lord which she was also great and powerful but they didn't let there son know what he was cause they thought it would be safer that way if they kept it secret of what ablities that he could possible hold if he ever knew but they knew the power that there son Had which they could feel inside of him Far more Darker though which the mother knew that was from her side of the family , The Mother begged her Husband to let him train his Dark power's, But the Husband Rejected her request telling her that if he would ever to train with his Darker Power's that he crave more power" The wife has sighed even though she knew her husband was right about what he said about there's son's Power and training with it he might crave more if he knew about his darker power's that he but the Hayato's mother would figure out something to do with his Son and his power and how to train him to control them and not crave power as much as her husband would though it come to be even though Her husband had the Gift of forsight She knew that there's gotta be away around what her Husband forsighted

150 Year's
As Lebensbaum grew and florished over the year's only adding 10 more people to there population it become very well know and they had touriest coming though and looking at the stunning beauty as it was and there musuem of course was full of there history which is father run's day and half the night and his mother now days run's ther butcher shop while the lovely people that live there run the other shops and the kids going to school at home from there teacher's this place is Pretty much Paradise and it was really hidden away from the hustle and bustle from citie's that surrounded them at least 120 miles out of there where but they grow and hunt there own food from the forest that surround's them with plenty of wildlife to hunt from, Now as for Hayato's he was as grown man now being 150 year's old now he has very well educated man, he also wanted to leave this town and see the world beyond his own town but growing up he always Remember it wasn't safe to travel beyond these woods or town, saying there are worser people and danger's so he stayed inside the walls of his parents down, but something inside of him told him there was more out there and then what he was living in he would stare at the moon at night from his bedroom window at his home which was decent size and he couldn't help for his mind to wonder what could be our there, Danger?Adventure, Love? enough Hayato has had his fair share of ladies in his town even married one's which he had affair with for 4 year's when her husband was out working night's or even over working she would always call Hayato over for a good fun Night of Sex , But the Affair ended when she moved away with her Husband after he got a better Job offer , but he would hope from one women to the next every single night , Even taking some Girls Purity but it was on the girls own free will Hayato never force him self on the women he would ask if she wanted to have sex? sometimes he would get a yes or a no but even after rejected he would spend just friend time with them as well , but he was very hot shot in his town with the ladies and he was not bitching about it , but even though he was curious of what other women looked liked on the other side of the forest as well he wondered if they looked any different or the same as they do here? as more his mind wondered and wondered and late one night he made up his mind  to go and adventure off into the known, not what to expect he didn't take much with him, but he didn't take long to get ready and packed his huge Knapsack and a few weapons with him which he tucked away in his clothing he Jumped out of his window and sneaked and moved around the town Sneaking from corner to corner and lurked in the shadow's as he made his way out of the town and into the forest he was scared cause growing up he use to go hunting in these wooods to get dinner for his parrents but as he made his way his way of though woods which took him at least 5 day's to get though he did stop at river's to take bathe's in and to freshen up but he could see light's and hear loud noises , he started to get a little nervous cause these sound's where very known to him but he took a deep breathe and started out into the new adventure


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